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Web Application for NS2 Training
Pavlosek, Václav ; Koutný, Martin (referee) ; Šimek, Milan (advisor)
There is information to my master's thesis which is called “Web application for NS2 training”. This application works after installation and its source codes are saved on applied CD. It is said about implement Network Simulator 2. It helps to realize simulation of nets and then author inserts information about them into web application. Registered web's visitor has possibility to insert project into application. The project contents information about simulation created in NS2. Web application can also visible detail of possible project which is approved of administrator. Then the visitor can sort projects, search entered expression or connect his contribution to discussion forum. Administrator can approve users projects in his part of application. It makes available for the others. He can also delete them from database. Theory about technologies which are used for implementation of this application. It is talked about web Apache server, database MySQL server and programmable PHP language. There is also mentioned information about security of web application included possible attacks on applications and their database. It is presented proposal of database which creates core of application. This proposal is depended on application requirements. Next chapters give to reader whole image about functionality of application. There are mentioned samples of final graphical image of application. This document also provides the shows of source codes for creating database tables.
System for automatic evaluation of email messages
Frkal, Jan ; Červenka, Vladimír (referee) ; Koutný, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the design and realisation of system for automatic evaluation of e-mail messages. The system works with PHP language and MySQL database. It also allows automatic synchronisation. During the synchronisation e-mail messages are downloaded and saved using IMAP or POP3 protocol. Subsequently, the messages are analysed. During the analysis the reports are classified into types, according to pre-defined keywords. The system also works with black lists and white lists. If the sender of an e-mail is during the synchronisation found in the blacklist, that e-mail will be skipped. On the contrary, if the sender of an e-mail is found within the white list, that e-mail will be excluded from keyword matching and from the list is type and category loaded. Most of the values from the carried out evaluation of the e-mails can be clearly seen in advanced statistics. Pie charts and numerical statistics are available. Access to the system is protected by a login. Therefore, login can only registered users.
Component design for Joomla editorial system
Ingr, Michal ; Lambertová, Petra (referee) ; Koutný, Martin (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis describes the creation and implementation of component for the management of electronic library in the Joomla content management system. In the introduction, there are explain the basic concepts, such as what is a component or CMS. The rest of the work is focused on the creation of its own component. The final application allows user to execute basic operations such as adding and deleting records in the system. The entire application is programmed in PHP language with the use of certain internal Joomla content management system functions and interact with MySQL database. The main aim of this work is to create a free software, which can be further modify and extend.
Design, realization and simulation of network protocols in NS2
Zvolenský, Daniel ; Šimek, Milan (referee) ; Koutný, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this work is to become familiar with simulation environment Network Simulator 2, study the problems of sensor networks and their support in the simulator and implement the selected protocol and verify its funcitonality in a practical simulation.
Graph theory - implementation of selected problems
Stráník, František ; Rajmic, Pavel (referee) ; Koutný, Martin (advisor)
This work is intended on identification with basic problems from the graphs theory area. There are the basic conceptions as well more complicated problems described. The one part of this work is specialized in working of individual types of graphs. It starts with single linked list through double linked list after as much as trees which represented the simplest graphs textures. The other part of this work devotes to the whole graph and describes more complicated problems and their resolution from the theory graphs area. Among these problems belongs to searching in graphs help by Depth First Search and Breadth First Search methods. Then searching the shortest way help by the specific algorithms as are: Dijkstra´s algorithm, Floyd-Warshall´s algorithm and Bellman-Ford´s algorithm. The last part is devoted to problems with searching minimal frames of graphs with usage Kruskal´s algorithm, Jarnik´s algorithm and Boruvka´s algorithm methods.
Modeling of Medium Access Methods of Power Line Communication
Koutný, Martin ; Orgoň,, Miloš (referee) ; Pospíchal, Ladislav (referee) ; Mišurec, Jiří (advisor)
The dissertation thesis is focused on analysis, modeling and optimization of the medium access layer of power line communication. In the first part of the paper, the thesis briefly summarizes a basic information of power line communication. In the next sections, the objectives of the dissertation are placed. A simplification of current models of HomePlug and a optimalization of distribution function in back off procedure are one of the main goals of this work. A detailed analysis of HomePlug technology, which is widespread used in the broadband transmission, follows. The work is focused on analyzing of the MAC layer in this part. The discrete simulation models have been implemented in Matlab. The approximation discrete numerical model has been used for analysis of various distribution functions for HomePlug to optimalize backoff algorithm. The new optimalizations are suitable for large networks. The new approach of MAC modelling is introduced in last part of this work. The new model is not exact as Markov models but it is faster and easier for implementation. The analytical model desribes a system using probabilistic functions.
Security design for system of remote quality measurement of electric power
Jakubíček, Michal ; Koutný, Martin (referee) ; Mlýnek, Petr (advisor)
Bachelor thesis in the first chapter deals with the concept of quality of electric power and its parameters. The next chapter is focused on systems that used remote data collection and the current direction of evolution of these systems. The third of the thesis discusses the symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic systems and their main representatives. The asymmetric system is described by the principle of calculating RSA and Diffie–Hellman. The next part deals with selected libraries that can count large numbers. Through the establishment of key using the Diffie–Hellman with these libraries and the subsequent measurement should be proved whether optimized library is faster than the other libraries. The evaluation of the used library in terms of speed and memory consumption is inculded in the final chapter. The appendix include installation instructions for the libraries BigDigits, GMP and OpenSSL in Visual Studio 2010.
Methodology of temperature measurement behind jet engine
Koutný, Martin ; Koštial, Rostislav (referee) ; Matějů, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis is focused on temperature measurement behind jet engine. The theoretical part introduces chosen ways of temperature measurement. The practical part is divided into design (and later assembly) of the measuring stand, methodology of measurement and the measurement itself. The main outcome are heat maps gained by measuring temperatures behind TJ – 42 jet engine.
Implementation of network protocol into network simulator 2 environment
Janiga, Robin ; Mlýnek, Petr (referee) ; Koutný, Martin (advisor)
This thesis describes a protocol for the multiple data collection system and his implementation into Network Simulator 2 environment. The system defines two communication units. CU central unit and measuring unit MU. The units operate according to the rules defined by communication protocol. The content of this work is as follows. At the beginning is described the simulation tool, namely a system NS-2 and a tool for visualization of simulation results, the NAM. This is followed by a description of the proposed protocol, his principle of functions, units description and communication messages. The method of communication between units. Mainly was described the multicast and the types of multicast ASM and SSM. Additionally, was described the principle of unicast communication. This is followed by chapter describing methods of enlargement simulator. Adding an own protocol and support of multicast communication SSM. Adding a new protocol is represented by programming a new agent, a new application and a new protocol header definition. In this chapter are also described the necessary changes in the source files that are need to the recompilation. The main objective of this thesis is own implementation of the proposed protocol. In the programming language C++ were created two agents who represent a central and a measuring unit. These agents were compiled into a simulator and by using a simple script have been tested for functionality. The simulation script define MU 200 and one unit CU. Conclusion of work is devoted to simulation the load line between the central unit and "access" node. It was examined whether the use the method of cumulative acknowledgement saves the transmission capacity of line compared to normal method acknowledgement.
Design of reliable enterprise networks with service quality support
Kiška, Martin ; Koutný, Martin (referee) ; Novotný, Vít (advisor)
This work deals with creating a reliable corporate network and its variety capabilities against loops and supporting QoS on link and network layer. On the basis of theoretical knowledge is designed an experimental network in the laboratory of Institute of Telecommunications composed of several computers, VoIP pohones, switches and routers. Functinonal network is then tested to failure of individual nodes and the impact on network traffic. In another part of this bachelor thesis this network is tested using different QoS support options.

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