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Competitive Advantages of Secondary Schools
Zolotuchin, Patrik ; Kursch, Martin (advisor) ; Veteška, Jaroslav (referee)
More recently, competition issues have not only focused on the private sector, but have become increasingly important in public administration, especially in the field of education. The thesis focuses on the issue of the competitive environment of secondary schools in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region, which provide education in the educational program Public administration. The selection of these schools was based on an analysis of the education market. The aim of this work is to find out what the competitive characteristics of secondary vocational schools are through the lens of individual headmasters. The thesis is divided into two parts. In the theoretical part, a competition-oriented literature survey is conducted. The survey then provides an up-to-date view of the perception of the competition in education in the world by various authors and scholarly articles. The chapter entitled Quality in Education characterizes the Quality of the school according to the Czech School Inspection and also serves as a basis for the practical part. The theoretical part is further developed by a chapter focusing on the description of secondary education and the description of the Framework Education Programme. The last chapter of the theoretical part is devoted to assessing the situation in the market of...
Quality of working life and work engagement of employees in educational organizations
Bůžková, Kristýna ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
The Master's thesis focuses on the complexities of quality of work life and work engagement among education staff. The introduction presents a general overview of key concepts and outlines the development of approaches and the wider context. Drawing on the theoretical background, the following text addresses specific problems in greater detail. While the first chapter deals with a more general understanding of quality of life in various disciplines, the second chapter narrows its focus to the concept of quality of work life introducing selected theories and contemporary research approaches. Another thematic part of the thesis explores work engagement - it defines the concept, its development and relation to other phenomena (for instance, work satisfaction, well-being, or the burn-out syndrome). The thesis also includes an empirical study with the intention to describe the subjectively perceived quality of work life and the level of work engagement among employees of educational organizations. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, numerous measures needed to be adopted, which have profoundly transformed and influenced the way teachers perform their job tasks. The turbulent nature and low predictability of related changes represent an unprecedented challenge and can influence long-term quality of work life...
Further education and professional development of members of the Police of the Czech Republic
Kratochvíl, Martin ; Kursch, Martin (advisor) ; Veteška, Jaroslav (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on problematic of further professional education and development of Czech Republic police officers. The theoretical part of the diploma thesis deals with lifelong education, professional development and further education. In this part of this thesis basic terms and definitions are defined. Furthermore, in the theoretical part the diploma thesis analyzes competency profile and professional requirements for police officers of Czech Republic. Next part of the thesis analyzes educational institution of Czech Republic Police and also Conception of lifelong education of Czech Republic police officers. Marginally the theoretical part also discusses lifelong education of The County Police Headquarters of Prague. Lastly the theoretical part focuses on comparison of police officers in different countries around the globe. The practical part of the diploma thesis focuses on motivation and effectiveness of further professional education of Czech Republic police officers. In this part hypotheses are formulated. These hypotheses are either proven true or false by evaluation of questionnaire survey. Research has been done in police district of District Directorate for Prague III on local police departments and at Office of Service of Criminal Police and Investigation. One of the...
Current trends in the process of recruiting employees in an organization.
Čálková, Daniela ; Šafránková, Jana Marie (advisor) ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of current trends in the process of recruiting employees in the organization. Recruiting employees is an important process for HR professionals and for the entire organization. Recruitment is classified as a personnel activity. First the diploma thesis characterizes personnel activities, especially the process of recruiting staff and the individual steps of the activity. Then the latest trends in the process of recruiting are presented, as the trend in the development of information technology is reflected in recruitment. The current era of digitization and development of information technology brings new conveniences and tools that can be used not only in the actual recruitment, but also in the next steps of recruitment. Attention is also paid mainly to the methods, partial methods and tools that are used in this area for individual methods. Significant attention is focused on building the employer's brand and at the same time personnel marketing. Personnel marketing is an important element for building an employer's brand and is key in the process of recruiting employees. Building an employer's brand is an essential activity for creating a good image and awareness of a potential candidate. Part of the thesis is a description of a research survey, which...
Leadership style and influence on the motivation of the employees in the company XY
Střešňáková, Marcela ; Kursch, Martin (advisor) ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee)
1 ABSTRACT The aim of the diploma thesis is to make research on of how leadership influence the motivation of employees in the environment of the organization XY. The thesis will try to highlight the two main areas, which are the concepts of leadership and motivation, that are often forgotten to be reopened and revise after the establishment of organizations. The theoretical part will deal with motivation and other areas related to it, when it is most often related to performance. The following chapter about leadership will have a more extensive and detailed view compared to the first one, when outside the approaches we will focus on the essence of leadership work embedded partly in the organization XY and explain the difficult situations that most often occur in the lives of managers. The main purpose of the thesis will be in the empirical part to conduct qualitative research through semi-structured interviews in selected organization XY with managers and their individual members, which are employees of the organization XY. The interviews will focus on key areas based on the knowledge of the theoretical part. The work will try to find out whether it is possible to find what factors of leadership affect the motivation of employees. An analysis of the internal documents and tools used by organization XY in...
Analysis of quality management in selected education organisation
Kolečková, Barbora ; Paulovčáková, Lucie (advisor) ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the area of quality management of a selected educational organization. The goal of the diploma thesis is to identify key areas of management of an educational organization and - based on an analysis of the current situation - to suggest possible improvements to ensure a long-term successful and competitive organization. The diploma thesis describes the starting points of the topic such as education, educational organizations, broader concept of management and its functions, application aspects of management, principles of quality management principles with specifics in education, approaches to setting systemic measures to increase quality in educational organizations, etc. The diploma thesis contains a methodology for research, outputs, proposals and recommendations to increase the quality of selected areas. In these areas are examined the processes affecting the success of the organization and the effectiveness of activities. The research is focused on three specific areas with processes that are most important for the sustainability of the organization. These are communications within marketing activities related to acquiring new clients, communication with existing clients and enrolling clients in courses - divided into these two target groups again. There is used a...
Education of members of the Army of the Czech Republic using e-learning
Kolmačková, Aneta ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
1 ABSTRACT The aim of this thesis is to describe the issue of e-learning education of the Army of the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as AČR) and to examine how effective this method of teaching is in relation to the needs of the target group. The work is devoted to the issue of education of AČR soldiers and describes several important aspects of the learning process. In this work, the emphasis is put on the interconnection of the educational process and the real-life of AČR soldiers. It takes into account the ethical and moral components of the learning process and focuses on the demand for individualization in the learning process. Furthermore, the work describes the issue of e-learning. Its advantages and shortcomings and focuses on the adequacy of introducing this educational resource in relation to the needs and demands placed on the AČR soldiers. The research part of the thesis aims to explore the effectiveness of e-learning in the educational process of AČR soldiers and tries to reveal possible shortcomings of this type of education. Furthermore, the thesis analyzes whether e-learning, as a means of education, fulfills the attributes of the way of education mentioned above.

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