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Pupil's disturbing behaviour at primary school
Březinová, Adriana ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Krčmářová, Tereza (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with disruptive behaviour of pupils at primary school. The theoretical part of this thesis explains the concepts of school discipline and disruptive pupils' behaviour; the chapters deal with displays, causes and forms of disruptive behaviour, its prevention and following solutions. The practical part provides qualitative research that was performed at the primary school. The aim of the research is a detection of frequent forms of disruptive behaviour occurrence during teaching at Primary School in Sušice. Among the research tasks was a comparison of teachers' and pupils' perspective of disruptive behaviour in the classes from the first to fifth. The research also observed what kind of behaviour is really disturbing for the pupils during their classes and what are the classmates' and teachers' reactions towards it. The following task, focused on supporting teachers - beginners, was to receive functional solution strategies from experienced teachers or prevention of disruptive behaviour. For answering these questions, a method of interview with a class teacher was used, a method of interview for pupils of classes from the third to fifth, and a method of a focus-group for pupils of the first and second classes. It was observed that disruptive behaviour of pupils is a...
Comparison of case studies of methods used for students with Mild Mental Disability at primary schools and primary schools established under paragraph 16, section 9th Education Act
Papežová, Jindřiška ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Kadrnožková, Monika (referee)
DIPLOMA THESIS Comparison of Case Studies of Methods Used for Students with Mild Mental Disability at Primary Schools and Primary Schools Established under Paragraph 16, Section 9th Education Act Jindřiška Papežová ABSTRACT The diploma thesis deals with comparison of the application of possible support measures for pupils with mild mental disabilities in primary schools and primary schools established pursuant to Article 16 (9) of the Education Act. The aim of the work is to point out available support and the use of support measures in the context of education of pupils with mild mental disabilities in primary schools and primary schools established pursuant to Article 16 (9) of the Education Act. This issue is interconnected with inclusive education. The diploma thesis is divided into a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical one aims at specifying the concept of mild mental retardation and defining a pupil with a mild mental disability in the context of education. The theoretical part is focused on the characteristics of persons with mild mental disabilities, inclusion of the pupil in the class collective, and subsequently it presents support measures that are expanded to include the use of digital educational tools in the education of pupils with mild mental disabilities. The practical...
Cooperation of elementary and kindergarten in Varnsdorf
Šmídová, Valerie ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Krčmářová, Tereza (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to examine the conditions and approaches of individual participants in the inter-institutional cooperation between primary schools and kindergartens in Varnsdorf. The first chapter of the theoretical part is devoted to the characteristics of preschool and primary education, especially in terms of their function. It discusses the specific areas related to the transition of a child from kindergarten to primary school and various issues that may arise during this period. The second chapter is focused on the persons accompanying the child from the very beginning of compulsory education and concentrates more closely on their mutual cooperation and communication. The third chapter identifies the age peculiarities of preschool and junior school-age children, which are complemented by possible factors and determinants influencing the success of the educational process and the subject of the child's school maturity and readiness. The last chapter is devoted to the specifics of education in the specific area, which is relevant to the thesis in terms of research and thus puts the topic of the thesis in more context. Through qualitative research, the practical part explored the attitudes, experience and opinions of teachers and school principals regarding the question of cooperation...
Specifics of the preparation of kindergarten teachers to work with children of the same-sex parents
Ranšová, Johana ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Koželuhová, Eva (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the specifics of preparing kindergarten teachers to work with children of same-sex parents, especially for teachers who have experience with children from this type of family arrangement. At the same time, it compares several types of families, describes the needs of children in the preschool period, focuses on communication between the family and the kindergarten and the possibilities for further training of kindergarten teachers in the area of working with children from homoparental families. The theoretical part is devoted to the topic of the family and its function, describing the differences between complete and incomplete families and presenting alternative forms of family cohabitation, including same-sex families. It discusses the areas of family formation, parental roles and societal attitudes towards them. It also characterises the pre-school child in terms of developmental psychology, with an emphasis on the social element. There is also reference to legislation defining the difference between marriage and civil partnership. Communication between the family and the preschool is another area in which ways of interacting with the child and parents are described, including those relating to same-sex families. The last section presents training opportunities...
Dilemmas of begginer and experienced teacher in primary school
Čákorová, Adéla ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Hejlová, Helena (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to find out what dilemmas novice and experienced primary school teachers face, what is the difference between dilemmas and how they deal with them. The research is qualitatively oriented. A semi-structured interview method will be used with three novice teachers and three experienced teachers. Four areas of dilemmas emerged from the interviews: Assessment in school, Individualization of instruction, Collaboration, and Inclusion or selection. The last area is called 'Stress in Teaching Practice', this highlights the problems of the novice teacher in practice. Research findings are commented and interpreted with support from literature and professional sources. The thesis concludes with an evaluation of the research and answers to the sub-research questions. The results show the different perspectives between novice and experienced teachers on inclusion in the overall context.
The use of Tiger World® methodology in personality and social development of children in primary school
Hálová, Berenika ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Hejlová, Helena (referee)
The diploma thesis is devoted to the development of personality and social education at the 1st grade of primary schools. As a tool for this development, I chose the Tiger World® method, which was described by Mr. and Mrs. Kops in their three books. Based on the study of this method and using the principles and means of personality and social education, I created preparations for individual lessons, which I applied in my core class. The knowledge presented in the theoretical part is the starting point for the practical part. In the first part, I define personality and social education, the concept of well-being and the classroom climate. These basic concepts are reflected in the practical part, where the given activities aim to promote well-being and a safe classroom climate. The basis for the given activities is provided by personality and social education, which defines goals, principles and means, and at the same time I am guided by these principles when working with children. The second half of the theoretical part deals with personality typology. Here I define the theoretical basis for the division of personality types according to temperament based on the MBTI theory. I also describe the typology from the Kops family. At the end of the practical part, I characterize two students based on my...
Prevention of injury and 1. assistence at primary school education
Lisá, Dominika ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Krčmářová, Tereza (referee)
The thesis is focused on teaching first aid at the first level of primary school. I'm presenting the latest first aid methods in the theoretical part. Furthermore, the thesis deals with how first aid is thought of in the framework curriculum for primary education. There is also a mention of the skills of younger school age pupils from a developmental psychology perspective. It also discusses appropriate methods and form of teaching to help teachers in presenting first aid. The practical part of the thesis deals with the readiness and unreadiness of graduates of the Faculty of Education of Charles University to teach first aid. Through a questionnaire, I'm investigating whether students would welcome first aid teaching as a compulsory subject, and what they feel insecure about when teaching first aid. I also suggest a week-long thematic lecture and proven methods and forms of work. The results of research are presented, evaluating whether students who have received thematic first aid instruction are more likely to remember and be able to administer first aid than students who have not participated. The research shows that pupils who have received thematic teaching actually remember more, even after a year of receiving this lesson. The questionnaire also shows that students, graduates and teachers do...
Didactic game for pupils of the 5th class in a primary school
Štěpánková, Pavlína ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Poche Kargerová, Jana (referee)
The method of didactic games is a popular means of modern pedagogical practice. This thesis deals with the effectiveness of this method in the following five selected parameters: fun, usefulness, interest in the material, mastery of the discussed material, reflection on own competences. To do this, it uses a combination of different procedures, quantitative and qualitative data collection by questionnaire, measurement by quiz and unstructured observation. As a result, the work fulfils the principle of triangulation. The thesis has a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical background is drawn from domestic professional sources on didactic play and developmental psychology. The concept of didactic play, the division of didactic games, the developmental specifics of the fifth grade student, and the planning, management, and evaluation of instruction from the teacher's perspective are discussed. The practical part first defines the research objectives and questions, the research population, the methods used and research ethics, followed by the presentation of the results. The results section of the paper first deals with the processing of the quantitative data from the survey, followed by the processing of the qualitative data. The results section concludes with the presentation of the case...
Study abroad as an opportunity to personal and professional development of future teacher
Horáková, Štěpánka ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Vallin, Petra (referee)
(English) This thesis is about a role that a study abroad can have for a future teacher. It researches which areas of professional preparation can be most affected by studying abroad and how this experience can contribute to a growth on a personal level. The theoretic part describes studying abroad, with a primary focus on Erasmus+ for pre-gradual students of primary school education. The second chapter argues the phases of gaining pedagogical profession and a possible effect of the abroad study on them. It focuses mainly on the effects on professional growth of a student. The last chapter of theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the effect of an abroad study on the growth of pedagogical persona including the gains to the key competences. The practical part is a mixed research, with the goal of discovering how studying abroad can help the future teachers grow in the areas of personal and professional competences. It analyzes experiences and a subjective reflection of the participants of an abroad study. The data are collected with a mixed research with the help of mixing the methods, where you use the qualitative method then quantitative method and finish with a qualitative method again. The attention is first on depth reflection of a concrete abroad study, then on the analysis of the amount of...
Development of pre-school children by environmental education
Češpivová, Marie ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Koťátková, Soňa (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with environmental education as a teacher'stool for the development of preschool children in Prague in both usual and unexpected conditions (during the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic). The theoretical part of the thesis informs of the content, means and some principles of environmental education. The importance of children's direct contact with nature is verified here and the information of possibilities and limits of a child's development through environmental education in all areas definied by legislation is presented. In the practical part, a research investigation is constructed, in which three methods of qualitative investigative research were used, namely teacher action research, a semi- structured interview and an example of inspirational practice. A lower success rate of children from one of the two classes in the environmental activities was found. Addressed teachers showed knowledge of the importance of environmental education and direct contact with nature, as well as attention to the conceptual framework. It turned out that, according to the majority of interviewed teachers, the conditions for the implementation of environmental education during the covid-19 pandemic were restricted, especially in the impossibility of children being present in kindergarten....

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