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The thought legacy of the František Drtina
Ďurovec, Dominik ; Blažková, Miloslava (advisor) ; Hogenová, Anna (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the thought legacy of the Czech thinker František Drtina (1861- 1925) who excelled mainly in the field of history of philosophy and pedagogy. He was educational reformer, university professor, scientist and politician. The reconstructed thought legacy of the thesis shows that Drtina significantly contributed to the understanding of the history of philosophy and pedagogy, although he did not create his own philosophical system, but brought his own pedagogical intentions. He devoted most of his writings to these scientifical disciplines. The first chapter deals with his life and follows his life destinies. This is an extensive chapter and reconstructs his life picture. This is how František Drtina is supposed to appear to a reader. The second chapter contains a thought legacy, which is set in the context of his time. There is also an analysis of his philosophical and pedagogical works. Part of this is also an evaluation by authors of the time, who are better to grasp Drtina's thought legacy. The thesis is written objectively, but with the author's interest in Czech philosophy. The work must be seen as a contribution to the history of Czech philosophy.
Philosophical Essence of Questioning
Mejšner, Štěpán ; Fajfr, Marek (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
This diploma thesis aims to examine the philosophical essence of questioning. My task was to present a cross-section of philosophical thoughts and to separate their essence of questioning and to present their structure. Compare these structures with other studied philosophers and find their similarities or, conversely, the exact opposite. The problem that some philosophers are dealing with and some will omit altogether is the language itself. Language is also a partial answer to the nature of the questioning as such.
Heidegger's concept of man before Kehre
Toulcová, Radana Theodora ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
This bachelor thesis is meant to be an overview of the analysis of Martin Heidegger's concept of man in the first period of his work before to so-called Kehre. It focuses on the fundamental phenomena of Heidegger's Fundamental ontology: "being there" (Dasein), "having a mood" (Stimung) and "anxiety" (Angst). The thesis is mainly based on the Being and Time (Sein und Zeit) and What is Metaphysics?(Was ist Metaphysik?), with a special emphasis on Heidegger's concept of anxiety. The thesis was written with the intention to provide teachers, educators, and professionals working with helping people, particularly psychotherapists, with an insight into Heidegger's philosophy. Key words: Heidegger, Concept of Man, Fundamental Ontology, Dasein, Stimmung, Angst, Philosophy and Psychotherapy.
The similarity between Socrates and Jesus of Nazarteh
Čížková, Blanka ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
This paper's focus was the similarity between Socrates and Jesus. We have compared various events and circumstances in their lives and in their teachings. Both men were responsible for the emergence of a thinking that was unparalleled until then. Their teaching is of an ethical kind. The task of every man is not only to know the virtues of goodness, justice, truth, etc. but to live by them.
Thoughts on Epistemology
Novotný, Vojtěch ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
Topic of the Magister thesis is study of human knowledge about the real world. Thesis focuses on the establishment of Epistemology, a philosophical discipline that focuses on theory of knowledge, introduces its history and its relation to other philosophical disciplines, mainly onthology. Thesis thoroughly studies all epistemological conceptions, both from the epistemological and ontological points of view, including conception of subject-object relationship. Thesis studies different sources of knowledge, i.e. empirical, rational, irational, and also analytical philosophy and critical rationalism of the 20th century. Thesis includes a list of the most influencial philosophers and their concepts of human knowledge - Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Locke, Berkeley, Hume and Kant. Thesis studies the relationship of epistemology and axiology, the philosophical study of value. Thesis studies concepts of truth of knowledge. Thesis sudies evolutionary epistemology, its theoretical starting points, principles of natural and cultural evolution, phylogenetics and epigenetics and conceptual knowledge.
The Phenomenology of Social Fact
Flam, Jiří ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
This thesis compares different theories of social fakts, from theories supposing thier ontological autonomy to the theory which makes them dependent on the sphere of psychological fakts. It compares them also with question of their relation to the human consciousness. The relation to the social fakts has the influence on the other phenomenons - the creation of mass, totality, social construction of reality, the principal of acausal synchronicity. It shows at the same time the danger and positives which conclude from it.
Plato's concept of soul
Hodinková, Marie ; Blažková, Miloslava (advisor) ; Hogenová, Anna (referee)
In the introduction of my bachelor thesis called "Platon's concept of soul" I outtived the issve of soul in the era of peak antique philosophy, the I set the target to view Platon's soul from most point of view and ..presented publications I had used. The first chapter is dedicated to the basic characteristic of the soul -to the motion. Second chapter (devided into 3 subchapters) represents the care about the soul. The third chapter analyses not only the soul but aso the body being in narrow contact will the soul. The fourth chapter dedicated to mortality of body and immortaliby of soul. characterizes Platon's perception of the death. In the last chapter "Character and forms of the soul" according to introduce Platon I introduced several picturial expressions in the way Platon depicted it in his dialoques. In the conclusion I summed up the most important meanings of separate chapters. I emphasized the care about the soul as the most important and pointed out the differences in compretension of men in Platón's era. At the end I appreciated the detailed elaboration of Platon doctrine in about the soul.
Problem of the deith from phenomenological point of view
Němec, Michal ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
This paper deals with some philosophical terms in the history of the European culture starting with the Greek one and ending with the our one, the cosumer one. These terms are the terms of being, work, death, soul, resposibility and freedom. Firstly it treats phenomenology in its start. Eventually we will deal with philosophy in the history of our culture. In the chapter about work and death we will look for work's and death's mutual relations. In the end we will analyse the problem of taking care of the soul as a possibility of searching for our being. The aim of this work is to show that work is a representative elemnt of the fear of death and that only taking care of the soul can release the fear.
Origin and development of philosophical views on the status of women in society
Antošová, Lenka ; Pelcová, Naděžda (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
This thesis deals with philosophical outlook on the concept of women and their role in history and society. This work seeks to present the image of a woman who has always been a reflection of contemporary society on the background of various historical eras (ancient, medieval, modern times, the 20th century.). Using the method of analysis thesis searches for the reasons of reduction of male population and examines the consequences of this disposition for women. The work focuses on the role of women in the family, upbringing and education. An integral part of this thesis is the insight into relationship between men and women as a basic part of every human society. The conclusion of this work is the analysis and evaluation of the historical development, at the imaginary end of which woman stands today, using the works of philosophers of the late 20th century. Keywords: status of women - history - society - relationship - gender - family - upbringing - education - philosophical reflection

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