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Xiaomi Mi Band as sport activity tracker
Foglarová, Klára ; Fiala, Jakub (advisor) ; Marek, Tomáš (referee)
This Bachelor thesis deals with the complex evaluation of the Xiaomi Band wearable device. The opening theoretical section offers insight into the general issue of self-measurement and describes the smart bracelet functional properties from the technical point as well as the accompanying application. The practical part presents the results of research that looked at the properties of the smart bracelet and data attributes from the perspective of its user. The aim was to determine the meaning of long-term self-measurement and to assess the objective benefit and effect on its user. The research was mainly focused on establishing the accuracy of Xiaomi Mi Band smart bracelet data measurements as a general precondition for the meaning of long-term self-measurement.
Apartment Building in Žďár nad Sázavou
Fiala, Jakub ; Nespěšný, Ondřej (referee) ; Pěnčík, Jan (advisor)
Goal of this bachelor thesis is creation of a project documentation of an apartment building in Žďár nad Sázavou. Chosen location is in a newly constructed side of the city called Starý dvůr nearby the city center. The area is appointed for housing. This apartment building is designed with one underground floor and four regular floors. The foundation is made of concrete strips. The traverse wall system is composed of brick blocks and the ceiling is made from reinforced concrete. The ventilated facade is insulated with the ETICS system. The roof is designed as a single-layer extensive green flat roof. In the cellar a technical room and storage cubicles are located. A barrier free entrance to the first ground is from the parking lot in the northern side of the building. There are overall ten apartments. Most of the apartments comprise balcony or terrace. Around the building is designed roomy garden with a gazebo and kids playground.
Active sports as prevention of excessive internet use in the Czech Republic
Volfová, Kristýna ; Šisler, Vít (advisor) ; Fiala, Jakub (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the problematic use of the internet and tries to find out whether there is a connection between excessive use of the internet and active sports. It tries to clarify whether and how much active sports reduce the risk of internet addiction with a focus on university students in the Czech Republic. The work consists of theoretical and empirical part. The theoretical part deals with the description of the background and describes the concept of addiction with a primary focus on the pathological use of addictive substances. It also discusses the area of behavioral addictions, in which it focuses on the internet addiction. This section briefly describes the situation in the Czech Republic. In the empirical part of the work, based on the evaluated questionnaires, a research sample is characterized, the result of the internet addiction test is given and the frequency of sports for the given research group is described. The final chapter is devoted to the evaluation of the whole work and research. Based on the facts found in the questionnaire, the mutual influence of active sports and the level of internet use on the examined sample was not confirmed.
Religious hemophilia in an environment of social networks
Andršová, Markéta ; Šlerka, Josef (advisor) ; Fiala, Jakub (referee)
The theme of this bachalor theses are religious homophilic relationships on czech Twitter. The theoretical part is focused on homophilic principle and its sociological areas into which is projected; such as race homophily, gender homophily, political homophily, religious homophily or homophily in romantic relationships. The theoretical part is also desribing the problematice of social network services and its homophily. The main part if the thesis is consists of research on Twitter. The research was conducted to find out how much is a religious content represented on Twitter and how much is its representation different from an atheistic represenation.
Design and Nanotechnology
Čužnová, Dominika ; Malečková, Dita (advisor) ; Fiala, Jakub (referee)
The main goal of this bachelor thesis is to describe the term nanotechnology and other related terms. It will include description of the development of this field in various countries and it will also introduce the use of nanotechnology in different areas, particularly in the area of art and design. The thesis will then compare the nanotechnology field in Czech Republic and the world. The goal of this thesis will also consist of forming a conclusion about the position of the Czech Republic in this field.
Augmented reality in libraries
Krejzlová, Lucie ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Fiala, Jakub (referee)
The main focus of this thesis is augmented reality and its usage and improvement of provided services in libraries and other information institutions. First, the concept of augmented reality and its possible implementation based on various technologies are defined. Then augmented reality projects already implemented in libraries and information institutions are presented. The next part consists of a description of areas in which augmented reality can be used to improve services provided in the context of libraries. The goal of the practical part is the preparation and testing of a prototype of augmented reality application in National technical library. Finally, the strengths and weaknesses of the prototype are presented as well as requirements for its actual implementation and possibilities of future improvement of the prototype's capabilities.
Live electronics - The Role of the Performer as an Active Creator
Szromek, Jiří ; Kolárová, Marta (advisor) ; Fiala, Jakub (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with use of computer technology in live music performance and its possible influences on musician, while producing a live music. The first goal of this thesis is to describe and to evaluate position of musician whitin musical group. The second goal is to describe and to evaluate musician's own part in live music making. First of all the term live electronics is specified. Next is the description of historical development, that was important for the field of live electronics. The way or manner of work with electronical and computer based instruments is also described. The thesis continues with list of means which musician has now available in computer based instruments and different points of view on subject of this thesis are stated. For achieving the goal of this theses qualitative research via semi-structured interview was used. The results are that seven out of eight muscians think that computer based instruments can have influence on their creative music making. There are different ways how said influence is dealt with: First way is that musician thinks critically of his/her computer based instruments. Second way is making use of these tendences. Third way is beign neutral. Last way is making sure musician has right instrument for type of live music making. If muscians...
The influence of self-tracking on the motivation to physical activity and behavior of the group
Pavlíčková, Marta ; Fiala, Jakub (advisor) ; Lipková, Helena (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with self-tracking, that implies practice of collecting, recording and analyzing data about oneself through digital technologies. The aim of this thesis is to describe the user's experience of self-tracking and the impact of motivation to the physical activity and behavior. The theoretical part brings insight to the social-psychology part of this problem and feature of the specific self-tracking device Fitbit including its mobile application. The results of the qualitative research are presented in the practical part. This research was performed by structured interviews with a six-member group, who do self-tracking by Fitbit devices.
Information Needs and Information Behaviour of Fashion Bloggers
Volfová, Kristýna ; Jarolímková, Adéla (advisor) ; Fiala, Jakub (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the topic of informational behaviour of fashion bloggers. It tries to find out if fashion bloggers need to go to libraries to work on their blogs. The thesis consists of two parts; a theoretical one and a practical one. The theoretical part deals with informational behaviour and informational needs in general. It also briefly analyses the current state of fashion blogs and the work of bloggers. The second part of the work evaluates the interviews with fashion bloggers. Their working environment is describe and the current state of the fashion blogging world is shown through their eyes. Next it explains informational behaviour and informational needs of fashion bloggers with respect to their answers in the survey. The survey is more deeply explained in the second part. The final chapter summarises the work and the research. Based on the found facts it gives recommendations on how libraries can attract more people, who have similar interest to fashion bloggers.
Hacking in the modern information society
Rožek, Štěpán ; Souček, Martin (advisor) ; Fiala, Jakub (referee)
(English): This bachelor thesis is oriented on description of hacking in modern information society and its goal is an overview of the current situation of hacking, whose techniques differ and change during the time. In the theoretical part this bachelor thesis focuses on differentiation of internet crimes and then the thesis focuses closely on hacking of web applications in terms of the user and also in terms of the application architecture. In the practical part the thesis is oriented on a description of a real life hacking attack. As this attack was chosen an issue of Czech ex prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka, whose private e-mail account got hacked in 2016. In terms of this practical part the thesis describes a possible way of the hacker and also a tool, which some of the Czech media mentioned as the tool that was used within this attack. Lastly the thesis in the practical part describes the security risks and also the topic of growing complexity and difficulty of defence against hacking attacks, which can possibly cause issues to the user. Keywords (english): Hacking, password cracking, web applications, security, World Wide Web, penetration testing, authentication

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