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Legislative Development of Labor Mobility in the European Communities
Šubrt, Michael ; Lukešová, Anna (advisor) ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the legislative development of labor mobility within the European Communities. The key research question is formulated as: "What has been the development of labor mobility within the European Communities and what legislative changes has this phenomenon undergone?" That makes this thesis a historical single-case study focused on one particular European policy. To explain the development, this thesis analyses primary sources (e.g., the primary and secondary European legislation and international treaties) but it also considers secondary legislation and the broader context. The main article is divided into four subchapters, each dedicated to the development in particular periods: before the establishment of the European Economic Community, after the Treaties of Rome, after the Single European Act, and finally after the establishment of the European Union by the Maastricht Treaty. The conclusion provides a summary of the findings.
European Mobility from the Perspective of European Integration
Šubrt, Michael ; Lukešová, Anna (advisor) ; Kasáková, Zuzana (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the institutional development of European mobility in the European Communities and the European Union. The phenomenon of mobility is understood as freedom of movement for workers, which evolved into the freedom of movement for all European Union citizens. The key research question is formulated as: "Where and when might the origin of the European mobility be found?" and "How has it evolved since?" That makes this thesis a historical case study focused on one particular European policy. To explain the development, this thesis analyses primary sources (e.g. the European legislation) and secondary literature. The historical section is divided into six subchapters, which describe the development in particular periods: before the establishment of the European Economic Community, after the Treaties of Rome, after the Single European Act, after the establishment of the European Union by the Maastricht Treaty, after the Amsterdam Treaty and finally after the Treaty of Lisbon reforms. In the final discussion, the ascertained knowledge is confronted with some of the European integration theories (e.g. the theory of major historical breaks or neofunctionalism).
Problems of migration through the Sahara desert to Europe
Kazda, Daniel ; Lukešová, Anna (advisor) ; Bauer, Paul (referee)
This bachelor thesis analyses the problems of sub-Saharan migrants travelling to Europe through the Sahara Desert. This migration route has been described as one of the most dangerous and deadly, and people from West and East Africa who make the pilgrimage across the Sahara often face brutal conditions. These are caused not only by natural conditions, but also by the political situation in the transit countries, the increasingly securitised borders of the destinations, and the human traffickers and other criminal groups that operate along these routes. The first part of the thesis focuses on these problems that migrants encounter most during their journeys. It first briefly introduces the trans-Saharan migration routes and the reasons why people choose to migrate across the Sahara. Then, the risks faced by migrants during their journey are discussed in detail, supplemented by testimonies of migrants who have been rescued by NGOs during transit or have sought their help themselves. The migration risk analysis looks at the overall issue from several angles. It looks at the natural risks of transport across the Sahara, the dangers caused by human factors in the region, and the problems associated with smugglers and their methods. Last but not least, it discusses the dangers of the securitisation of...
Integration Policies of Denmark and Sweden
Popek, Marek ; Lukešová, Anna (advisor) ; Emler, David (referee)
Tato bakalářská práce bude analyzovat integrační politiky Dánska a Švédska. Konkrétně bude poukázat na odlišnosti či podobnosti integračních politik a jejich zaměření na pracovní trh ve výše zmíněných zemích. Výzkumnou metodou byla zvolena komparativní analýza, která ustanoví, jaký stát má restriktivnější a účinnější integrační politiku a integraci na pracovní trh. Statistické údaje indexu MIPEX budou v tomto ohledu hrát důležitou roli, a nejen díky nim bude srovnání výše zmíněných aspektů možné.
Reasons for the migration from the south to the north of Italy and its consequences
Prošková, Petra ; Mejstřík, Martin (advisor) ; Lukešová, Anna (referee)
Migration within Italy began on a larger scale already after the Second World War, and in the following decades it resulted in the imaginary division of the state into an economically strong north and a weaker south. The issue was emphasised by the specific approach of the ruling Christian Democracy party, which was the key to the development of Italy in the second half of the twentieth century. Although it strove for the restoration and modernization of the southern regions, due to the inefficiency of redistribution of finances, corruption and the influence of the mafia, the necessary restructuring and restoration did not take place. For this reason, the issue of internal migration gradually intensified and normalized. Motives for mthe migration were in most cases of an economic nature, as it was mostly about job opportunities or higher wages, which were much more available in the north. This trend naturally caused many problems in connection with society, demography, economy, etc
Swedish integration policy and refugee integration
Abdallah, Jakub ; Lukešová, Anna (advisor) ; Svobodný, Petr (referee)
The topic of Swedish integration policy and integration of refugees deals with the current Swedish integration policy with a focus on refugees (asylum seekers). The thesis puts integration policies into the context of the refugee crisis 2015, which was an unprecedented period for Sweden due to the record number of asylum seekers. The thesis also analyses the development of Swedish integration policy in the time frame from the late 1990s to the refugee crisis 2015. Another aim of the thesis is to find out if there were changes in Sweden's integration policies as a result of the refugee crisis. The thesis also partially includes an analysis of asylum policies that are linked to integration policies. The fundamental question is what integration methods Sweden has chosen in the case of refugees and how they have been implemented.
Transformation of Migration in Spain in the Years 2000-2014
Hejná, Anna-Marie ; Lukešová, Anna (advisor) ; Menclová, Barbora (referee)
This bachelor's thesis examines the change in migration trends in Spain during 2000-2014. By describing two periods with an analysis of the 2008 pre-bellum year, when the economic crisis in Spain broke out, it attempts to explain the causes of the change in migration in Spain. The research focuses on the factors that led to the change in migration trends and to what extent they were caused by the economic crisis of 2008. The first part of the thesis defines the basic concepts of migration terminology, literature review and methodology. This is followed by an outline of the historical context of migration in the 20th century. The next section presents the evolution of migration flows in Spain and Spanish migration policies of the period under study. This is followed by a discussion chapter that summarizes the comparisons and discusses the causes of change. The thesis concludes that the transformation of Spain from a country of immigration to a country of emigration was primarily due to the economic crisis of 2008. The latter caused a change in the Spanish governments' approach to immigration and integration policies, which had an impact on migrants in Spain.
Integration Policies of Ireland Between 2007-2020
Feňová, Marie ; Lukešová, Anna (advisor) ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (referee)
The thesis deals with Irish integration policies in the period 2007-2020. In 2007, the first key office for integration was established, the Office of the Minister for Integration (OMI), which was the predecessor of today's Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration (OPMI). This office was key to the creation of the Migration Nation Strategy, which was issued by the Office in 2008. This is why this whole period of integration policies has been framed by the only two Irish integration strategies issued so far. The Migration Nation Strategy and The Migrant Integration Strategy-Blueprint for the Future, already mentioned, published in 2017. In the 1990s, thanks mainly to economic prosperity, Ireland experienced a turnaround from a predominantly emigrating state to an immigration state. Thanks to the ever increasing number of asylum seekers and the number of immigrants in the country, Ireland had to start to develop, deepen and streamline integration policies. The thesis first defines the concepts related to the topic of integration and immigration, and in the actual stat of the thesis it already deals with the strategies mentioned above. First, it describes what goals the strategies set for the future, what progress they have already made, and in the last chapter there is the very analysis of how...
Development of integration policies in Norway before and after 2011
Dorňáková, Tereza ; Lukešová, Anna (advisor) ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (referee)
This thesis is focused on the development of the Norwegian integration policies from the year 2005 until 2017. The milestone of the researched period is the year 2011 when two terrorist attacks, committed by a Norwegian citizen Anders Behring Breivik, shocked Norwegian society. He pointed his act against the immigrant population living in Norway, and against multiculturalism and the politicians who supported this model. Therefore, the aim of this thesis is to find out which changes were made in the field of integration policies during the examined period. Furthermore, the aim is to tell whether the integration policies were tightened or not. The thesis first deals with the development of migration in the Norwegian context, the multicultural approach to immigrants, but it also sums up the development of Norwegian political scene during the examined period. The final part is focused on the research of particular Norwegian integration policies and their development between 2005 and 2017.

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