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The Kingdom of God in the Synoptic Gospels as an Object and Source of Hope
Sluka, Jiří ; Brož, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Scarano, Angelo (referee)
The work has three main parts, one on the kingdom of God, one on hope, and one on the relationship between the kingdom of God and hope. The first part looks for all occurrences of the word "kingdom" in the New Testament and examines the differences between the terms "kingdom of God", "kingdom of heaven", and "kingdom of the Father". It then turns its attention to the meaning and content of the term kingdom of God. The section on hope presents historical and contemporary definitions of hope, types of hope according to psychological research of the last two decades, looks for the difference between the object and the source of hope, describes the specifics of Christian hope, and looks for reasons why the word "hope" does not appear in the Gospels. In the next section, the thesis defines 16 classes of statements about the kingdom of God in the Synoptic Gospels, categorizes each verse into groups, and evaluates them according to their relationship to hope. It locates and presents the principles, called the building blocks of Christian hope, that are based on the kingdom of God presented by Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels. It then draws from the results the benefits of hope for people in their efforts to enter the kingdom of God. The paper also presents some Gospel passages about the kingdom of God that...
Legal status and competencies of the Czech statistical office
Molatová, Iveta ; Handrlica, Jakub (referee)
Legal status and competencies of the Czech Statistical Office Abstract The rigorous thesis Legal status and competencies of the Czech Statistical Office, which aims to present a plastic picture of the Czech Statistical Office and its tasks, consists of a total of ten parts. The first part defines the concept of statistics, presents the basic milestones of the world and Czech history of statistics, as well as basic statistical terminology. The second part describes what errors and manipulations can occur when using statistics. The third part presents various entities that operate in the field of statistics, whether they are international organizations or commercial or public entities. The third part also deals with the legal status of the statistical offices of the neighboring states of the Czech Republic. The fourth part of the thesis is devoted to the history of the creation of the current Czech Statistical Office, i.e. its legal predecessors. A reminder of the basic definition of competencies, authority and jurisdiction is the topic of the fifth part, as well as the definition of the legal status of the Czech Statistical Office through two key laws. In the fifth part, the Czech Statistical Office is further presented from an organizational point of view, and other Czech statistical authorities are also...
University hockey in the Czech Republic from the point of its participants
Šimková, Anna Marie ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Suchý, Jiří (referee)
In my work I try to map university hockey in the Czech Republic through the personal experiences of its players. I describe the organisation and function of university hockey competitions played or played by Czech clubs, as well as the organisation of ice hockey at the Academic Championships and Universiade. In order to gain insights, I mainly used interviews with personalities from the ranks of players, coaches or management in the field of university hockey. This is because I wanted to capture their opinions and experiences on the issue in order to shed light on it in the most authentic way possible. KEYWORDS Ice Hockey, University League, Academic Championships, Universiade
Analysis and Comparison of Power Plays at 2022 Men's World Floorball Championship and 2021 Junior's World Floorball Championship
Procházka, Jan ; Běhanová, Michaela (advisor) ; Dragounová, Zuzana (referee)
Author: Jan Procházka Title: Analysis and Comparison of Power Plays at 2022 Men's World Floorball Championship and 2021 Junior's World Floorball Championship Objectives: Purpose of the bachelor thesis is to analyse and compare the game situations with uneven number of players on the play field at 2022 Men's and 2021 Junior's World Floorball Championships. Thesis analyses the offences that lead to power plays. Methods: The main method is indirect observation of power plays from match replays at the 2021 Junior's World Championship and 2022 Men's World Championship, their analysis and statistical comparison. Results: Results of the thesis are knowledges about the power plays at the 2021 World Junior's Championships and the 2022 World Men's Championships. The results present an analysis of power plays according to their success rate and shooting areas in goalscoring situations. The resulting data highlights the formations that leads to goal score and highlights the formations to defend power play. The formation with one player on the top was the most used for power play goal. Slashing recorded the most frequent incidence for penalty box ejection. These findings are used to compare between the national teams and both championships. Keywords: penalty, match, short-handed, statistics
Digital Biomarkers for Assessing Respiratory Disorders in Parkinson’s Disease
Kováč, Daniel ; Cvetler, Dominik
Respiratory disorders are a significant part of hypokineticdysarthria (HD) that affects patients with Parkinson’sdisease (PD). Still, their potential role in the objective assessmentof HD has not yet been fully explored, which is the primary goalof this study. Several respiratory features were designed andextracted from acoustic signals recorded during text reading.Based on these features, the XGBoost model was able to predictclinical test scores of phonorespiration with an estimated errorrate of 12.54%. Statistical analysis revealed that measuring respirationrate and quantifying signal fluctuations during inspirationhave great potential in the objective assessment of respiratorydisorders in patients with PD.
Major industrial accidents in the Czech Republic - accident analysis of LPG
Maťa, Jakub ; MBA, Petr Bulíček, (referee) ; Kotek, Luboš (advisor)
The first part of diploma thesis focuses on the characteristics of LPG accidents, their prevention, evaluation and manifestations, the understanding of which is a key prerequisite for statistical evaluation. Next, attention is paid to the characteristics of LPG, which is complemented by safety and identification of the substance and a survey of LPG storage together with protection and safety zones. The main part of the thesis describes individual LPG accidents in the Czech Republic between 2003 and 2022, which are evaluated by the ESIA method and the ISAAC causal model. Finally, a statistical evaluation and a proposal for a correctional measure together with its economic evaluation is made.
Modules of the BUT Information System for the Study Agenda
Brezáni, Branislav ; Veigend, Petr (referee) ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (advisor)
The aim of this work is to add selected functions that were available in IS FIT to IS BUT. This requires designing and implementing new modules or extending existing ones. These are modules focused on project assignment management, lists and statistics of students of study programmes, statistics of course evaluation, statistics related to final theses, statistics related to state final examinations and registration of students for the next year of study. The new features will be used by various faculty members. Teachers will use the project assignment management features and important statistics for their courses. The study department will use the student lists for regular study checking and the automation of enrollment in the next year of study will remove the need for them to finalize each study enrolment manually. Faculty management will use statistics on courses that are also used by teachers, together with statistics on study programmes for strategic decision making.
Application for Support of Agility
Marková, Natália ; Tesařová, Alena (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to design, develop, and test a smartphone app that allows dog owners and trainers to track and analyze agility training for their dogs. The app uses the Firebase database to store its data and is developed using the cross-platform mobile app development framework Flutter. The dog agility training has been thoroughly analyzed for the development of the app. The design of the app is concentrated on providing a user-friendly interface for documenting training sessions, monitoring progress, and offering statistic evaluation. The evaluation’s results will demonstrate how popular the software is by dog trainers and owners as well as how beneĄcial it is in assisting them in enhancing their agility training methods. Also, the user-friendliness and level of user satisfaction of the app will be assessed. Ultimately, the purpose of this thesis is to demonstrate how mobile technology may improve dog agility training and how the developed app offers dog trainers and owners a useful tool for tracking and enhancing their dogs’ agility performance.
Mathematical and Statistical Methods as Support of the Development of Software Applications
Lacková, Iveta ; Michalíková, Eva (referee) ; Doubravský, Karel (advisor)
The objective of this thesis is to analyze, design and develop software application for assessment of selected key financial performance indicators. The thesis is split into two parts. First part covers the research and investigations based on existing academic theory of financial and statistical indicators as well as theory on the software application development and its security. The second part contains a case study executed in an small industrial company from Slovakia. The aim was to develop and successfully test the proposed software application with the financial data from this company. The requirements of the company emphasized ease of use and low complexity. Next to that, low costs for the development and maintenance. As a result the application has been developed by using Visual Basic 3.0 and has been compiled in such a way so that it can be run in the existing Windows environment of the company.
Dependability Assessment Based on SMC
Gajdošík, Róbert ; Lojda, Jakub (referee) ; Strnadel, Josef (advisor)
Cieľom tejto práce bolo vyhodnotiť ukazalete spoľahlivosti výpočtových systémov. V pr- vom rade bola založená terminológia ktorá vysvetľuje základné pojmy ohľadom štatistiky and spoľahlivosti. Ďalej boli v tomto kroku preskúmané typy a vlastnosti chýb ktoré sa v takýchto systémoch vyskytujú, a techniky ktoré sa dajú využit na ich potlačenie alebo zmiernenie ich dopadu na fungovanie systému. V ďalšom kroku boli vysvetlené základné koncepty ohľadom modelovania a simulácie ako aj krátky nahľad do presností jednotlivých techník ktoré boli zvažované ako možnosti ktoré by boli použiteľné pri samotnom pro- cese generovania dát. Po rozhodnutí ísť cestou štatistickej simulácie boli v ďalšom kroku zavedené metódy pre generovanie dát analytickým spôsobom ktoré slúžia na overenie dát vygenerovaných štatistickými simuláciami, do úrovne kde je ešte možné sa k nim dostať re- latívne jednoduchými výpočtami. Nasleduje prehľad nástrojov na implementáciu modelov našich systémov, ich výhody a nevýhody a miera použiteľnosti. V ďalšich krokoch boli vo vybranom nástroji Uppaal SMC naimplementované niektoré vybrané systémy a situácie na základe časovych automatov, a následne boli vyhodnotené oproti iným metódam zlepšenia spoľahlivosti ako aj oproti analyticky dosiahnutým dátam. Práca končí zavermi ktoré boli vyvodené z testovacích dát.

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