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Distant reading of contemporary Czech fiction
Panušková, Charlotte ; Pýcha, Čeněk (advisor) ; Šlerka, Josef (referee)
This thesis explores the topic modelling of contemporary Czech prose using LDA and Top2Vec algorithms. It examines how the results of topic modelling correspond to existing knowledge in literary history and further analyses how these findings relate to classical literary theory. The study emphasizes the connection between digital methods of text analysis and traditional literary- historical and theoretical perspectives, offering a new interpretation of modern methods within the literary context. For modelling purposes, the corpus from the Czech National Corpus was used. The corpus was cleaned and divided into three subcorpora based on the publication date of the works. Models of both LDA and Top2Vec algorithms were created from all three subcorpora. To select the most accurate model, the thesis employs the coherence score metric Cv. The results of the models are then compared with present knowledge in literary history. The conclusion underscores that topic modelling serves as an approximation of the literary system rather than a direct means of revealing themes.
U ser i nteractions with content on t he TikTok social networking app
Vokoun, Michal ; Slussareff, Michaela (advisor) ; Šlerka, Josef (referee)
According to Hootsuite website from April 2023, TikTok, described by some as "Social Media 3.0," is currently the fastest growing social network with a total of over 1 billion daily active users throughout the world and more than 1 million active users in the Czech Republic (McLachlan, 2023). Czech TikTok users and the content they consume are still relatively unexplored areas academically, even given the relatively recent emergence of the platform. Therefore, the aim of this thesis is to map the ways in which Czech users interact with TikTok and the types of content they are shown through the analysis of video screen content. At the same time, it is also to dive into certain behavioural patterns and suggest a typology of this content, time spent in the application or a to compare interactions based on the gender of the respondents. Keywords TikTok, Interaction, Social Media, Content, Video Content, For You Feed
Queer users of dating apps during the COVID-19 pandemic
Ráček, Vojtěch ; Sedláček, Jakub (advisor) ; Šlerka, Josef (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on queer users of dating applications during the COVID-19 pandemic and how queer people have been making connections throughout history overall. The goal of this thesis is to showcase how socializing of queer people has been changing, how the usage of various types of media has influenced it and also how the covid pandemic affected it. The theoretical part looks into the deep history of socializing, specifically in the Czech cultural setting and its queer community. Then it presents a variety of the most popular dating applications and describes their unique attributes. The research part includes a selection from semi-structured interviews that have been done with six queer Czech people, each with a unique background. These six people were selected for the fact that they have been active users of dating applications before, during and "after" the COVID pandemic. It reflects their usage of dating applications, their experiences and what are the factors that affect their user habits the most. The results give us some insight into the reality of how it is to be queer and a user of a dating app in the COVID pandemic, specifically in the Czech Republic. Keywords dating applications, queer community, COVID-19, Tinder, Grindr
New media, new hegemony? Theoretical perspectives of postmarxism and affect theory
Scharf, David ; Pýcha, Čeněk (advisor) ; Šlerka, Josef (referee)
(in English): This diploma thesis is concerned with the relationship between new media and politics. To explore this link, two theoretical streams are employed - postmarxism with its theory of hegemony on one hand and affect theory with its new media studies branch on the other. Interaction of theoretical apparatuses from both of the streams is introduced through empirical case study, which traces discussions about racism in the sphere of Czech football from 2021. The thesis describes particularities of forming political relations in the environment of new media and suggests various directions for research of how new media influence broader hegemonic formations. These two movements aim to bridge a variety of theoretical gaps in between the fields of new media studies and political theory.
Non-extremist coordinated activism of young people on social networks (case study of Danuše Nerudová`s volunteers)
Sandtnerová, Michaela ; Šlerka, Josef (advisor) ; Sedláček, Jakub (referee)
This thesis focuses on the non-extremist coordinated activism of young people on social networks using the example of Danuše Nerudová's volunteers. In the first part, it defines online activism and its forms and hybrid activism as a widely used type of activism. It then describes young people and their relationship to activism and explains the focus of the work on this age group. Last but not least, it also looks at coordinated behaviour, both authentic and inauthentic. As part of the qualitative research, the thesis focuses on Danuše Nerudová's volunteers, with whom in-depth semi-structured interviews were conducted to find out what activities the volunteers were doing, how they felt about it and whether they were coordinated voluntarily or vice versa. Data analysis revealed that volunteers performed all social media activities completely voluntarily and under their own name and social media profile. At the same time, the coordination by Danuše's team was carried out in a non-extremist manner. The work helped in the initial understanding of the phenomenon of non-extremist coordinated activism in the Czech Republic in the context of political campaigns and can serve as a basis for further research on this phenomenon.
Limits of social media monitoring in humaniterian crises
Böhm, Jan ; Šlerka, Josef (advisor) ; Sedláček, Jakub (referee)
Limits of social media monitoring in humanitarian crises This paper explores the use of social network data in humanitarian crises. I introduce three theoretical pillars - the techno-optimist concept of digital humanitarians, which describes how social network data improves the ability of humanitarian organizations to locate people in need of assistance. The second theoretical pillar is an analysis of the use of Facebook and Twitter in the context of the so-called Arab Spring, where I show that each network has specificities that need to be taken into account. I then present the concept of techno- colonialism to show how much of a problem it can be when the use of technology is approached without critical reflection. The theoretical introduction is followed by literature review and my own research. The aim of the literature review is to determine whether the limitations and potential risks of using social network data are perceived by current research. The review shows four main directions that the research addresses - the processing of so- called big crisis data, the analysis of specific tools, the possibilities of crisis management using big data, and critical reflection on the limits of social media monitoring. The literature review concludes by stating that critical reflection on the topic is not...
Conversation design: principles of voicebot design for natural communication with people
Kološová, Štěpánka ; Šlerka, Josef (advisor) ; Sedláček, Jakub (referee)
The thesis Conversation Design: Principles of Voicebot Design for Natural Communication with People addresses the question of how robots can naturally interact with humans and aims to create a model of conversational design rules. This will be developed based on insights from the literature and will also be supported by data from real conversations between humans and voicebots. The methodology of this thesis is qualitative analysis. In the theoretical part of the thesis I discuss how communication between people works. I describe how conversation can be viewed and how conversation analysis approaches it. In the next part I describe how voice assistants work and focus on how they can talk to people. The second part of the thesis is a literature search. Here I explore the approaches and perspectives of authors who are experts in conversation design, UX design, voice technology, linguistics, sociology, psychology and other fields. I summarize the authors' findings into nine competencies and skills that a virtual assistant should have. In the analytical section, I analyze three virtual assistant scenarios and the calls in which people interacted with them. I look at these scenarios from the perspective of those nine skills and analyze them using a set of questions. In the results of the analysis, I...
Personal data as a commodity: how does the data market work, what is data worth and what Czech internet users know about it
Cieslar, Marek ; Šisler, Vít (advisor) ; Šlerka, Josef (referee)
Personal data extraction is an inherent part of today's internet. The intention of this work is to outline the market with personal data; how it functions, which circumstances have formed it and how it is being perceived by the public. The theoretical part relies on existing academic knowledge, media articles and other relevant sources which focus on data market and aggregation. One of the theoretical part's objectives is to present existing principles on how the price of personal data can be determined by users and by the market. Findings from the theoretical part will be enriched by a qualitative research which, by the means of interviews, reveals to what extent are Prague university students aware of online data collection, how they value the data and what is their opinion on that matter. Despite the gravity that online data extraction imposes on society, the qualitative research described in this work is probably one of the first in Czechia that focuses on this topic and that can therefore serve as a starting point for future exploration. Key words: personal data, user data, data extraction imperative, online privacy, internet privacy, data value, data market, data brokers, data aggregators, targeted ads, personalized advertising
Instagram as a business tool
Kabir, Karim ; Šlerka, Josef (advisor) ; Sedláček, Jakub (referee)
Today, the social media have affected all aspects of human life. The most significant change in the behavior of users, after the emergence of the social media, is their way of communication and its extent. Today, Instagram, a social network, has a significant influence on the marketing activities of companies and it presents new ways of communicating with new, as well as established customers. The goal of this Thesis is to critically analyze the sales business activities in the environment of the Instagram social network. In the Thesis, we identify the basic target groups, areas of business used in this environment and types of goods that are sold the most often in them. The Thesis itself will be based on the initial mapping of the marketing and practices in the environment of social networks, especially in the environment of the Czech and Slovak Instagram.
Francophone Hip Hop Lyrics from the Perspective of Digital Humanities
Klimentová, Julie ; Šlerka, Josef (advisor) ; Sedláček, Jakub (referee)
This paper contains an explorative analysis of French rap lyrics. The focus of the work is to answer three questions: What is the vocabulary used in the French rap lyrics? What are the topics present in the French rap lyrics? Are media and technology a significant topic in French rap lyrics? The methods used to obtain the answers to the research questions can be listed as follows: literature research, data collection of French rap lyrics, statistical textual analysis, and algorithmic topic modelling. The findings confirm previous research on the subject by supporting claims that the level of non- standard language in French rap lyrics is not as high as myths suggested. In terms of the topics, the topic modelling confirms that there is a variety of themes present in French rap lyrics, including anti- systemic sentiments, struggle, censorship, and false information presented by the authorities.

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