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Forest condition monitoring in the Czech Republic: Annual report Forest Focus/ICP Forests 2005
Boháčová, Ludmila ; Uhlířová, Hana ; Šrámek, Vít ; Buriánek, V. ; Čapek, M. ; Fabiánek, P. ; Hejdová, J. ; Kapitola, P. ; Lachmanová, Z. ; Lomský, B. ; Maxa, M. ; Vortelová, L.
In the yearbook the methods of assessment and evaluation are presented, and the results in the systematic network of plots and intensive monitoring plots (Level I and Level II).
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Tesla marketing communication analysis focused on elon Musk's personal branding in the period of 2016-2017
Suntychová, Tereza ; Maxa, Martin (advisor) ; Klimeš, David (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with Tesla marketing communication focusing on Elon Musk's personal branding. Tesla represents a today's phenomenon not only in the field of electromobility but also marketing. Therefore, the thesis tries to cover Tesla's exceptionally innovative approach to marketing which the marketing media often present as exemplary. This is done especially in connection with its visionary CEO Elon Musk's activities. He has become a watched public face of the company and at the same time its marketing channel thanks to his active social network communication and media coverage. The first part introduces and contextualizes the theoretical concepts on which is Tesla's marketing communication based on. Then, there is the introduction of Tesla and its history along with basic information about Elon Musk. Practical part aims at the descriptive analysis of company's marketing communication with the emphasis on Elon Musk's personal branding. Firstly, a coherent image of the brand's marketing communication is presented. Then, the main marketing communication activities are individually introduced including the summarizing SWOT analysis.
Chef as a brand and his marketing communication
Císařová, Lucie ; Maxa, Martin (advisor) ; Klimeš, David (referee)
The main topic of this bachelor thesis is introduction of the chef as a brand and his marketing communication. The aim of the thesis is to compare communication of two best chefs and to find a suitable communication mix using expert interviews, which has ensured a strong position on the gastronomic scene and media acquaintance for the beginning chefs. In theoretical part, the author deals with the related terms from marketing and PR, which are fundamental for the thesis. The author also describes historical development of gastronomy in the world and in the Czech Republic. In practical part, the author analyzes and compares the communication activities of Czech chef Zdeněk Pohlreich and British chef Gordon Ramsay. This part focuses on chef's approach not only to offline communication, but also online communication that includes, for example, social networks, events or branding. At the end there is worked up a successful formula of communication, which has been created thanks to expert interviews with leading Czech chefs, such as Ondřej Slanina, Jan Punčochář and Roman Vaněk.
Celebrity Marketing of Nike, Adidas and Puma in 2014-2017
Koubayová, Nathalie ; Maxa, Martin (advisor) ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (referee)
My bachelor thesis describes the concept of celebrity marketing, which is a tactic featuring well-known personalities to offer an endorsement of a product. I will look into the concept of celebrity marketing and describe what are the criteria that a brand should follow when selecting a suitable celebrity. Moreover, I will outline reasons that lead to growing representation of sportswear companies in the fashion industry. Given the scope of my bachelor thesis, I decided to focus on the female market only, which has been growing much faster than the male market in recent years. To conclude the theoretical part of the bachelor's thesis, I will present several reasons that motivate sportswear companies to further focus on the segment of women's fashion. In the descriptive part, I will introduce Nike, Puma and Adidas brands. I will briefly present the history and current position in the market of each brand. Then I will explain each brand's marketing strategy to target women and name global celebrities that Nike, Puma and Adidas did collaborate with from 2014 to 2017. I will only focus on women celebrities who do not do sport for a living. To sum up the descriptive part, I will present the outcomes of each of the collaboration. In the practical part, I will carry out an online quantitative...
Communication strategy Development of Pornhub brand
Fléglová, Radka ; Maxa, Martin (advisor) ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of the communication strategy of the Pornhub brand, a distributor of internet pornography, during 2013-2017. It also aims to answer the question whether the pornographic brand can be considered as a mainstream brand. The paper contains four chapters. The first chapter discusses the relationship between pornography and internet, the term mediated sex and, furthermore, the legislative framework of internet porn. In the second chapter, the author describes the Pornhub brand from the perspective of the marketing theory. The third section is focused on the marketing mix of the brand and then the development of the communication mix and its tools used by the brand. In the last chapter, the author evaluates the communication of the brand considering the position of pornography in the contemporary society. This paper shows that the brand is rather successful at communication with its users and broader public despite persisting social conventions. The effective communication is the key element for building the strong brand, and moreover, it leads to lower fluctuation in the page traffic and also creates a competitive advantage. Even though the brand is able to gradually change certain social norms, it is not certain that it will become a mainstream brand.
Development of the tax system in the Czech republic
Maxa, Marek ; Finardi, Savina (advisor) ; Vančurová, Alena (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyse a development of the tax system in the Czech Republic since the Middle Ages to the present days. At first, taxes and fees in the Middle Ages will be described, followed by an analysis of the Czech tax reforms since 1993 to the present days, its contribution to the state budget and I will assess whether the set goals of the reforms were achieved.
Description of Burberry marketing communication
Kulesová, Kateřina ; Maxa, Martin (advisor) ; Hejlová, Denisa (referee)
Hlavním tématem této bakalářské práce je marketingová komunikace módního domu Burberry. Cílem práce je analyzovat jednotlivé komunikační kanály a jejich specifika, která značku odlišují od ostatních. V teoretické části se autorka zabývá módním marketingem a představením značky, včetně historického pozadí, marketingového mixu a SWOT analýzy. V praktické části pak autorka analyzuje offline a online komunikační aktivity. V této části se věnuje přístupu značky například k store marketingu, eventům nebo sociálním sítím. Součástí práce je také stručné porovnání facebookového profilu značky Burberry a na trhu obdobně postavené značky
Research study about of the lifestyle patterns of Marshal Apparel's target group with the focus on a perception of fashion and trends as a means of self-expression
Šlahař, Daniel ; Maxa, Martin (advisor) ; Vranka, Marek (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is aspiring to penetrate the minds of the consumers and to delineate chosen characteristics of the lifestyle of Marshal Apparel's target market. It will also focus on the preception of trends and fashion as means of self-expression. In the first section of the thesis, I will explain the basic expressions linked with fashion and lifestyle which help to further understand the given topic. In the next section, I will briefly describe the Marshal Apparel fashion label. The practical section then puts the theoretical expressions into practice and applies them to the target market. The last section of the thesis presents the results and the discoveries of the quantitative and qualitative research that was carried out to gain an understanding of the consumer behaviour and lifestyle of the target market.

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