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Education of members of the Army of the Czech Republic using e-learning
Kolmačková, Aneta ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
1 ABSTRACT The aim of this thesis is to describe the issue of e-learning education of the Army of the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as AČR) and to examine how effective this method of teaching is in relation to the needs of the target group. The work is devoted to the issue of education of AČR soldiers and describes several important aspects of the learning process. In this work, the emphasis is put on the interconnection of the educational process and the real-life of AČR soldiers. It takes into account the ethical and moral components of the learning process and focuses on the demand for individualization in the learning process. Furthermore, the work describes the issue of e-learning. Its advantages and shortcomings and focuses on the adequacy of introducing this educational resource in relation to the needs and demands placed on the AČR soldiers. The research part of the thesis aims to explore the effectiveness of e-learning in the educational process of AČR soldiers and tries to reveal possible shortcomings of this type of education. Furthermore, the thesis analyzes whether e-learning, as a means of education, fulfills the attributes of the way of education mentioned above.
The Motivation of Adults to the Higher Education in the Master Study Programme Educational Management at the Faculty of Education at Charles University
Drienková, Zuzana ; Kursch, Martin (advisor) ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the motivation of adults to the higher education in the master's degree program Educational Management at the faculty of education at Charles University. The first part of the work is focused on a clear summary of basic knowledge about adult education and motivation. This part introduces concepts such as lifelong learning, adult education in the Czech Republic and at Czech universities, the master's program Management of Education, types and basic theories of motivation and motivation of adults to learn. The second part of the thesis contains a description of the methodology and the results of the survey. The survey is based on semi-structured interviews with students studying in the master's degree program Educational Management at the faculty of education at Charles University. The interviews focus on what motivated adults to study in the master's degree program, why they chose the Education Management program, what is their current motivation to learn, what benefits of studying they perceive, what barriers they perceive during their studies and what plans they have after graduation. At the end of the thesis the results of the research are evaluated, and recommendations are proposed. The aim of the diploma thesis is to analyze the motivation of adults for higher...
Education of athletically gifted pupils in talent management context
Borský, Martin ; Kursch, Martin (advisor) ; Paulovčáková, Lucie (referee)
This thesis deals with talent management with the topic of education of sport talented students. The introductory part defines basic terms, such as talent, natural ability, talent management and education of talented students subjected to regulation No.27/2016 (legal code) about education of students with special educational requirements and talented students. Subchapters of the theoretical part deal with specification and conditions of sport talented students' education, their support and search for. An integral part is also a subchapter defining sport psychology and its application when eliminating the dilemma of a double career. The introductory part is an initial part for the practical part, which based on the quantitate survey, describes the support and compares the possibilities of education of sport talented pupils and students at primary as well as secondary schools in the Czech Republic.
Adaptation of employees in a particular organization
Šrámková, Pavla ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
Adaptation of employees is a process intended for all newly íncoming employees in the organization, for their better orientation in the work environment, inclusion in the work team and rapid integration, acquisition of knowledge and skills for the position. The thesis is focused on improving the adaptation process of employees in a particular organization. The adaptation process of specific departments of a particular organization is analyzed and compared. Based on the acquired knowledge, a recommendation for improvement is proposed and improving the adaptation process. The theoretical part defines the basic terminology of the theoretical basis, which is based on the study of professional literature. Explains the concept of adaptation, employee adaptation, types and phases of adaptation, forms and goals of the adaptation process. Describes human resource management tools that affect the adaptation process, i.e. recruitment, selection, hiring, employee training, employee care and labor relations, and employee evaluation. Finally, it describes the adaptation program and an effective tool for adaptation management - an adaptation plan, including a model of possible compilation of activities to create an individual adaptation plan. The practical part deals with the analysis of the process and the...
ICT in work of principal of primary school
Kubínová, Lucie ; Hubert, Vlastimil (advisor) ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with deficiencies that elementary school principals must solve in the field of ICT. In particular, there is a lack of the resources available, especially hard sources including ICT equipment, a lack of space for ICT equipment and inadequate connectivity on the Internet, but also soft resources in the field of human resources are missing. This thesis has two goals. The first goal is to find out what kind of deficiencies it is and how big they are and the second goal is to make recommendations for elementary school principals how to deal with these deficiencies. The research that is part of this thesis was focused on principals of elementary schools in the South Moravian Region. The research is conceived as a quantitative survey using an online Internet questionnaire. From the 66 expected respondents to 16 research questions, an analysis is found that leads to the conclusion that my four hypotheses were right. The questions are mainly focused on the finding the type of the shortage and its size from the point of view of elementary school principals, while there is 1 sorting question ( concerning school size) and the last question is focused on the type of education / training of elementary school principals in ICT. Based on the existing deficiencies the recommendation is...
Comparison of regional differences in long-term plans for the development of education in Jihomoravsky and Moravskoslezsky region
Ondroušek, Jan ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the comparison of regional differences in long-term plans of education development in these regions. The theoretical part begins with the definition of key terms related to education policy, then with the legislative framework for the creation of long-term plans and links these documents to national and European strategic documents in education. In the research part are analyzed both documents, their logical interconnection and relation to national strategic documents and outputs of each part. The main part is focused on the comparison of both documents and their influence on the development of education in the given region. The conclusion of the thesis summarizes the form, outputs and differences of both documents both in relation to national strategic documents in education. There are used methods of quantitative and qualitative content analysis, theoretical-empirical method, document analysis. KEYWORDS educational policy, strategic documents in education, comparison, South Moravian Region, Moravian-Silesian Region, long-term intention, qualitative and quantitative research, content analysis
Issues of further professional education of employees of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic
Kříž, Jaroslav ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of further professional education of professional employees working in the Prison Service of the Czech Republic (VS ČR) and the possibilities of its development. The aim of the diploma thesis is to conceptualize and characterize further vocational education, with emphasis on the analysis and identification of educational needs and motivation of professionals to continue their education. Furthermore, to carry out research aimed at monitoring the use of methods and forms of education and development of employees. The theoretical part of the diploma thesis deals with the definition and relationship of basic concepts in the field of further education, systematic education, analysis of educational needs, organizational structure of VS ČR, description of selected aspects of further vocational education in the context of lifelong learning. Attention is paid to the system of education, structure and identification of educational needs in the field of public administration in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, a description of the model of the concept of management of further education of VS ČR employees is implemented. At the end of the theoretical part of the work we deal with professional training and further education of prison staff abroad. The...
Analysis of talent management in a selected organization (case study)
Martiník, Karel ; Kursch, Martin (advisor) ; Veteška, Jaroslav (referee)
OF DIPLOMA THESIS Analysis of talent management in the company Karma s.r.o. The diploma thesis deals with the topic "Analysis of talent management in a selected organization", while the research took place in the company Karma, s.r.o. The aim of the work is to identify talent management in this company with the determination of recommended steps to improve the current situation, respectively. elimination of deficiencies. Due to the fact that this company providing communication and information services focuses on IT specialists, the connection of talent management in this company is crucial, among other things, in connection with the current state of the labor market and the current shortage of IT specialists. The research questions of this thesis are the following: How does talent management work in Karma? What recommendations can be given to Karma to improve the functioning of talent management? The research took place both in the form of a questionnaire survey and in the form of interviews. Ten respondents from the Human Resources Management Department took part in the questionnaire survey, and eleven respondents across the company were interviewed. The research was conducted through interviews mainly by middle management and project managers focusing on IT projects with longer experience...

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