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Seven Corporal Works of Mercy and Seven Deadly Sins in Czech Medieval Arts
Eichlerová, Eliška ; Vymazalová, Marie (advisor) ; Royt, Jan (referee)
The bachelor's thesis will deal with the theme of the seven-corporal works of mercy and the seven deadly sins in Czech fine art. These opposing themes develop primarily in a middle-class environment, where they were supposed to appeal to the moral life of the middle-class people. The first part of this thesis will discuss the development of the doctrine of the seven deadly sins in the Middle Ages. The variability of approaches to the seven sins will also be revealed by a comparison with the development of the doctrine of the virtues, where it is also possible to show the starting points for the formation of the medieval teaching on the seven-corporal works of mercy. The second part deals with the analysis of individual sins and acts of mercy, their meaning, and the way they are depicted. In the third part, I will also focus on individual examples of the depiction of this iconography in European art, and we will mention a few important works, especially from the High and Late Middle Ages. Following on from European art, the last chapters will focus on individual examples of the seven-corporal works of mercy and the seven deadly sins in the Czech environment, especially in the book painting and monumental mural.
Architecture and Art
Zhoř, Přemysl ; Skoumal, Jan (referee) ; Toman, Radek (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor project is to design a new building for the Municipal Art Gallery in Litomyšl, Czech Republic. Currently, the institution seats in one of the narrow, old townhouses at the historic Smetanovo square. The building provides with unsuitable exhibition conditions and lack of exhibition space. The first part of the thesis dedicates to the urban analysis in order to methodically examine the Litomyšl town and its urban qualities. The purpose was to seek for a suitable site for a new gallery building in the historic center. In the main part, the project defines a suitable site in the historic center and brings up a proposal for the Municipal Art Gallery The project put an emphasis on the suitable volume and scale seeking process. The proposed scheme brings a new sufficient exhibition space and quality conditions for all kinds of art.
Modern Art Gallery Brno
Skořepová, Lucie ; Fišer, Jiří (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
The new building of the Modern Art Gallery in Brno is situated at South side of the hill called Kraví hora, near the city center. The building site is relatively spacious and its location follows on park. Also the whole urban solution concept of the site follows the park idea. The gallery park should serve as an outdoor exhibition space as well as a communication point between two sides of the hill – Náměstí míru and Veveří street. So the main initial points of the design are freedom of movement, passage of nature and to be surrounded by the art. The Modern Art Gallery project consists of the main building and other small buildings used as studios. In the main building of the gallery there is an exhibition place, educational center, library and other services for the visitors. The small studios situated in the garden should be rent to the starting artists. They would have there their hinterland for work and exhibitions, so the public can have personal contact with them. The shape of the building is based on a slightly deformed cuboid. The middle part is taken away, so there is an opening in it. This opening forms a vista through the building and a covered public space as well. The building works with two main views of the city. The first one is through the middle opening in the building and the mass of the building frames it. The second one is from the roof terrace of the building on the Brno dominate – Špilberk castle.
Khaledová, Fátima ; Vítková, Lenka (referee) ; Sterec, Pavel (advisor)
To my final work, I chose the painting, even though I'm the medium in my previous one She was not using too much work. Both the form and the content of the final thesis were selected from the sentimental ones Reasons, and I returned to my high school years when I studied the painting and mine The inspiration source was, and for these paintings are Pierre Bonnard and Kamila Zemková. My Painting idols are due to a very structural painting, full of beautiful colors and of course content Their works which appear in my works.
Development of Construction of Residential Properties in Brno - Žabovřesky
Bazgier, Jakub ; Urbánek, Zdeněk (referee) ; Klika, Pavel (advisor)
The main task in this thesis is to clarify the development of residential properties in the locality of Brno – žabovřesky. Diploma thesis is focusing on history of this locality until present. In the thesis is described in detail survey of the significant residential buidings, historically protected villas, construction of residential complex, thus the whole constructions and their development, transformations or expansion. The work is divided into few construction periods, while the biggest and the highest quality development was during the First Republic. Components of thesis are created maps of area, which describe urban pattern of locality and emplacement some residential objects. These maps are linked by analysis of development opportunities in construction, structural built-up urban area, however it must be said, that locality, from the aspect of other possible constructions is already largely in finish.
Valchová, Jana ; Pospíšil, Zdeněk (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
The main task of our project was the gallery of architecture at the intersection of Street Koliště and Milady Horakove Street, on the edge of the first city ring road, called Ringstrasse, a remnant of the city walls in Brno. In my design, I came mainly from operational and communication links of the surroundings of our plot. The proposed mass gives the impression of a closed corner of the city block. The aim of my proposal is the gallery with additional forms of use.
The object of metropolitan significance on the street Benesova Brno
Bocán, Matúš ; Urban, Lukáš (referee) ; Makovský, Zdeněk (advisor)
Designed site is located near the historic city center of Brno on the east side. It is defined by Koliště street and Benešova Street. It is part of the so-called Brno ring-circuit, which originated in the 19th century after the demolishing of the town's fortifications. By function, the site can be divided into three parts. In the southern part is designed entry area with the building of metropolitan significance - city hall. This area is focused on the main pedestrian entrance from Nádražní Street and the main transport hub in front of Central Station. Metropolitan building is the main compositional and functional accent of the area. In the middle of the park is located pavillion, which forms reclined relax and rest area. In the northern part is designed multifunctional house with the main function of rentable office spaces. Along Benešova street is designed linear insulating greenery. Design of park and line of green spaces extends ,, green ring "around the historical center on the southeast side. The designed facility of metropolitan building was placed in the area so as to form endpoints in main compositional visual axis - boarding pedestrians routes from Nádražní Street and Theatre Street. In the future it envisages the realization of green spaces for rail routes in the manner of Highline Park, making it the visual endpoint from the east. The main entrance to the building is the from the square. From the western part of the Metropolitan building is designed pedestrian zone open towards urban greenery and park. In the pedestrian zone is designed commercial parterre of town hall with the possibility of creating a summer terrace, exhibitions and various artistic activities. In this usage is also involved pavillion, under which the overlay can be used for supporting the ongoing activities within the metropolitan house. From the north side of city hall is a secondary entrance to the restaurant section, which is oriented to the designed park. In the northern part is the territory compositionally enclosed by multifunctional building, which is composed in the form of a closed block with passages.
Lelkes, Ivana ; Krištof, Michal (referee) ; Ponešová, Barbora (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is a solution for corner building on ringstrasse in Brno. Building ground is on the east corner of crossroads of two streets with significantly busy trafic, Koliště and Milady Horákové. Architecture of the buildng responds to the realities of the environmet, to positive as well as to negative. The main idea of the concept is to create a house introverted to outside and extroverted to inside. Extroverted atrium is in a strong contrast with introverted facade, the building exposes the events realised inside to the extent possible.
Diploma work
Němec, Jakub ; Magid, Václav (referee) ; Mikyta, Svätopluk (advisor)
The aim of my work is to reflect expression coincidence that reflects the theoretical basis of cellular automata and quantum mechanics. I think that art should point to examples of accurate knowledge and in this way spread among potential viewers. This is how I try to get closer to the subjective utopian society WERP-VEGA. I am not entirely convinced that fine arts can change the political situation or address fundamental civilization complications, but I believe that art is able to predict freely one of the possible scenarios of the future because one is only able to do what he can imagine.
Science and Technology in Media
Gellnerová, Zuzana ; Haupt, Jaromír (referee) ; Smutný, Milan (advisor)
Tato práce se zabývá vlivem médií, především nových médií, na oblast vědy a techniky. Definuje základní mediální pojmy a upozorňuje na to, že média mohou být výborným prostředkem k propagaci vědy a techniky, ale mají také obrovskou moc a mohou zkreslovat realitu a manipulovat s lidmi. V práci je také rozebráno několik konkrétních příkladů. V závěru práce je nastíněn možný pohled do budoucna propojení vědy, techniky a médií.

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