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The issue of professional competences of activation workers in homes for the elderly
Vronský, Jiří ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Hubálovská, Marie (referee) ; Pavlov, Ivan (referee)
The submitted dissertation deals with the issue of activation of seniors, or by analyzing and identifying the competences of activation workers of homes for the elderly. The goal of the work is to define the framework of educational and qualification requirements for an activation worker in homes for the elderly, when this worker is a fundamental employee influencing the sense of security, social involvement and quality of life of the elderly. The research was carried out in the form of qualitative research, based on grounded theory, using structured interviews with activation workers and senior staff of homes for the elderly in the Ústí Region. The topic of activation of seniors is current and socially significant, therefore it is necessary to pay professional attention to workers implementing activation programs and activities. Educational sciences, especially andragogy and gerontagogy, can be included among the key theoretical starting points. Furthermore, the demographic and socio-economic connections of old age and stiffness, the issue of modeling competence profiles and the identification of educational needs of activation workers of homes for the elderly. The setting of qualification requirements and the system of further professional education of this professional group are based on the...
Professional development of teachers at a selected high school
Zahálková, Laura ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Pavlov, Ivan (referee)
The thesis deals with the proffessional development at a selected high school and attitude towards it, to identify possible barriers to their proffessional development and on the basis of the findings to propose measures for improvement. Attitude means their relationship to professional development. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts related to the issue. In the empirical part, the author uses a qualitative approach with a case study design and analyses the results of semi-structured interviews with open-ended questions. The research sample consists of 8 teachers of the selected secondary school and the headmistress of the school. Finally, the author summarizes the findings, compares her findings with other research, and lists the benefits and limitations of the work. Based on the results of the research, she submits recommendations for practice that reacts many of the barriers identified by respondents. The results of the research show that teachers develop professionally to varying degrees and consider development to be a natural part of their work. They identify barriers such as lack of time or lack of motivation from management. Management then perceives the financial burden and inappropriate timing of training events as a barrier. The worrying results are related to the fact that...
Analysis of the concept of education of employees in one private elementary school and kindergarten in the Czech Republic and a proposal for its changes.
Kubínová, Lucie ; Pavlov, Ivan (advisor) ; Urbanová, Eva (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of employee education in one primary and nursery school in the Czech Republic. This is a one-case study, which, using qualitative-quantitative research, aims to analyze the current concept of employee education of the given organization and also proposes changes to the existing concept so that it is in line with the requirements for the strategic concept of employee education. The diploma thesis includes a theoretical part with an explanation of relevant concepts from the field of andragogy and management, as well as a practical part, where the internal documents of the school are analyzed and the characteristics of the current concept of employee education are described. Furthermore, a questionnaire survey was also carried out using 3 questionnaires, the respondents were school employees and the school director. These questionnaires were designed to verify the functionality of the concept. Answers were obtained to the first research question, which reads: What is the characteristic of the current concept of employee education?, and which should help answer the second research question: What changes can be made to improve the quality of the current concept? In the first part of the research, the characteristics of the educational concept of the employees of...
Idea of Self-Directed Learning from the Andragogical View
Yakubyak, Iryna ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Pavlov, Ivan (referee)
Diploma thesis focuses on the idea of self-directed learning from the perspective of andragogy. The main goal of this work is to characterize and describe self-directed learning among students at a selected pedagogical fakulty. The sececondary goal is to compare the process of self-directed learning from the perspective of students in the full-time and combined forms of study at the selected pedagogical fakulty. The work is divided into theoretical and empirical parts. The theorical part initially deals with the importance of lifelong learning and education, followed by an andragogical backgroud, whitch summarizes the basic andragogical concepts, the historical aspect of andragogy and didactics of adult education. An important subchapter of the teoretical part is Knowles' theory of adult education. The last and key chapter of the theoretical part deals with the historical and philosophical aspect of self- directed learning, defines the concept of self-directed learning, and outlines its challenges. Additionally, various models of self-directed learning and factors determining self-directed learning are presented. The empirical part is based on the basic knowledge of self-directed learning obtained from the theoretical part. A quantitative research design was chosen for this work, and semi-...
Planning of teaching staff in preschool
Krupičková, Jitka ; Trojanová, Irena (advisor) ; Pavlov, Ivan (referee)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to ascertain how kindergartens approach the planning of teaching staff. The theoretical part deals with basic principles of staff planning and methods and resources used in recruitment of employees and defines the notions of "teaching staff" and "kindergarten". The empirical part relies on survey data and its analysis. We research the problem of teaching staff planning in kindergartens. The exact methods are ascertained by analysing the following three topics: the current state of affairs in staffing sufficiency, the forms of teaching staff planning in use, and the sources of teaching staff used by kindergartens. We have ascertained that kindergartens are insufficiently staffed and, not infrequently, kindergartens are staffed with teaching staff who do not possess the legally required qualifications. Two fifths of kindergartens have a medium-term plan covering the needs for teaching staff, and the same number of kindergartens have a medium-term staffing plan for teaching assistants. This thesis explores the most common reasons for planned staffing requirements and ascertains how kindergartens deal with these situations and also how they approach overstaffing. Additionally, we list methods and sources used in the planning of teaching staff by workers in...
Analysis of educational needs of kindergarten employees in the field of children's meals
Dostalíková, Daniela ; Pavlov, Ivan (advisor) ; Svobodová, Zuzana (referee)
The work focuses on the issue of vocational education in the field of nutrition and nutritional needs of kindergarten children and aims to identify the educational needs of kindergarten employees in this area. Then the work compares the educational needs of teachers and school canteen staff. The work is divided into two parts, theoretical and analytical. The theoretical one deals with the definition in terms of placing the issue in the context of lifelong learning, the specifics of adult education, competencies, vocational education and the introduction of the topic of education in kindergartens. At the same time, educational needs are defined and the related definition of the analysis of educational needs, theoretical approaches to the issue and the cycle of systematic education. The second part, analytical, deals with the evaluation of a questionnaire survey conducted among teachers and school canteen staff in kindergartens, which focuses on the analysis of educational needs of employees in the field of nutrition and nutritional needs of children and the differences between these groups. The chosen method is the analysis of primary data obtained in electronic form directly from the respondents. The results show differences between the education of teachers and canteen employees, when a group of...

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