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Philosophy of Erich Fromm and Its Impact on the Present
Radechovská, Dominika ; Blažková, Miloslava (advisor) ; Hogenová, Anna (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis Philosophy of Erich Fromm and Its Impact on the Present was to place the legacy of Erich Fromm into a philosophical context. The diploma thesis contains 4 main sections. The keywords needed to draw the philosophical background are defined in the first section, namely Privation; Hedonism; Eudemonia; and Virtues. The life and work of Erich Fromm are presented in the second section. Biography is followed by the third and most important section: the distinction of two life orientations. Fromm's existential modes of having and being are presented at the subchapters Speech; Authority and its application; Self-knowledge and personal development; Conversation; and Fear of Death. I focus on the vision of a new society according to Fromm's concept in the fourth section. In the last chapter, I offer a critical evaluation of the presented theses.
Thoughts on Epistemology
Novotný, Vojtěch ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
Topic of the Magister thesis is study of human knowledge about the real world. Thesis focuses on the establishment of Epistemology, a philosophical discipline that focuses on theory of knowledge, introduces its history and its relation to other philosophical disciplines, mainly onthology. Thesis thoroughly studies all epistemological conceptions, both from the epistemological and ontological points of view, including conception of subject-object relationship. Thesis studies different sources of knowledge, i.e. empirical, rational, irational, and also analytical philosophy and critical rationalism of the 20th century. Thesis includes a list of the most influencial philosophers and their concepts of human knowledge - Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Locke, Berkeley, Hume and Kant. Thesis studies the relationship of epistemology and axiology, the philosophical study of value. Thesis studies concepts of truth of knowledge. Thesis sudies evolutionary epistemology, its theoretical starting points, principles of natural and cultural evolution, phylogenetics and epigenetics and conceptual knowledge.
Yoga as a tool for the conscious body from the point of view of the phenomenological concept of corporeality
Pulda Nagy, Sophia Jaroslava ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
Diploma thesis "Yoga as a tool for the conscious body from the perspective of the phenomenological concept of corporeality" deals with corporeality, the phenomenology of the body and yoga as a tool for finding the harmony of the conscious body. The introduction of the thesis explains the importance of this topic from the perspective of the society-wide concept and also explains the motivation of the author to its processing. The historical background dealing with the Cartesian conception of the body based on Descartes' dualism was described in the theoretical part. The next chapter in the theoretical part was devoted to the comparison of concepts from Cartesian and yoga meditation, and description of the phenomenology of corporeality in Merleau-Ponty. The chapters dealing with the issue of increasing psychic tension in children and youth and the resulting need to deal with the care of the soul were emphasized. The importance of yoga as a meaning of restoring stability was explained in a separate chapter. Individual types of asanas and their effect on the human body were described there as well. The effects of yoga on health in selected research publications were discussed in the practical part along with foreign researches by contemporary scientists and researchers from the ranks of psychologists,...
Deleuze's concept of time as told through art
Dvořák, Michal ; Blažková, Miloslava (advisor) ; Hogenová, Anna (referee)
This thesis is about concept of time in work of french philosopher Gilles Deleuze. First of all is nescessery to introduce reader with philosophy of Henri Bergson and Deleuze's interpretation of Bergon's work and how Deleuze uses it for demonstration of his own thoughs. After Bergson, there is finally an art, Marcel Proust and his novel In Search of Lost Time, which is subject of Deleuze's early work. Philosopher's original interpretation of proustian time is introduced in context of other intepretations of his time and also in the context in relation to philosophy of Bergson. The second half of thesis talks about modern film, which was Deleuze's interest through 1980s. This thesis doesn't try to make any brave interpretations of Deleuze's work, but does try to introduce a problém of time in his work, The concept of time is something which is not a big thing in Deleuze's philosophy, but i tis something what is there for a whole time because of Henri Bergson's influence.
Conception of Self-knowledge in work of Jiddu Krishnamurti
Čihák, Matěj ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
This Master thesis analyzes the conception of self-knowledge in work of Jiddu Krishnamurti. Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986) was a spiritual teacher and writer, born in India and lived in USA. The goal of the thesis is to show Krishnamurti's conception of self-knowledge from its own. In thesis there are quotations from Krishnamurti's works and also from works of others related authors from ranks of philosophy, science or literature. The first part of thesis shows Krishnamurti's life and his work in general. The second part analyzes a topic of self-knowledge in work of Krishnamurti. First of all, the thesis tries to introduce the way in which Krishnamurti understands a self-knowledge and its potential. In the second place, it tries to incorporate Krishnamurti's work into context of whole human searchng with intention to find a dialog between science and spirituality and between East and West.
The Word as a Consciousness and a Nothing or the World as a Will and an Idea? The comparison of the Concept of Will by Ladislav Klima and Arthur Schopenhauer.
Karela, Jan ; Blažková, Miloslava (advisor) ; Hogenová, Anna (referee)
This thesis deals with the philosophy of will of Arthur Schopenhauer in comparison with the philosophy of will of Ladislav Klíma. The first part of the thesis describes the philosophy of Schopenhauer, including the sentence of reason. The second part describes the philosophy of Klíma and compares the two schools of thought of the compared philosophers. In addition to the theme of will itself, the themes of personal will, free will, will as a principle, will to power, will to life, will to pleasure are also opened and described. The thesis also describes the relationship of will and life, the question of suicide, as a possibility of defying the will. The thesis also deals with Ladislav Klíma's solipsism in the context of the will and eastern philosophy, namely upanishads. The topic of the divinity of Ladislav Klíma and the question of the whole are also mentioned.
Motivation, reward and punishment in primary education and their practical application
Dvořáková, Jana ; Dolista, Josef (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is the theoretic description of forms of motivation, rewards and punishments applied on elementary school pupils. The research was aimed at the individual forms of motivation, rewards and punishments that respondents apply in their teaching and what the effects are. Theory and practice are compared with the intention to highlight attitudes and features that are applied by teachers in the fields of motivation, rewards and punishments. Consequently, the agreement of forms of motivation and rewards for pupils described in the literature and their application of practical teaching at the elementary school was confirmed. However, the point the academic literature and applied practice differs were the forms and methods of pupil's punishments. Opinions about applied forms of punishment have been diverged by individual interviewed teachers although researched file shows considerable agreement in the previous two topics. The purpose of the thesis is to acquire an outline and detailed information about the given issue and their subsequent comparison with the practice knowledge. The thesis also enriches the theoretical resources with the real experience and whatsoever, there is a general monitoring of the approach of elementary school teachers to this issue. The practical part proceeds in...

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