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Teachers' view of the use of digital technologies in primary school education
Kudriová, Natálie ; Slussareff, Michaela (advisor) ; Švarný, Michal (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the view of teachers on the use of digital technologies in primary school teaching. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the approach to the current issues of digital technologies in teaching and the types of digital technologies that teachers use in teaching. Furthermore, the digital literacy of the teachers themselves is presented here. In the practical part, a qualitative research was conducted in the form of a online questionnaire, which is answered by teachers from four pre-agreed primary schools. The aim of this work is to find out what attitudes teachers have towards digital technologies and to verify the findings in the context of Czech primary schools.
Directors' view of the use of digital technology in primary school education
Kasalová, Daniela ; Slussareff, Michaela (advisor) ; Švarný, Michal (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the topic of principals' view of the use of digital technology in primary school education. The theoretical part of this work approaches the issue of digital technology in education and certain types of technology used by teachers and principals are described in this part. Furthermore, the thesis deals with advantages and disadvantages of the use of technology in school education, and the concepts of "Bring Your Own Device" are approached. In the practical part, qualitative research was held in the form of a semi-structured interview with four school principals about their views and experiences with the use of digital technologies in education. This work aims to find out how different primary school principals approach the modernization of teaching by using new technologies.
Pupils' record book systems from the viewpoint of teachers
Melichová, Karolína ; Slussareff, Michaela (advisor) ; Černý, Michal (referee)
The theoretical part of the diploma thesis introduces the issue of gradebooks and school information systems. Finally, it describes the selected school information system Bakaláři, which is the subject of research. The research part deals with the view of teachers on online record books in education, on their evaluation and use of the Bachelors system. To collect research data, it was conducted through a questionnaire survey.
Information behavior of 8th and 9th grade pupils in relation to the protection of their own privacy on social networks
Filipová, Helena ; Lipková, Helena (advisor) ; Slussareff, Michaela (referee)
i Abstract This diploma thesis deals with the information behavior of the pupils in the 8th and 9th grades of primary schools in relation to the protection of their own privacy on the social networks Facebook and Instagram. The aim of the work is to find out: - how pupils are interested in the issue of protecting their privacy on these networks and where they get this information from (parents, school), - if they are aware of the associated risks and how they take them into account in their behavior, - whether they know the tools available to them on these networks, - how the above affects their manners on selected social networks in terms of content and form of shared information. The theoretical part of the thesis deals mainly with the characteristics of selected social networks Facebook and Instagram in terms of privacy protection against possible threats. The practical part presents the results of quantitative research, which was carried out in the form of a questionnaire among 8th and 9th grade elementary school students.
Information literacy lessons focused on people with intellectual disabilities
Garamszegi, Tereza ; Landová, Hana (advisor) ; Slussareff, Michaela (referee)
The diploma thesis "Information literacy lessons and persons with mental disabilities in libraries of the Czech Republic" brings besides the basic concepts in the mental disablilities and information literacy field also their mutual context in the information education field. Further it presents results of the questionnaire survey, which focused on mapping of services for persons with mental disabilities in libraries in the Czech Republic and it brings a concept of a complex solution to providing these services in the Czech Republic.
Technology in the hands of children - a probe into the work of Czech psychologists at high schools
Klimplová, Kristýna ; Slussareff, Michaela (advisor) ; Ort Feyglová, Sandra (referee)
This bachelor's degree thesis takes the form of a pilot study whose objective is to test and conduct a preliminary validation of the standardised Smartphone Addiction Proneness Scale (SAPS) questionnaire in the Czech environment. The main goal of the thesis is to map the dependence on information technology with a special focus on so-called "smartphones" using a pilot study based on the prepared questionnaire. The target group will be secondary school students aged 15-18. This method was developed in Korea and has been translated and validated in several European countries, though it has not yet been used in the Czech Republic. It is a very simple tool for evaluating problematic behaviour related to smartphones in the generation of young adolescents. The questionnaire would be a very good tool for school psychologists as another method for a comprehensive evaluation of pupils' unhealthy behaviour in relation to modern communication technology. Keywords: problems, kids, smartphone
Algorithm driven graphic design
Kabilka, Richard ; Slussareff, Michaela (advisor) ; Ferenc, Jakub (referee)
The diploma thesis inquires into the use of A.I. - artificial intelligence in the field of graphic design. This thesis aims to describe the current state of A.I. use and algorithmization in graphic design and, based on the conducted study, to evaluate the potential of this type of tool and possible impacts on graphic design. The theoretical section will introduce basic principles and concepts of graphic design and its relationship with art and technology, based on professional literature and current research. Furthermore, it will describe the current possibilities and specializations of artificial intelligence. Findings from these two chapters will serve as a framework for critical evaluation of the currently available A.I. driven tools for graphic design. In the research section, a quantitative study utilizing a questionnaire will be conducted among the professional public and examine the opinions and experiences of Czech graphic designers with tools for design automatization. Its results will be used to test the formulated hypotheses utilizing appropriate statistical methods.
The elderly in the age of fake news
Pajgrtová, Anežka ; Šlerka, Josef (advisor) ; Slussareff, Michaela (referee)
Aging represents the most significant prerequisite to be influenced by disinformation or fraudulent media messages on the internet. The elderly are a group that consumes these messages and also spreads them most often. With the gradual aging of the population and enlargement of the elderly group, the society-wide problem further escalates. The topic of the diploma thesis is focused on the issues of fake news and the spread of disinformation online within the elderly group aged 65 and more years. The thesis aims to describe in detail the aspects on which the elderly evaluate the credibility of news and which signs of fake news they are able to identify. The theoretical section defines the fundamental terms relevant to fake news and describes the state of media literacy of the Czech elderly in the context of current research. In the practical section, a qualitative study is conducted in the form of semi structured interviews with the elderly to answer the research questions.
The impact of opinion leaders on reading news in the social network sites environment
Sliš, Ondřej ; Šlerka, Josef (advisor) ; Slussareff, Michaela (referee)
The news are consumed with rising frequency through the social network sites. This activity is going to be grasped with the use of two concepts: opinion leadership and framing because in the social network sites environment the active and influential users (opinion leaders) are attempting to pass certain viewpoints (frames) to other users. It is going to be evaluated to what extent can such framing be effective. An experiment was therefore conducted - it presents the subjects with an artificial news article and a Facebook "introductory" post. The experiment also lays emphasis on moderators that influence the effectiveness of passing the frames. For a realistic setting of the entire study, determining the opinion leaders and an analysis of their language means is going to be conducted. The goal of this study is thus grasping the way in which people are being informed about the public issues and the way they are forming opinions about them in the environment of social network sites. Keywords: opinion leadership, framing, Facebook, social network sites, source cues, credibility, belief importance change
Interactive learning media
Červený, Igor ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Slussareff, Michaela (referee)
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is the description of the interactive educational media including their components, introduction of three software tools for creation and distribution of interactive educational media (FutureBooks, Moodle, eBooks ČVUT FEL) and execution, as well as evaluation, of conducted structured interviews with users (6 respondents) of the selected software tools for creation and distribution of interactive educational media.

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