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The diversity of personality and spirituality types in the priesthood
Beran, Jiří ; Sládek, Karel (advisor) ; Ovečka, Libor (referee)
The diversity of personality and forms of spirituality in the priesthood Every priest, who received the serving, sacramental priesthood, should try to be another Christ. Nevertheless, each person is an original however, and his behavior is influenced by inherited characteristics, congenital conditions, and different life stories. During my studies of theology, I tried to explain the differences related to the priests I followed, by their different attitude toward Christ and his church. During my studies, I also started to perceive the importance of the priest's attitude toward the humanity of Christ. The connexion to the orthodoxy has always attraced me. While I was writing my thesis, I tried to find the answer to the differencies in the diversity, which, for many people within the church, is a problem to settle with, or to justify. So, the thesis is dedicated to the research of the personalities of the priests, to their own attitude, their own spirituality, and its influence on people. I would like this thesis to help to make people understand that we can all reach the same Destination by using more possible ways, which depend on our humanity and our nature. I am convinced that just the good spirituality is something which respects the diversity and the unrepeatability of the particular ways. Key...
Experiential education and its place in the educational and curriculum program at secondary school
The topic of the diploma thesis is experiential pedagogy and its place in the educational programme of secondary schools. The theoretical part explains the basic concepts of experiential pedagogy, the educational process, teaching strategies of experiential pedagogy, types and prevention of risky behaviour. The research part is focused on creating and subsequent implementation of an experiential adaptation course. The survey involved 139 respondents from group 1 and 232 respondents in group 2. Data were collected using a modified version of the B-3 questionnaire. The aim of the research was to find out whether the experiential adaptation course influences the perception of one's own position in the classroom, the quality of the team and the perception of feelings of security, friendship, cooperation, trust and tolerance. The hypotheses focused on class position and team quality were not confirmed, there was no significant difference between the compared groups. On the contrary, the hypothesis focused on feelings in the classroom was statistically confirmed. The research study showed that the experiential adaptation course mainly affects feelings in the classroom.
Borna disease virus (BDV), circulating immunocomplex (CIC) detection in the serum of psychiatric patients
Racková, Sylva ; Beran, Jiří (advisor) ; Anders, Martin (referee) ; Sedláček, Dalibor (referee)
The aim of our study was the detection of BDV CIC positivity in psychiatric patients (with affective disorders, psychosis and addiction) hospitalized in the Psychiatric department of Faculty Hospital in Pilsen. Three groups of psychiatric patients were examined (included). BDV CIC positivity was detected in 26.1% of the first group of psychiatric patients, in 48% on day 0, in 53.85% on day 28 and in 52.94% on day 56. The differences between the two groups of psychiatric patients with affective and psychotic disorders could be connected with the different period of blood sampling. We demonstrated a significantly higher BDV CIC positivity in psychiatric patients in comparison with a control group of blood donors. We demonstrated the connection between BDV infection and psychopathology. We confirmed the results of German studies. There is no difference in BDV CIC positivity in addicted patients and healthy individuals. We did not find a decrease of BDV positivity during an abstinence period. We suppose BDV infection can influence the etiology and course of psychiatric patients.
Rehabilitation of Cognitive Functions by Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Chmelařová, Dana ; Beran, Jiří (advisor) ; Fiedler, Jiří (referee) ; Miňhová, Jana (referee)
Objectives: The purpose of the current study was to evaluate whether a 12-week neuropsychological rehabilitation program has a positive effect on the improvement of cognitive functions and what methods can be used to measure this effect. Furthermore, this study intended to verify the effect of the chosen training plan on the resulting state of cognitive functions, in particular with regard to the frequency and duration of the plan. Methodology: Forty-three patients diagnosed with MS were randomized into an experimental condition or the control group. The experimental condition included 26 patients (22 women and 4 men), whole the control group consisted of 17 patients (12 women and 5 men). All of these patients had a cognitive defect that was assessed at the beginning of the study and monitored using the neuropsychological tests after the participation in the training program. Participants in the experimental group received their rehabilitation of cognitive functions using a PC training program, which they completed in their home environments (30 minutes/4 times per week, for 8 consecutive weeks). Overall, there were 32 training sessions on predetermined days with a specific detailed training plan. The control group received no training. The neuropsychological tests used at the beginning and the...
Diabetes mellitus type 1 and depression. Psychopathology by somatic deseases
Komorousová, Jana ; Beran, Jiří (advisor) ; Lacigová, Silvie (referee) ; Jirák, Roman (referee)
Diabetes mellitus is a severe chronic life-long disease. The condition itself introduces a need for patient's lifestyle adjustment to the disease and a number of everyday therapeutic and diagnostic restrictions. Therefore, mental disorders are more common in diabetic patients than in the rest of the population. Biochemical and hormonal connections between mental disorders and diabetes mellitus represent another reason for their higher incidence in diabetic patients. Comorbid mental diseases can further negatively influence the course of diabetes. They are especially depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and cognitive disorders including dementia. Type 2 diabetes is also more common in patients with primary mental disease, as is e.g. schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder. Regarding therapy, psychoactive drugs are used in diabetic patients. It is important to respect the specifics of the underlining disease during drug selection. The main factor for the selection of the medication is, apart of mental problems, the influence on body weight and blood glucose. Mental disorders can be also treated by psychotherapy and psychoeducation. Studies performed in diabetic patients with mental problems suggest the need for intervention in this area. The practical part of the work introduces a...
The influence of sertraline treatment on the metabolic and antropometric parameters in people with depression
Podlipný, Jiří ; Beran, Jiří (advisor) ; Filipovský, Jan (referee) ; Jirák, Roman (referee)
Introduction: Pharmacotherapy with antidepressants can cause a metabolic risk, can be neutral in terms of metabolism or can perform a metabolic benefit for the treated patients. Objective: The aim of the presented study is to assess the effects of long-term use of sertraline on the particular laboratory and anthropometric parameters in somaticaly healthy or compensated outpatients treated for unipolar depression. Methods: The study was performed in cooperation of Centre of Preventive Cardiology (CPC) of 2nd Department of Internal Medicine and Department of Psychiatry of Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Medicine in Plzeň (Pilsen) and University Hospital Plzeň, Czech Republic. A screening of risk factors in relation to the development of cardiovascular (CV) diseases and metabolic syndrom was carried out in 350 people from the cohort Pilsen Longitudinal Study III (PILS III) at CPC. The participants filled in a Czech version of the Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale (SDS) simultaneously with the screening. Those of them scoring up the threshold set for the suspicion of depression in SDS were invited to the department of psychiatry outpatient's office in order to undertake a psychiatric examination. There were 31 persons in total fulfilling the following criteria: (1) aduld patients diagnosed with...
Sören Kierkegaard and Existential Philosophy
Beran, Jiří ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
My work deals with Soren Kierkegaard's and Martin Heideggr's concepts of dread. The dread plays an improtant role in their philosophical work, because in dread meny important themes are being disclosed. Heidegger is interested in onthological field, Kierkegaard puts emphasis on problems of authentic christian existence. There are also other philosophical questions - freedom, authenticity, etc. - disclosed in dread. Both philosophers were able to approach to these problems from an original point of view.
Russian-Western Relations in the context of the Ukrainian crisis
Beran, Jiří ; Horák, Slavomír (advisor) ; Hornát, Jan (referee)
This thesis aims to find out the causes of the Ukrainian crisis that started at the end of 2013 with demonstrations in Ukrainian cities against the president Yanukovych's regime. This crisis later escalated into the seizure of the Crimean Peninsula by the Russian federation and led to the war in the eastern Ukraine. Moreover, the crisis is closely linked to a broader crisis between Russia and the West, represented mainly by NATO and the European union. This work also attempts to find the possible reasons for the crisis. Furthermore, this thesis searches for an answer to the question whether the Ukrainian crisis could be resolved by Ukraine's acceptance of its neutral status, and whether this would improve the relations between the West and Russia. Since they were in similar situation during the cold war, Austria and Finland are used as examples of possible solution for the crisis by declaring the neutral status.
Pharmacoeconomic and Pharmacoepidemiology Aspects of Allergy Rhinitis Treatment and Prevention
Pokladníková, Jitka ; Vlček, Jiří (advisor) ; Švihovec, Jan (referee) ; Beran, Jiří (referee)
7 SUMMARY Rational pharmacotherapy should ensure a safe and cost-effective treatment of patients with allergic rhinitis (AR). Two main aspects of treatment of AR were addressed (1) comparative benefits and costs of subcutaneous and sublingual allergen immunotherapy in patients with allergic rhinitis, and (2) systemic adverse events - neuropsychiatric disorders and gynaecomastia - during intranasal corticosteroid use. (1) Allergen specific immunotherapy: benefits and costs  Our pharmacoeconomic study on allergen specific immunotherapy showed that sublingual and subcutaneous immunotherapy reduced clinical symptoms and the need for symptomatic medication in adults with grass pollen induced rhinoconjunctivitis compared to standard pharmacological treatment. The clinical efficacy of the sublingual and subcutaneous immunotherapy was not significantly different in the third year of specific immunotherapy. Nevertheless, the SCIT group exhibited slightly better improvement in visual analogue scale and a greater reduction of systemic antihistamines versus SLIT in the third year compared to the baseline year. Overall, SLIT showed a better cost profile from all three perspectives. SCIT was financially favorable from a patient perspective where no loss of income and travel costs were present. Larger comparative studies...
Depression and Insulin Resistance
Hess, Zdeněk ; Rosolová, Hana (advisor) ; Šimon, Jaroslav (referee) ; Souček, Miroslav (referee) ; Beran, Jiří (referee)
Introduction: Metabolic syndrome and depression are considered to be important risk factors for the development of cardiovascular diseases. The prevalence of metabolic syndrome is estimated to be around 25% of the adult population in industrialized countries, including the population of Czech Republic. The prevalence of depression is estimated to be around 15% of the same adult population. It is not clear yet on the base of poor literature, which is so far available, whether there is a causal relationship between these factors or not. Objective: To try to find a relationship between metabolic syndrome and depression in a population sample using clinical and metabolic parameters. Methods: The prevalence of depressivity or other psychopathologies was evaluated with the use of self-report questionnaires in a randomly selected population sample of 259 people living in Pilsen. The questionnaires were mailed to the subjects. Those of them who responded were invited to the examination of anthropometric and laboratory parameters defining the metabolic syndrome and to the examination of some other parameters. The occurrence of risk factors of the metabolic syndrome of insulin resistance and the relationship between depression and metabolic syndrome was investigated. Metabolic syndrome of insulin resistance...

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