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Czech and Finnish primary school teacher in the background of inclusive education
Bačová, Veronika ; Tomková, Anna (advisor) ; Štech, Stanislav (referee) ; Krčmářová, Tereza (referee)
The dissertation addresses the issue of primary school teachers in the conditions of inclusive education in the Czech Republic and Finland. The aim of the whole thesis is to create and compare real profiles of Czech and Finnish teachers with an emphasis on finding out what is behind the quality of inclusive education in Finland and how these findings can improve inclusive education and the teaching profession in the Czech context. The key aim is to create a profile of the primary school teacher in inclusive education, i.e. the teacher's conception of the teacher's educational processes, competences and the real conditions that the teacher needs to work in a heterogeneous classroom. In order to achieve the aim, a comparative nature of the work and a qualitative case study design was chosen, where the case is understood as a primary school teacher against the background of inclusive education - the total number of participants is 20 teachers (10 Czech and 10 Finnish). Content and thematic analysis of Czech and foreign sources were chosen as the main methods to secure data, and the findings became the basis for further reflection and the creation of semi-structured interviews and observations. For data processing, the case studies of individual participants were used in the first round of data...
The concept of a wedding tourism business and its application in tourism
Events such as weddings are a particularly important sector in the tourism in-dustry. Wedding tourism can be defined as the tourist flows occurring from participati-on in weddings or wedding-related events that are held at a different location from where the wedding couple or their guests live. Destinations and organisations can deve-lop, facilitate and promote events such as weddings to meet multiple goals: to attract tourists and customers, to contribute to general place or business marketing, and to raise the profile of other services they offer. This thesis aimed to create a concept for the use of a community garden for the purposes of wedding tourism and to prepare sui-table material, financial and business collateral for the proposed concept. A literature review identified several factors and trends in the current research on weddings and wedding tourism. However, it is not always clear whether such factors and trends are affected by demographic variables such as age, and experience/attitude regarding ge-tting married. These factors were therefore explored using a questionnaire study with respondents living in the Czech Republic. The results indicated that younger respon-dents preferred using digital sources of information (internet and social media) and wedding planners to research potential venues. The results also indicated that people who had already been married were more likely to rate practical elements such as ve-nue facilities as important when selecting a venue. A structured interview and personal observations were also carried out to identify the community garden's current business practices and goals in regard to wedding tourism. Finally, the findings of the questi-onnaire, interview, and observations were used to create a concept for the use of a community garden for the purposes of wedding tourism and to prepare suitable mate-rial, financial and business collateral for the proposed concept.
This dissertation examines the possibilities of guiding secondary school students to self- regulation in situations of challenging behavior
Dubec, Michal ; Spilková, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Kasíková, Hana (referee) ; Tomková, Anna (referee)
Mgr. Michal Dubec Dissertation The possibilities of guiding secondary school students to self-regulation in situations of challenging behavior. Abstract This dissertation examines the possibilities of guiding secondary school students to self- regulation in situations of challenging behavior. The thesis is divided into five chapters of which the first four represent their theoretical background. The first chapter is devoted to pupils' behavior. It describes different types of pupils' behavior that deviate from teachers' expectations. Challenging pupils' behavior is defined and its etiology is described on this basis. The second chapter is devoted to pupils' self-regulation. The term Challenging pupils' behavior is defined firstly and then selected concepts of self-regulation and maps of anchoring of pupils' self-regulation in current curricular documents are introduced. It is concluded by describing the individual components of self-regulation that can be addressed to teachers for developing it. The third chapter is devoted to communication between teachers and pupils in situations of challenging behavior. There is a focus directed here primarily at relational signals of communication, relationally risky statements, and impact of relational levels of communication on the development of pupils'...
Transition from pre-primary to primary education of children with low attendance in kindergarten
Picková, Helena ; Straková, Jana (advisor) ; Tomková, Anna (referee) ; Majerčíková, Jana (referee)
The dissertation focuses on the parental attitudes about education of their children during transition from pre-primary to primary education. The study focused on families without identified socio-economic disadvantage whose children were not enrolled in kindergarten. The research design was a longitudinal multiple case study of seven families located in the Liberec region. Data was gathered at multiple points during the children's transition from the kindergarten to primary school. The study focused on the reasons that led parents gave for deciding that their children would either participate in non-regular pre-primary education within nursery schools or not attend the pre-primary classes at all. The study inquired about: parents' general attitudes about pre-primary education; their views on the right educational path for their children; and their self-reported approach to their children's overall development. The study also examined the parents' feelings about the introduction of an obligatory pre-school year and their process of making the enrollment decisions. The results showed that although these families did have some common characteristics, the reasons given for opting not let their children attend preschool, were diverse. Mothers of these children were passionate about doing what's best...
Readiness of the beginning teacher for the work with an integrated pupil
Kolářová, Jarmila ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Tomková, Anna (referee)
This thesis deals with the issues of the work with an integrated pupil. It is particularly dedicated to the beginning teachers. It explains the important terms concerning the integration of the handicapped pupils into the basic school education. It describes the development, historical attitudes and explains the basic legal principles. Besides that, it is focused on the arranging of individual educational schedule, oral assessment and cooperation with the special institutions. A substantial part of this piece of work is the survey in the area of preparedness of the students of the field of study "Teaching for the 1.stage of the basic school", aimed at the subjective opinion of the readiness and skillfulness to educate the integrated pupil in her / his class.
The Role of Teaching Practice in Development of Student of the Teachers Training for Primary School
Novotná, Kateřina ; Mazáčová, Nataša (advisor) ; Tomková, Anna (referee)
The diploma thesis named Pedagogical practices and their tasks for primary school teachers' development deals with the topic of the pedagogical practices at colleges and universities. The thesis finds out the extent of students' being ready for carrying the practice out. The following task of the thesis is to describe what the students and beginner teachers think about the practice. The theoretical part is aimed at the pedagogical practice process and its connection with the primary teachers' education. Important part of the thesis is to compare the time extent of the practice at different colleges and universities. The practical part works with the qualitative research. The used methods for this part are questionnaire and interview. The pedagogical faculty students describe their experience with the pedagogical practices. The beginner teachers evaluate the level of the practices. KEYWORDS Pedagogical practice, primary school student, primary school, faculty school, faculty teacher, collage/university teacher, beginner teacher
Cooperation of First and Second Graders in the Learning Process
Markupová, Pavla ; Tomková, Anna (advisor) ; Marušák, Radek (referee)
The work deals with the cooperation of pupils among first and second grade pupils in a primary school. It analyzes to which extent are second grade pupils able to give their knowledge to pupils of the first grade. Then it shows how the learning style and the personality affects the cooperation of an individual within the group. The practical part proofs the long-term investigation in one class that was systematically prepared for the cooperation among older and younger pupils. The results of this research in the observed class evaluate higher level of cooperative and communication skills of individual pupils than those, who previously did not deal with cooperation. Teaching pupils how to cooperate gradually developed their relationship not only to younger classmates, but to the willingness to help each other, to respect the opinions of others and it also strengthened the relationships in the observed classroom. Powered by TCPDF (
Evaluation supporting pupil learning
Šubertová, Jarmila ; Tomková, Anna (advisor) ; Krčmářová, Tereza (referee)
Author: Jarmila Šubertová Title of master thesis: Evaluation serving pupil learning University: Charles university in Prague, Faculty of Education Supervisor: Ph.Dr. Anna Tomková, Ph.D. Year of Issue: Prague 2011 Number of sites: 99 In this thesis I focus on evaluation which pedagogue uses to guide affirmatively pupil's learning. The pedagogue also chooses certain evaluation method to show individual progress or pupil margin and on their basis choose corresponding way of work. The types of evaluation used by a teacher put in the context the educational reform and current trends used within the obligatory school paper, RVP ZV. This master thesis is searching for evaluation methods resulting from the knowledge of educational psychology about pupil learning process. The particular evaluation methods are further brought out based on the specific objective. Practical part of the paper describes and analyzes the evaluation methods in practice of one teacher in a given school and characterizes evaluation as significant part of her individual concept of teaching. Key words: School evaluation, formative evaluation, individualization of learning, criteria, portfolio, self-image
The teacher's assessment competence at primary school with a focus on self - assessment of Pupils
Homoky, Vendula ; Tomková, Anna (advisor) ; Hejlová, Helena (referee) ; Šikulová, Renata (referee)
The dissertation refers to the issue of school evaluation. It focuses on the competence of a primary school teacher to develop self-assessment of pupils. The theoretical part is devoted to the personality of the teacher, his profession including the qualities of the teacher and the professional standard. Furthermore, the teacher's professional competences, the concept of teaching and the ability of reflection and self-reflection in the teacher's profession. Then, in this part, autor is dedicated to the personality of the pupil in the learning process, the climate in the classroom and the interaction between the pupil and the teacher. In conclusion, the author focuses on the evaluation in the learning process, the objectives of the evaluation and its types. Particular attention is paid to formative assessment, especially self-evaluation of pupils, methods and methods of implementation. The research part presents the results of the research, for which the qualitative design of the case study was used. The subject of the survey was the evaluation competence of the teacher and activities aimed at self-assessment of pupils. The main objective of the research was to find out how primary school teachers develop the self-assessment of pupils in the learning process. In addition, the author has set several...
Differentiation in school curriculum at primary school
Svobodová, Lucie ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Tomková, Anna (referee)
The thesis is focused on differentiation in school curriculum at primary schools. Its aim is to describe the conditions and schemes of differentiation in school curriculum at selected primary schools in Prague and to confirm if and how they are fullfilled in the classes. It is focused mainly on care for the groups of children to whom differentiation is highly recommended. These are children with specific educational needs and talented children. The practical part of the thesis presents results of qualitative research in casuistries of selected Prague primary schools, their school curriculum and practical use of the differentiation of education in their classes. The casuistries contain descriptions of functional and tested models of individualization and differentiation at these schools. Of organizational structures (as they are described in theory) combinations of these are used most often: intrinsic differentiation (in common classes) - individually or in groups (sometimes with pedagogical assistant) and group extrinsic differentiation, that is formed as special care for children either with specific educational needs or talented children. Key words: differentiation, individualization, talented child, school curriculum, child with specific educational needs

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