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The level of the adaptation process in general at intensive care units
Aksteinerová, Monika ; Marsová, Jana (advisor) ; Svobodová, Lucie (referee)
The Graduation Thesis deals with the topic of the adaptation process of general nurses at intensive coronary care units. Through the research, we ask whether the level of the adaptation process and its duration is long enough to get nurses fully involved in the procedure. In the theoretical part, we work with the essence of the adaptation process. In particular, we analyse the nurse training process in the course of their adaptation in a new workplace. We look into issues related to the integration process management, from the view of the object and the subject as well. In addition, we pay attention to clinical practice tutors, their education and their roles - to teach, to convey and to assist. As regards the practical part of the Thesis, we have applied a quantitative research methodology. In the empirical part, we have set partial objectives and hypotheses to be confirmed or rejected through inquiry. The aim of the distribution of non-standardised questionnaires among new nurses in intensive coronary care units is to find out how their adaptation process is running, and to what degree they are satisfied with the adaptation process within the selected medical centres in Prague. We had chosen intensive coronary care units of the same type of nursing to avoid inaccuracy in terms of the interpretation of the...
Men and their lifeworld in beer advertisements
Svobodová, Lucie ; Lupač, Petr (advisor) ; Vinopal, Jiří (referee)
This thesis deals with the widely discussed topic of gender stereotypes. Most of the attention of experts and also the general public in this area is focused on the issues of stereotypes associated with women's roles. This work attempts to inspect the other - the men's - side of gender stereotypes. The aim is to reconstruct the male stereotypes and their lifeworld in commercials which from this perspective focus on perhaps still typically masculine product: beer. The presence of traditional stereotypes of male and female roles is observed at the same time. The research problem is solved through a content analysis of beer advertisements and reconstruction of the lifeworld of men in them.
Differentiation in school curriculum at primary school
Svobodová, Lucie ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Tomková, Anna (referee)
The thesis is focused on differentiation in school curriculum at primary schools. Its aim is to describe the conditions and schemes of differentiation in school curriculum at selected primary schools in Prague and to confirm if and how they are fullfilled in the classes. It is focused mainly on care for the groups of children to whom differentiation is highly recommended. These are children with specific educational needs and talented children. The practical part of the thesis presents results of qualitative research in casuistries of selected Prague primary schools, their school curriculum and practical use of the differentiation of education in their classes. The casuistries contain descriptions of functional and tested models of individualization and differentiation at these schools. Of organizational structures (as they are described in theory) combinations of these are used most often: intrinsic differentiation (in common classes) - individually or in groups (sometimes with pedagogical assistant) and group extrinsic differentiation, that is formed as special care for children either with specific educational needs or talented children. Key words: differentiation, individualization, talented child, school curriculum, child with specific educational needs
The Use and Grammatical Description of the Form "allgemeine reflexive Zustandsform"
Svobodová, Lucie ; Dovalil, Vít (advisor) ; Doležal, Jiří (referee)
This paper deals with a grammatical structure, so called "allgemeine reflexive Zustandsform". It consists of the second participle from a reflexive verb that can build neither passive nor "Zustandsreflexiv" and of an auxiliary verb. This form occurs also in attributive Position which does not correspond to the contemporary codification. The frequency and occurrence of this structure in various genres and themes was analysed by means of a corpus analysis of empirical examples from newspaper "Frankfurter Rundschau". Another important issue was to carry out the co-occur analysis and the determination, wether the examined articles lean towards the conceptually written pole or not. All these factors co-decided, if the "allgemeine reflexive Zustandsform" despite its frequent usage should be classified as non-standard. This form turned out to appear often in standard, exemplary and conceptually written articles. Therefore, we can assume that this structure shows a movement toward the standard variety of German.
Screen use by children aged 6-9 years
Svobodová, Lucie ; Lukavská, Kateřina (advisor) ; Pavlas Martanová, Veronika (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the usage of digital technologies by children of early school age (1st to 3rd grade of elementary school). The aim of the thesis is to map in detail the use of screens in children aged 6-9 years and determine the age that would be suitable for the implementation of prevention programs aimed at the healthy use of technologies by children. The research is interested in how much time the children of a given age spend using electronic screens and what type of screens they usually use, what activities they do on the device, how the use differs between boys and girls and whether there are differences in use by children among the first three grades of primary school. The chosen research design is a cross-sectional questionnaire survey in an online form intended for parents. The results of the research showed that the amount of screen time increased with the age of the child and a larger increase was observed mainly in children in the 3rd grade of primary school. Most often, children spend time on mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) and watching TV. We also noticed a slight increase in the use of game consoles for boys in the 3rd grade of primary school, while girls use these devices hardly ever. Thus, prevention programs and education on the safe use and the risks...
The Garden as an Aesthetic Object
Svobodová, Lucie ; Dadejík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kaplický, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis is centred around the problematics of a garden as a unique aesthetic object. First, it will define what is considered an aesthetic object, and try to define and set boundaries for the term garden. Gardens are in their essence very ambivalent, because they are a fusion of nature and human activity. This thesis will therefore introduce arguments for placing gardens in the same category as nature or art (a human product that is created intentionally and consciously). It will then pose the question if gardens can be considered art, as well as how to aesthetically appreciate a garden. Finally, the thesis will try to answer the question "can gardeners be considered artists?" and how we should be reflecting the process of art - or garden - creation, so that we could consider gardeners artists. The objective of this thesis is to describe the uniqueness of a garden as an aesthetic object, and introduce its unique qualities. Keywords Garden, aesthetic object, art, nature, environmental aesthetics, aesthetic experience

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