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Current trends in the use of digital tools in corporate education
Dobaka, Emil ; Veteška, Jaroslav (referee)
Organizations in the Czech Republic, regardless of whether they are public institutions or private enterprises, are currently considering the need to digitalize their processes when transforming their activities. Especially in the past two years, the events of coping with the impact of the spread of COVID-19 have significantly influenced the needs and actions of social entities in the areas of work organization. This phenomenon has accelerated the use of digital tools in the field of further education building on changes in the manufacturing sector. For example, the concept of Industry 4.0 was promoted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. However, the increasing dynamics of the development and supply of digital tools for training is confronting training specialists in the private sector with the challenge of deciding which of the tools on offer are a real asset or just an ineffective experiment with no positive impact on their businesses. This thesis addresses the issue of the current evolution of the range of digital tools for corporate training. The aim is to identify and characterize the currently offered digital tools for corporate education in the Czech Republic. To classify them according to their use in the process of preparation, implementation, evaluation, and management of training....
The Educational Role of the Václav Havel Library
Pavlovský, Jakub ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kříž, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis deals with the educational role of the Václav Havel Library, i.e. its role in the field of adult education. There are several objectives of the thesis. In addition to introducing the library, analysing and characterising the cultural and civic impact of this institution on adult individuals who have attended at least five educational events in a one-year period, it is also to identify its impact on the development of democratic culture. The thesis also characterises the civic education of adults and their civic competences and describes the role of the Václav Havel Library within the framework of cultural andragogy, a field that is both approached and described in its historical context and through contemporary means. The aim of cultural andragogy is to support adults in acquiring cultural values and meeting the needs of self- realisation. Other cultural institutions involved in civic and leisure education of adults have an essential place in this thesis. The above objectives are linked in the research part and analysed through interviews and open coding method to show the effect of the activities of the Václav Havel Library on the visitors. The results of the research show that the Václav Havel Library is an important facilitator of the conscious and unconscious process of inclusion of...
Opportunities and development of further education of teaching staff at the Prague Botanical Garden
Černý, Bohumil ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kříž, Jaroslav (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of further education of pedagogical staff (DVPP) of schools in the Prague Botanical Garden (BZP) and the possibilities of offering accredited courses. The aim of the thesis is to theoretically define and characterize the DVPP with emphasis on the analysis and identification of educational needs and motivation of teaching staff of science and biology subjects in primary and secondary schools in the territory of the capital city of Prague. The aim of the study is to identify and develop the educational and research oriented teaching in the field of secondary and secondary education in the city of Prague with an emphasis on the development of research oriented teaching. Continue to conduct research on the use of methods and forms of teacher education. The theoretical part of the diploma thesis deals with the definition and relationship of basic concepts in the observed area of continuing education, systematic education, analysis of educational needs, organization of educational activities in BZP, description of selected aspects of DVPP in the context of lifelong learning. Attention is paid to the training system, structure and identification of the needs of teaching staff. The analytical-empirical part is devoted to research in the field of DVPP of primary and...
Presenior education
Krhovská, Denisa ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Dostálová, Vladimíra (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to identify the differences in pre-senior education (self- education, financial security, maintenance of social relationships, social activities etc.) among the representatives of generations X, Y and Z. The attention of the thesis is focused on old age and aging including different types of aging and biological, psychological, and social manifestations of the old age. Demographic situation in the Czech Republic and impacts of the population aging on society is included in the topic of old age and aging. The thesis focuses on pre-senior education, i.e. preparation and adaptation on aging and old age and pro-senior education within which the intergenerational learning is examined. For better understanding of the whole problematics the characteristics of the generations X, Y and Z are described. Quantitative research was conducted in the form of questionnaire, which was distributed to the representatives of generations X, Y and Z. The aim of the quantitative empirical research is o identify whether and how the representatives of the three generations are preparing themselves for aging and old age and what the differences between them are. In the empirical part of the thesis, the individual questions are analysed from the point of view of the answers of Generations X,...
Examination of professional characteristics of workers of social and legal protection of children
Tirpák, Jan ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
Examination of professional characteristics of workers of social and legal protection of children The diploma thesis is devoted to the examination of professional characteristics of social and legal protection of children. The theoretical part deals with areas related to the chosen focus. In particular, these are questions concerning the general concept of personality, which represents the summary, connection or interconnection of character, temperament, abilities and constitutional characteristics of a person. An important chapter is also a theoretical description of the basis of the used standardized questionnaire survey, focused on the area and diagnostics of professional characteristics crucial for success in employment. The last topic deals with the issue of social and legal protection of children, the definition of an endangered child and the personal and professional preconditions of a social worker. The practical part consists of the results obtained by the BIP-Bochum personality questionnaire (Hossiep, Paschen, 2011). The aim of the research is to find out, find and compare differences in professional characteristics of a selected group of respondents. The research survey is conducted on a sample of 134 employees of social and legal protection of children, of which 15 are men (11%) and 119...
Attitudes and views of nurses on practice education in a healthcare organization
Kapustová, Zuzana ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee)
This thesis entitled "Attitudes and views of nurses on practice education in a healthcare organization" deals with the issue of nurse education in practice. The aim of this thesis is to provide theoretical information not only in the area of following professional nurse education but also to provide insights and opinions on this area from nurses within the healthcare organization. The thesis is devided into two main parts. The introduction of the thesis begins with the topic of nursing and mentions the fundamental principles for nurse education. The first part is theoretical and discusses the issue of education in the context of healthcare organisations. Furthermore the importance of knowledge and professional status of a nurse is mentioned in this part along with her competencies. Subsequently, the education of staff in health care organisations is also mentioned in this section and considerable space is given to lifelong learning. The theoretical section then goes on to discuss motivation or quality of provided care. The next part of the thesis is the research part. It discusses the research investigation that was conducted as a part of the thesis. The aim of the research was to find out whether the workers are aware of training opportunities in their workplace and if they consider training in...
The importance of education within the process of resocialization of convicts
Hořejší, Šárka ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kříž, Jaroslav (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of education of people serving a prison term. Education represents the key tool of resocialization, i.e. a specialist work with convicts. The first part of the thesis is going to devote attention to resocialization and to the subsequent education of convicts in terms of prevention as well as in terms of the atonement by means of the integrative tools. Within the scope of the execution of the prison sentence, education is an essential part of the treatment programs, which are oriented to create the preconditions for an independent way of life. The theoretical part is also going to focus on the legislative embedding of education of convicts in the Czech Republic and the best practice from abroad. In the descriptive-analytical part, the focus is going to be laid on two particular institutions (the improsenment facility Světlá nad Sázavou, the improsenment facility Všehrdy) and their comparison. The aim of the work is to investigate the specifics of the choice of the formal education, mostly provided by school educational centres, and non-formal education provided directly by employees of the individual institutions. It describes their connection with the motivation of convicts for further education. KEYWORDS imprisonment, resocialization of convicts, factors of...
Loyalty and dedication of employees in pharmacy in relation to evaluation and remuneration
Bittner, Josef ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kříž, Jaroslav (referee)
(AJ): The work entitled "Loyalty and dedication of pharmacy staff in relation to evaluation and remuneration" deals with the issue of maintaining the satisfaction and loyalty of employees in pharmacy, specifically in pharmacy networks. It focuses on finding the relationship between satisfaction, loyalty and the form of management and remuneration. The qualitative questionnaire survey helps to find those aspects of maintaining loyalty and satisfaction that can be developed and strengthened by strategic management in such a professional sector.
Possibilities of education and activation of seniors in social facilities
Pokorná, Daniela ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Dostálová, Vladimíra (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on mapping the possibilities and availability of education and activation of seniors in social services of selected social facilities in the South Moravian Region. The thesis monitors the offer of educational and activation programmes for the elderly in the South Moravian Region, especially in the Hodonín and Kyjov districts, their implementation and positive or negative impact on the elderly. In the theoretical part, I focus on the topic of old age, a very topical issue of ageing, the definition of essential educational and activation programmes and their importance and benefits, the quality of the programmes offered and the education and activation of seniors in the context of the applied science discipline. I mention the participants in the programs, highlighting the need for expertise in the field and a brief breakdown of the programs. In the practical part, I will focus on the offer of activation activities and education of seniors in specific facilities in the South Moravian Region. Furthermore, I will focus on whether the clients accept the programmes offered and whether the activities offered are sufficiently varied and improve the quality of the individual's life, i.e. whether they have a good impact on the biological, psychological and social aspects of the...

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