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Motivation of teaching staff from a selected kindergarten for further education and professional development
Loskotová, Karolína ; Svobodová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Trojanová, Irena (referee)
The thesis focuses on the motivation of teaching staff for further education, the use of their potential and the professional development of individuals. The thesis is divided into theoretical and empirical parts. The theoretical part is mainly focused on motivation, motivational program and the teaching staff itself. Attention is also paid to further education, lifelong learning and curriculum and strategy documents. Within the research part, four research questions have been set based on the aim of the thesis. The empirical part is based on the research design of the case study. Within the case study, both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods are used to obtain data. For the teaching staff, a questionnaire survey method is used, while data is collected from the school management through a semi-structured interview. From the data collected, certain barriers are identified that make it difficult for the teaching staff to further their education and development. Each research question contains graphs that were obtained through the questionnaire survey, which are then described in detail. Data collected through interviews with the headteacher and headmaster are also included in each research question. The thesis includes recommendations that can lead to the removal of these barriers,...
Social Skills of Middle Management School
Košťálová, Vlasta ; Trojanová, Irena (advisor) ; Trunda, Jiří (referee)
Resumé Summary The thesis Social Competence of Middle School Management concerns with school management. It is dealing with its division into three levels according a model of business management. The main focus is on competence models, its application in education environment with attention to social competence in middle school management. The thesis comes from a theory of business management and from English school system experience. The key source is a book A. Gold Management of current school. The theoretical part is dealing also with competence model, a definition of the term competence and mainly with social competences. The competence models in school management are utilizable in selective procedure concerning filling key management vacancies. The competence model of the specific position is also a tool for a feedback and evaluation. The outcome of the questionnaire confirmed the statement, that a simple transfer of the business management division into school environment is not convenient. Furthermore, it was shown, that the most disputable position for inclusion into management level is the deputy headmaster. Outcomes of the questionnaire presented variety of opinions about social competence of the high and middle school management. The main contribution is the mentioned survey which is useful for...
Central management and selection of teachers
Galejová, Adéla ; Lisnerová, Romana (advisor) ; Trojanová, Irena (referee)
This bachelor thesis is about select of new teaching staff, directors requests that the new teacher puts and a comunication between the top management and middle management. The goal of this work is to inform how to operate competitions in school, whether the director delegates some job to his middle management, if yes, to whom delegates specifically. What are requirements for new teachers and the comuniaction between director and his underlings. The practical part of this work consists of two parts - first part prepared on an assesments. Participants in this research were employers of middle management. The second part was developed through interviews with directors of school. Keywords management motivation comunication supervisor and subordinates conflict the tender employee skills
Competence of the Chief Teachers of Professional Training at Secondary Schools
Kouba, Roman ; Trojanová, Irena (advisor) ; Lisnerová, Romana (referee)
(angl.) Thefinal thesis dealswithdeterminationofthecompetenceofthechiefteachersofprofessionaltrainingatsecondarys chools (CTPT). Thetheoretical part explainsthe term competence, introducesthelinks to theliterarysources and thepreviousresearch, givesreasonsforchoosingtheinitialtheoreticalcompetence model according to whichtheresearchcompetenceischosen. Theresearchgivesresponses to thequestionsconcerningthedemandedcompetencefor CTPT, whethertheprofessionalcompetenceis more importantthantheothers and howimportanttheindividualcompetences are. Theresearchalsoinvestigates in thepossibilityofusingtheCTPT'smanagingcompetence to improvetheirlessons. Theresearchprojectincludes a quantitativeresearchatsecondaryschools in the region of Ústí nad Labem making use ofquestionnairesdesignedfortwogroupsofrespondents - the CTPT and theheadteachers. Theoutcomesofthequestionnaires are verified in structuredinterviews.

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