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Relations of research outputs and projects: NUSL, R&D Information System and OpenAIRE
Černohlávková, Petra ; Dvořák, Jan (advisor) ; Souček, Jiří (referee)
The thesis aims to explore and describe the relationships between scientific results and research projects, both in general and in three given sources: the National Repository of Grey Literature (NUSL) in the Czech Republic, the Czech Research, Development and Innovation Information System (IS VaVaI) and OpenAIRE. The theoretical part presents relationships between results and projects in the field of research information in the Czech Republic and the EU, as well as the Levels of Conceptual Interoperability Model (LCIM) and its application to the relationships between results and projects. Furthermore, the thesis examines the analyzed resources in terms of acquisition, technical processing and interoperability of links between results and projects. The research part quantifies the presence of these links in the given sources, examines the multiplicity of the links to projects, and a possible dependence of the occurrence and quantity of these links on language and type of the research results.
Normalized social distance
Šlerka, Josef ; Souček, Jiří (advisor) ; Petříček, Miroslav (referee) ; Macek, Jakub (referee)
This dissertation thesis deals with the application of the concept of information distance to the social network data analysis. We consider this data as recorded acts of social action. As such, they express certain attitudes, values and intentions. We introduce a formula for calculating the Normalized Social Distance and, based on the series of case studies, we prove the usefulness and validity of this approach. The application of formal mathematical and computer science techniques to massive data records of human action in social network environments is enabled by the change brought by new media and the associated technological advancement. This change is accompanied by a gradual transition of research methods in the humanities, referred to as the onset of digital humanities. This approach is characterized by the application of quantitative methods in the field of humanities and the discovery of new data areas useful for analyses. In case of social media data, the differentiation between quantitative and qualitative methods is no longer valid. A good example is also this thesis, in which information theory specifically combines the methods of a traditional social network analysis and the Goffman's frame analysis of human action. Keywords Information distance, Normalized Social Distance, Kolmogorov...
The issue of lifelong learning in the context of the profession of librarian and information professional in health care. Needs analysis and a proposal of the concept
Bouzková, Helena ; Souček, Jiří (advisor) ; Papík, Richard (referee) ; Mazáčová, Pavlína (referee)
The thesis focuses on the profession of librarian and information professional in health care in the context of lifelong learning. The target group are professionals of information institutions in the network of public health information services in the Czech Republic. Content analysis of Czech and foreign materials and sociological quantitative research carried out by questionnaires in the Czech Republic's health information institutions are methods for analysing the needs of the librarian and information specialist in the health care sector in the Czech Republic. The output is a proposal of the concept of a lifelong professional education program called Competencies of the medical librarian for the performance of library and information activities. The lifelong education of medical librarians in connection with the concept of lifelong education of librarians in the Czech Republic is a process that will enable to gain necessary qualifications (professional knowledge and skills, general skills and soft skills) to perform this responsible and demanding profession.
Using bibliometric methods for the analysis of Czechoslovak Psychology journal
Matička, Petr ; Souček, Martin (advisor) ; Souček, Jiří (referee)
This thesis describes bibliometric indicators and bibliometric methods and presents their potential practical application on the analysis of the Czech scientific journal Czechoslovak Psychology. The introduction provides a historical development of bibliometry, a scientific classification of bibliometry and presents some of the main thinkers in the field. The thesis then continues with the exploration of bibliographic methods and laws and sets them into wider context with the issue of current evaluation of scientific journals and the issue of the scientific work itself. The research deals with the scientific journal Czechoslovak Psychology and the subject of psychology is briefly presented to the reader. The practical part of the research focuses on the use of bibliometric methods in the qualitative analysis of data from Web of Science and Scopus citation databases, these registers are compared with each other. The conclusion presents the results from this bibliometric analysis and suggests recommendations for further bibliometric research.
Use of data mining in analysis of film annotations
Podhůrská, Martina ; Souček, Jiří (advisor) ; Koubský, Petr (referee)
This work will focus on the possibilities of data mining in film analysis and its use in predicting ratings on ČSFD movie diabase, based on film annotations and other attributes of the film. The main goal is to determine whether it is possible to predict user ratings of new movies and identify the attributes that affect the most the ratings on Movie Database, as well as other factors such as. revenues and attendance.
Processing of periodicals in the Czech Republic and abroad, a move towards RDA rules
Burkertová, Zuzana ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Souček, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this work is to evaluate the current procedures and to indicate the development of the cataloging practice towards the RDA rules based on research and analysis of bibliographic production serials in selected Czech and foreign libraries. The diploma thesis is divided into several chapters. After introducing the issue of serial documents follows the chapter devoted to the standards and resources for cataloging the continuing resources that the catalogers should know. The next chapter deals with the FRBR and its application to the serials. Part of the chapter dealing with RDA rules from the serials perspective is also the analysis of these rules according to the FRBR structure available in the RDA Toolkit. Three chapters are devoted to the analysis of bibliographic processing, first in foreign libraries, then in Czech libraries, and in the last chapter there is a comparison of selected periodicals in foreign and Czech libraries. At the end of the thesis are presented the impacts of application of the FRBR model and RDA rules on serials cataloging. Keywords serials - periodicals - continuing resources - rules RDA - FRBR - FRBRoo - PRESSoo - cataloging - bibliographic record - library
FRBRization of catalogs and databases - the situation abroad
Lísková, Marie ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Souček, Jiří (referee)
(in English): The diploma thesis deals with the conceptual model functional requirements for bibliographic records and its implementation or FRBRisation of library information systems abroad. The introduction of the thesis presents in brief the FRBR conceptual model and its family. The second chapter discusses the development of FRBRisation activities since the creation of the FRBR study to the present. The third chapter presents a more detailed description of the FRBRisation process and presents the benefits and challenges of these projects. In connection with this, the impact on cataloging standards and data structures is also mentioned, as well as the currently debated issue concerning the possible ways of presenting the FRBRised data. The last chapter of the diploma thesis contains analysis and comparison of two selected FRBRised systems (BORéAL union catalog and Primo discovery system), with emphasis on the means and scope of FRBR implementation and user interface.
Comparative analysis of research organizations based on their scientific results
Požárek, Jakub ; Souček, Martin (advisor) ; Souček, Jiří (referee)
I Abstract (in English) This thesis explores scientific productivity at the faculties of Charles University and Faculties of Arts of public universities in the Czech Republic in the 2010-2014 time period. The thesis used data about FTE of the individual faculties, data about the number of students at the faculties, and data from RIV calculated using the Scimetrics methodology. Data about FTE and the number of students were provided by the Department of School Statistics, Analyses and Information Strategy, which is part of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The calculation of the data from RIV was based on the analyses of the Scimetrics company. As part of the thesis, all of the data were evaluated and presented in a graphic form. Due to the methodology used, it was possible to analyze directly the scientific productivity of the examined faculties and not only their publishing performance. The research has shown that the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics stands out significantly among the other faculties. Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové was next in the ranking with Faculty of Science following after that. Other faculties have shown significantly lower values. Faculties of Arts were generally characterized by lower productivity with only minor differences among them in these values. The...
Modern bibliometric indicators by Thomson Reuters and Elsevier
Buryan, Anna Maria ; Souček, Martin (advisor) ; Souček, Jiří (referee)
This thesis concerns the issues of bibliometrics and scientometrics. The first part is dedicated to the science of information measurement, selected citation databases and bibliometric indicators. The practical part is dedicated to the measurement and quantitative analysis of the documents of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR in the citation databases of Web of Science and Scopus.
Attributes of expression and manifestation - reality in library catalogs vs. information needs of users
Tůmová, Markéta ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Souček, Jiří (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to explore which attributes of expression and attributes of manifestation are commonly found in bibliographic records and compare them with the information needs of users. The research is focused on the Union catalog of the Czech Republic - CASLIN. In the theoretical part there are presented problems with attributes of expression and attributes of manifestation in model FRBR. In the research part there was performed content analysis of several bibliographic records owing to problems of attributes of expression and attributes of manifestation. In the research section there was made the analysis of information needs of users, too. As qualitative research methods were selected observation of participants and semi-structured interviews with respondents. The result of this thesis should be a comparison between reality in library catalogs and information needs of users.

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