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"You can't command a change of thinking": system of informal education for the elderly from the public policy perspective
Bílková, Kateřina ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Dobiášová, Karolína (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the topic of non-formal education for senior citizens in Czech Republic from the perspective of public policy. The main goal of this thesis is to capture the current state, main challenges and key topics in the field of non-formal education for senior citizens in Czech Republic. The system of non-formal education for senior citizens represents a complex structure of institutions, which offer educational programmes and activities. Both the system and the senior population are immensely diverse, which, on one hand, offers a high degree of flexibility and autonomy to both, the participants and the institutions. But on the other hand, it presents a challenge for public policy to capture the complexity of the phenomenon, whilst maintaining inclusivity. The non-formal education for senior citizens isn't defined by the legislative and the field therefore falls under three different departments: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports; Ministry of Labour and Social Affair and Ministry of Culture. Due to the aforementioned diversity, the research uses qualitative study design and is carried out through expert interviews and the analysis of public policy documents. The sample of experts is designed to capture the experience of all types of institutions, which offer some form of...
Democratic Spain's fight against gender-baseddiscrimination
Bílková, Kateřina ; Menclová, Barbora (advisor) ; Lukešová, Anna (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with gender policies adopted in Spain by individual governments in years 1982 - 2018. It analyzes election programs, legislative changes, the emergence of specialized institutions and in some cases the response of Spanish society to these measures. The aim of this work is to record the changes that have occurred in gender policy in Spain after the country's transition to democracy, and especially after the Socialist Party took over the government in 1982 and to find out whether the attitudes of the two main Spanish political parties on this issue differ. The work is divided into four main parts according to individual government periods. These four chapters examine whether the attitude of individual Spanish governments to the issue of women's rights has changed and what each government has emphasized. At the same time, it examines where, on the contrary, it has remained only with populist pre-election promises without the real fulfillment of the set goals. Last but not least, the work also evaluates other societal events and factors which, together with the policies of individual governments, have influenced the position of women in Spanish society on the path to achieving gender equality.
Risks Related to Marketing Tools Management
Kučerová, Adéla ; Bílková, Kateřina (referee) ; Doskočil, Radek (advisor)
The dissertation "Risks Related to Marketing Tools Management" deals with analysis of marketing tools in the company Sonnentor s. r. o. The main target of this dissertation is to propose changes in marketing tools of a particular business entity that will lead to a reduction of risks and to the improvement of marketing in the company. First part of the dissertation, which contains theoretical knowledge, is followed by second part, which is focused on analysis of the current state. Last part of this dissertation contains risk analysis and suggestions and recommendations, which should lead to overall improvement in marketing of the business and minimalization of determined risks.
Framing of the pension policy between the years 2013-2017
Bílková, Kateřina ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Angelovská, Olga (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of the framing of pension policy between the years 2013-2017 on the platform of House of Commons. The goal of the research is to identify competing frames and their sponsors, their evolution in the analyzed period and the possible impact the framing had on the final form of the policies. That is achieved using the analysis of the stenographic records and voting of the House of Commons based on the Rein and Shön method through which the frames are reconstructed. In the theoretical chapter there are presented the two fundamental pension models by Bismarck and Beveridge, as well as the pillar system designed by the World Bank. The outcome of the analysis is the identification of the two competing discourses and the schemes of framing of the topics discussed throughout the analyzed period cathegorized based on the scheme inspired by the works of Morávek. The analysis documents the evolution of frames in time and their linkage to the previous election period.
Calcium intake in children with cow's milk protein allergy
BÍLKOVÁ, Kateřina
The bachelor thesis deals with the calcium intake in children with cow's milk protein allergy from their diet. As the first aim I chose to inform parents about possibility of deficiency of the calcium intake in children with cow's milk protein allergy. The second aim is to find out the calcium content in the diet of children with this allergy. In the theoretical part of my bachelor thesis I briefly describe food allergy in general then I focuse on cow's milk protein allergy, types of reactions, symptoms, diagnostics and therapy. As the topic of this bachelor thesis is calcium intake in children with cow's milk protein allergy, the next part is devoted to calcium, its importance in human body, absorption, usability and also resources. At the end of theoretical part of this thesis I mention the specifics of nutrition in children with this allergy, such as different labeling of ingredients containing milk protein on food packaging or in composition of dishes, and also possibility of replacing milk and milk products in terms of consistency and taste. In the practical part of this bachelor thesis I cooperate with mothers of children with cow's milk protein allergy who give me one week menu of their children, from which I calculated the calcium intake for each day and also the average weekly calcium intake per day. I also informed these mothers about the possibility of calcium deficiency in their children's diet. Calcium intake approaching the recommended daily intake for a group of children aged 1-3 years occured only in one case. In four cases was the intake of calcium from children's diet lower than 50 % of the recommended daily intake for these children.
Risks Related to Marketing Tools Management
Vítková, Petra ; Bílková, Kateřina (referee) ; Novák, Petr (advisor)
The diploma thesis „Risk in the area of Marketing Tools“ contains analysis of Sonnentor s.r.o., its current state, suggestions for the improvements of marketing tools and risks which could emerge. The first chapter delas with theoretical solutions of the thesis where basic terms of the areas of marketing, marketing mix, communication mix and risk will be defined. In the second chapter of the analytic part, there is analysis of current state. The third chapter contains suggestions for marketing tools.
Process organization of a professional organization Multimedia creative team
Bílková, Kateřina ; Vondra, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Lisý, Martin (referee)
Multimedia creative team (MMCT) is a students professional organization producing multimedia output for commercials. MMCT needs a new optimal process model, which would work better than the present one. To reach this goal will be used the SWOT analysis and also the experience of the author of this thesis, who is actually a managing director in this very organization. In this thesis organizations similar to this one will be described at first, then MMCT will be analyzed and afterwards all the organizations will be compared with MMCT. The practical part will design a new process model for MMCT, which will be verified by a case study. Also two persons from practice will comment this model and give some recommendations.
Feedback during the defences of the final works at art schools.
Bílková, Kateřina ; BENDOVÁ, Helena (advisor) ; POSPISZYL, Tomáš (referee)
Research of the feedback during the defenses of final works at art schools focused on new media. This thesis describes the process of defenses of the final and diploma works within six art colleges in the Czech Republic. The thesis emphasises observing the process of discussion after the presentation of artwork. Emphatic analysis of this year's final evaluation of practical work is carried out within each observed art studio. Both students and teachers express themselves to the process of the defense within this text. The text reflects the importance of this particular period and compares different approaches. In the resume of the thesis)the author advises some of the formal methods that can help to improve the discussion and defense itself.The author focuses on the importance of a comprehensive written evaluation from the beginning of the thesis.
Rural tourism - case study of the Borotín village
BÍLKOVÁ, Kateřina
This thesis deals with tourism in the rural areas. The main objective is to chart Táborsko as a tourist destination and to analyze in detail a case study situation in the village Borotín. The theoretical part defines key terms related to tourism, species and forms in rural areas. Work specifies, how they look and what views they have on tourism, tourists, local residents, local businesses and the mayor. The practical part describes the selected village Borotín terms of objective data, as well as the practical part compares the data obtained by questionnaire survey and interviews carried out. On the basis of empirical field research were identified attitudes and opinions of individual surveyed categories and then evaluated whether tourism in the village used as a development chance.
Rizikové faktory internacionalizačního procesu MSP v potravinářství
Bílková, Kateřina
Small and medium-sized enterprises are an important part of Czech and World economy. These enterprises are a key driver for economic growth, innovation and employment. The thesis deals with the risk factors involved in internationalization process of small and medium-sized enterprises in the food industry. The objective of this thesis is to identify the key risk factors internationalization process and to propose risk management measures that prevent an entry and operation of small and medium-sized enterprises on foreign markets. This thesis will focus on small and medium-sized enterprises in the food industry in the Czech Republic.

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