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Parental media strategies in children at age 6 - 9
Veselá, Pavla ; Slussareff, Michaela (advisor) ; Titěra, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to identify possible differences in parental media strategies and differences in the use of various media among children aged 6-9 years. These differences are examined based on specific characteristics of the parents. The thesis investigates the potential influence of parents' level of media competencies and their sociodemographic characteristics on the applied parental media strategies. The thesis looks at the parents' media competencies from their own subjective perspective. The research concluded that parental media strategies are highly individual and variable, with parents differentiating their strategies according to different types of digital devices. This suggests that parents do not passively accept technologies, but actively strive to create a suitable media environment for their children.
U ser i nteractions with content on t he TikTok social networking app
Vokoun, Michal ; Slussareff, Michaela (advisor) ; Šlerka, Josef (referee)
According to Hootsuite website from April 2023, TikTok, described by some as "Social Media 3.0," is currently the fastest growing social network with a total of over 1 billion daily active users throughout the world and more than 1 million active users in the Czech Republic (McLachlan, 2023). Czech TikTok users and the content they consume are still relatively unexplored areas academically, even given the relatively recent emergence of the platform. Therefore, the aim of this thesis is to map the ways in which Czech users interact with TikTok and the types of content they are shown through the analysis of video screen content. At the same time, it is also to dive into certain behavioural patterns and suggest a typology of this content, time spent in the application or a to compare interactions based on the gender of the respondents. Keywords TikTok, Interaction, Social Media, Content, Video Content, For You Feed
Influence of family environment on adolescent reading
Šafratová, Kateřina ; Landová, Hana (advisor) ; Slussareff, Michaela (referee)
The diploma thesis, in its theoretical part, focuses on reading development, family environment in connection with reading and other factors, which influence reading. A list of other researches - foerign and Czech, which deal with adolescent reading - was also created. The aim of the work was to find out how the family environment and other factors affect the reading of adolescents. In practical part of this diploma thesis, the research of influence of family environment and other factors on reading of adolescents was made. The methods of questionnaire, focus group and individual qualitative interviews were used. Keywords Adolescents, reading, family, influence of family environment, factors influencing reading
Quantified Self
Fiala, Jakub ; Souček, Jiří (advisor) ; Slussareff, Michaela (referee) ; Lokaj, Zdeněk (referee)
The objective of this dissertation was to examine the impact of self-measurement technology on tracking physical activity (number of steps taken) in users' practice through exploratory qualitative research. The study was carried out on 11 university students, consisting of 6 male and 5 female participants, aged between 20 and 28 years. A quasi-experimental design and a Fitbit Zip self-measurement device were utilised; no randomisation of participants into the intervention group was implemented, and no control group was included in the research design. The NEO PI- 3 questionnaire was administered to measure the participants' personality traits. The findings furnish an initial qualitative understanding of the topic and indicate promising avenues for further examination. The impact of our intervention on participants' physical activity was not consistent, as some experienced an augmentation while others observed a reduction. Conclusions were drawn for only 5 participants. However, a variance comparison revealed distinct changes in physical activity patterns for each participant. The variability will probably be more pronounced in a larger sample. The majority of participants attributed at least a temporary influence on their behaviour to the device. Specifically, 8 out of the 11 participants were...
Application of the Design thinking method in education in Czech primary schools
Čápová, Lada ; Wanča, Nina (advisor) ; Slussareff, Michaela (referee)
(in English) This thesis explores the importance and implementation of critical thinking, creativity and complex problem solving skills in the modern educational process, which is particularly relevant in the context of the rapid development of artificial intelligence. The thesis highlights the need to move away from the traditional model of teaching, which emphasises the transmission of ready-made knowledge, to teaching based on constructivist theory. The thesis draws on the ideas and research of key figures in education and technology, including Vygotsky, Papert, Dede and Jörg. It emphasises the importance of students' personal and skills development, including the development of skills needed in the information society. It focuses on exploring teaching methods using Design Thinking (DT) to enable students to approach learning creatively and responsibly. In four main chapters, the thesis presents a brief development and definition of DT, conducts a systematic review, describes its own research design, and provides a summary of key findings and recommendations for future practice and research.
Sharenting: What Attitude Czech Parents and Children Have Towards Sharenting and the Proposal to Sharenting Regulation.
Chadimová, Pavla ; Slussareff, Michaela (advisor) ; Pýcha, Čeněk (referee)
(in English) This diploma thesis aimed to examine the attitudes of parents and children living in the Czech Republic towards the issue of sharenting and to propose measures to minimise the associated risks. For this purpose, a literature review was conducted, allowing a better insight into the areas related to the investigated phenomenon. In order to obtain answers to research questions related to sharenting and related topics - privacy and digital identity, 20 semi-structured interviews were conducted with parents (10 interviews) and children (10 interviews) of age 12-18 years. The results of the conducted research enable a closer understanding of the attitudes of children and parents towards the issue of sharenting and present a possible justification why, in the context of sharenting, one of the most important areas is trust in the parent-child relationship and the set boundary of privacy of both its actors. Moreover, a key area that proved to be crucial was negotiating rules for practising sharenting initiated by the parent before any privacy turbulence of the child's privacy occurs. Such behaviour could prevent many of the risks associated with sharenting. At the end of the thesis, proposals for the regulation of sharenting resulting from the conducted literature review were presented,...
Evaluation of the DigiStories cyberbullying prevention project
Rumlová, Štěpánka ; Slussareff, Michaela (advisor) ; Schubertová, Karolína (referee)
Title: Evaluation of the DigiStories cyberbullying prevention project Keywords: Digital technologies, DigiStories, children, elementary school, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, cybergrooming, sexting, prevention. Abstract: This thesis deals with the DigiStories cyberbullying prevention project. The theoretical part is divided into ten chapters, in which the author gradually presented the definition of cyberbullying, anger between traditional bullying and cyberbullying. In other chapters, she presented the signs and means of cyberbullying, its types and actors of the whole problem. Subsequently, the author analyzed the epidemiological data of cyberbullying and the possibilities of its solution. Several other prevention projects and their evaluation options. The DigiStories project was evaluated at selected schools through a questionnaire survey. These evaluations were then practically evaluated by the author in a section. The aim of the thesis was to introduce and present the concept of the DigiStories cyberbullying prevention project and to determine its success in schools with children of the second grade of elementary school.
The Relationship between Perceived Parental Media Mediation and Media Literacy of Secondary School Pupils
Titěra, Tomáš ; Slussareff, Michaela (advisor) ; Pýcha, Čeněk (referee)
This diploma thesis explores the relationship between parental media mediation and media literacy among Czech adolescents aged 13-15. Parental media mediation is conceptualized as strategies parents employ to manage children's media use. Media literacy is understood as the ability to access media, analyze, evaluate, and produce and communicate media messages, as well as the ability to use media effectively and safely. Literature review provided solid evidence for including screen time as a factor contributing to media literacy level. A quantitative survey of a sample of 131 secondary school pupils was conducted to explore relationships between the variables. Regression analyses revealed no evidence supporting that adolescents' media literacy levels are affected by either their screen time or the media mediation strategies their parents employ. In the discussion, it is argued this is the case due to a narrow conceptualization of parental mediation in academic literature. Results of the study show that restrictive and active parental media mediation strategies contribute to development of only a small portion of skills which constitute media literacy. Keywords parental media mediation, media literacy, media education, secondary school, screen time, media use
Studio as a small composer: influence of the use of software for the composition of electroacoustic music in the teaching of children on their subsequent perception of musical works
Martínková, Aneta ; Slussareff, Michaela (advisor) ; trojan, Jan (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the paradigmatic change in the field of musical abilities and music listening, which the development of technology brings to the world of music. It presents a summary of the canonical theory, which offers a view of musicality and musical listening through the prism of electroacoustic music. It presents new prototypes of musicians. It also deals with how this paradigmatic change is reflected in the field of music education. It offers theoretical perspectives on innovation in music education and analyzes the problems that hold it back. All this is done separately in the Czech and foreign contexts. In the practical part, the work deals with the testing of a teaching intervention that presents students with concepts from electroacoustic music, both theoretically and practically. And it investigates the effect of such an intervention using an electroacoustic composition program on children's perception of musical works.
"What makes us click? Digital Civic Engagement of Young People in the Czech Republic"
Hubičková, Kristyna ; Pýcha, Čeněk (advisor) ; Slussareff, Michaela (referee)
(in English): The aim of this diploma thesis is to describe the relationship of young Czechs to digital civic engagement. Using a questionnaire distributed via social media and in-depth interviews with individual activists, this work provides insight into how young adults in the Czech Republic use social networks to actively engage in civic discourse and socio-political issues. At the same time, the results of the conducted research offer reasons why young people are rather reluctant to get involved in digital activism. The thesis also contains a theoretical part that contextualizes the term citizenship, its models, and the specifics of the perception of citizenship in the digital age with specific examples of use. The final chapter contains a synthesis of theoretical knowledge of the investigated phenomenon together with the research results as well as topics for further discussion. .

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