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Aristotle's ethics from the position of Anglo-Saxon thought
Kubica, František ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
The thesis deals with the ethical philosophy of ancient thinker Aristotle and with the development of this philosophy in later periods. The thesis is divided into four chapters, in which the author deals first with Aristotle's ethics, next describes how this ethics changed in Epicureanism, Stoicism and Christianity - in the works of Augustin Aurelius and Thomas Aquinas. In the third part the thesis focuses on decline of Aristotelian ethics and rise od I. Kant's ethics. Finally in the last chapter, the thesis deals with the revival of Aristotelian ethics in the works of A. MacIntyre. The thesis is written from the point of view of the Anglo-Saxon thought. That is reflected in its structure and the choose of literature.
Ethical approach to hospitalized patients during a pandemic
Ryšavá, Kateřina ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
Úvod Hospitalizovaným pacientům se ve zdravotnických zařízeních věnují odborníci z řad zdravotnického personálu současně zástupci sociálního sektoru. Náplně jejich činností jsou odlišné. Nicméně je spojuje to nejdůležitější. Všichni se intenzívně podílejí na uzdravení pacienta, zmírnění projevů jeho nemoci, zlepšení kvality života pacienta nebo se snaží napomoci umírajícímu k důstojnému odchodu ze života, pokud možno bez bolestných útrap. Veškeré jejich konání nese požadavek etického přístupu k pacientovi. Nedávno svět zasáhla pandemie nemoci covid -19. Mezi impulsy vedoucími k sepsání této práce bylo zamyšlení nad etickým přístupem k pacientovi v pandemickém období vycházející i z osobní zkušenosti se zdravotnickou a sociální péčí o hospitalizovaného pacienta. Cílem této práce je odpovědět na otázku, zda je zapotřebí podrobit etické přístupy těchto profesí k pacientům dalšímu zkoumání ve světle dopadů pandemického období, zda je třeba v těchto přístupech zohledňovat nastalou specifickou situaci.
The Philosophical Topics in Selected Works by Milan Kundera
Veselá, Jana ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
This philosophical-literary diploma thesis entitled "Philosophical Topics from Selected Literary Works of Milan Kundera" deals in the first part with the literary, historical and philosophical context. It then discusses the life and work of the writer Milan Kundera. The second part focuses on four prose works by Milan Kundera, namely on Laughable Loves, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Immortality and Ignorance. In these works, the author aims to draw reader's attention to the ideas of various philosophers that influenced the literary work of the writer Milan Kundera. Author compares the texts of important philosophers with the texts of Milan Kundera. It shows the great themes of human life as treated by the writer Milan Kundera. The work includes opinions of many literary scholars as well as the author's own perspective. The thesis can be of particular interest especially to those readers who want to delve into the depth of ideas contained in literary works of Milan Kundera.
Two Approaches to the Relation Between Science, Art and Human Nature. Aristotle and Jean - Jacques Rousseau.
Krutská, Ivana ; Blažková, Miloslava (advisor) ; Hogenová, Anna (referee)
1 Abstract This diploma thesis deals with philosophical thoughts of Aristotle and Jean-Jacques Rousseau and their views about science and art. It attempts to answer the question whether, from their perspectives, science and art proceed from human nature or not. Their opinions are very different. According to Aristotle science is a part of human nature because it comes out of natural human desire to understand. In the same way he considered art as integral to humans because it is derived from natural human ability to imitate. But according to Jean- Jacques Rousseau science and art make human nature worse. He claimed that we can't learn about human nature by observing people around us, but only after we understand how humans lived before they were changed by progress. He didn't include science and art in his description of the original human way of life because every new discover is, in his opinion, a part of destructive process of loosing simplicity of past times. The difference between Aristotle's and Rousseau's perception of human nature consisted, in my opinion, also in the fact that Aristotle made his convictions on the basis of his observations of the world unlike Rousseau who created the idea of the original human nature in his mind first and then critisized the world for it's differences from his...
The thought legacy of the František Drtina
Ďurovec, Dominik ; Blažková, Miloslava (advisor) ; Hogenová, Anna (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the thought legacy of the Czech thinker František Drtina (1861- 1925) who excelled mainly in the field of history of philosophy and pedagogy. He was educational reformer, university professor, scientist and politician. The reconstructed thought legacy of the thesis shows that Drtina significantly contributed to the understanding of the history of philosophy and pedagogy, although he did not create his own philosophical system, but brought his own pedagogical intentions. He devoted most of his writings to these scientifical disciplines. The first chapter deals with his life and follows his life destinies. This is an extensive chapter and reconstructs his life picture. This is how František Drtina is supposed to appear to a reader. The second chapter contains a thought legacy, which is set in the context of his time. There is also an analysis of his philosophical and pedagogical works. Part of this is also an evaluation by authors of the time, who are better to grasp Drtina's thought legacy. The thesis is written objectively, but with the author's interest in Czech philosophy. The work must be seen as a contribution to the history of Czech philosophy.
Philosophical Essence of Questioning
Mejšner, Štěpán ; Fajfr, Marek (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
This diploma thesis aims to examine the philosophical essence of questioning. My task was to present a cross-section of philosophical thoughts and to separate their essence of questioning and to present their structure. Compare these structures with other studied philosophers and find their similarities or, conversely, the exact opposite. The problem that some philosophers are dealing with and some will omit altogether is the language itself. Language is also a partial answer to the nature of the questioning as such.
Heidegger's concept of man before Kehre
Toulcová, Radana Theodora ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
This bachelor thesis is meant to be an overview of the analysis of Martin Heidegger's concept of man in the first period of his work before to so-called Kehre. It focuses on the fundamental phenomena of Heidegger's Fundamental ontology: "being there" (Dasein), "having a mood" (Stimung) and "anxiety" (Angst). The thesis is mainly based on the Being and Time (Sein und Zeit) and What is Metaphysics?(Was ist Metaphysik?), with a special emphasis on Heidegger's concept of anxiety. The thesis was written with the intention to provide teachers, educators, and professionals working with helping people, particularly psychotherapists, with an insight into Heidegger's philosophy. Key words: Heidegger, Concept of Man, Fundamental Ontology, Dasein, Stimmung, Angst, Philosophy and Psychotherapy.

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