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Discursive analysis of political communication in the discussion of the amendment to Act No. 329/2021 on the provision of childcare in the 2017-2021 electoral period
Černá, Jitka ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Angelovská, Olga (referee)
Children's groups are one of the effective family policy tools for reconciling family and working life. At the same time, within the current system of pre-school care in the Czech Republic, they supplement the insufficient capacity of kindergartens. In 2014, Act No. 247/2014 Coll. on children's groups was approved, which basically defined the conditions and standards in which children's groups operate. Tools for reconciling family and working life, which include children's groups, came to the fore following the adoption of the European Directive 2019/1158 on work-life balance. Children's groups were funded by the European Operational Programme Employment, but this could only be drawn on until 2022. Therefore, in 2021, the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic discussed the need to reconsider the funding of children's groups and, at the same time, to revise the conditions for running children's groups. The thesis aims to investigate the communication strategies of political actors on the topic of children's groups using the method of discursive analysis, at the same time comparing the communication of children's groups with the way of communication of other topics from the remit of social affairs in the election programmes of the then parliamentary parties in the 2017 and 2021...
Addressing structural inequality through education access
Davey, Elizabeth ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Ndiaye, Sokhna Adele Rosalie (referee)
Elizabeth Davey Public and Social Policy Master's Thesis Abstract Education has long been perceived to be the key to positive social mobility, but mounting evidence has shown that for many low-income students this may be more of a myth than reality. The Achievement Gap between students of different socio-economic and racial groups remains persistently difficult to eliminate despite decades of efforts geared at school reforms. Recognizing the importance of developing more equitable funding allocation for public education institutions, as well as the general consensus that such a policy is an essential step toward increasing equity in the education system, this paper looks at addressing the problem through a different lens. This thesis develops an index of how cross generational relationships and circumstances play into a child's academic access, and as a result, their academic outcomes. Using this index, this thesis adds to the body of knowledge on the topic and a new perspective to the discourse surrounding equity in education, and educational outcomes by considering how Two-Generation interventions can address these intersections. To complete the triangulation, interviews, and observations with leadership staff, program social workers, and participants of a successful Two- Gen program are used to address...
Preventing burnout syndrome of short-term foster carers
Kaše, Adam ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (referee)
Burnout syndrome is a topic studied since the 1970s with increasing vigour and interest. This phenomenon, characterised in particular by mental and physical exhaustion, negative feelings related to the workload and environment, or general apathy, is primarily associated with workers in the helping professions. However, to date, there has not been a single research study on burnout in short-term foster carers. Therefore, the empirical part of the thesis presents research targeting the experiences of this vulnerable group in the Czech Republic, mapping the current status, risk factors and possible prevention of burnout syndrome. The research uses a qualitative design and the method of semi-structured interviews. Despite the methodological limitations of the study, the results show that despite minor variations in personal opinions, there is rather a consensus among the respondents regarding the perceived risks of burnout syndrome. This suggests that burnout syndrome in transient foster carers is a promising area for further research and a topic for stimulating discussion. Key words: burnout syndrome; foster family care; short-term foster carers
Employment opportunities of people with special needs
Buociková, Zuzana Miriam ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Angelovská, Olga (referee)
My bachelor's thesis titled "Employment Opportunities for People with special needs" addresses the issue of employing individuals with special needs. In the introduction, I present an overview of who these individuals are and provide an in depth classification of types of disabilities. The subsequent section discusses the role of social work and the involvement of social workers in the process of integrating people with special needs into the labour market. I then delve into the concept of work, which is of particular interest in the context of this issue, emphasizing its significance in people's lives and elucidating the specific importance of work for individuals with special needs. The main part of the thesis describes how the employment of people with special needs is approached in the Czech Republic. It examines the active employment policy and its tools, aiming to maximize the employment rate of vulnerable groups. Additionally, in this chapter, I present measures targeting employers that stem from Czech legislation. I briefly touch upon the significance of social economy and social enterprises within the topic being discussed. In the practical part of the thesis, I examine the effectiveness of active employment policy tools in the lives of three individuals with special needs during their...
The boundaries of social services in the area of the social-health interface - sheltered housing for people with intellectual disabilities
Vaclíková, Alžběta ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Pěnkava, Pavel (referee)
The bachelor thesis is devoted to the integration of social and health services. The aim is to identify the boundaries of the social service of sheltered housing for people with intellectual disabilities in the area of the social-health interface. In this thesis social services are defined primarily according to Act No. 108/2006. In order to provide more detailed description of the clients of sheltered housing, the thesis defines the concept of intellectual disability, especially in adulthood. It focuses on sheltered housing and sheltered housing workers as well as methods and techniques of work in this social service. The thesis also deals with the interdisciplinary perspective of social work with people with intellectual disabilities while it also describes selected expertise and services in the social-health interface. One of the chapters is dedicated to the systemic approach. The analytical part of the thesis contains the methodology of the research, the subject of which is specific sheltered housing. The aim of the research is to identify the boundaries of the social service of sheltered housing for people with intellectual disabilities. Part of the thesis includes analyzed research data processed from information obtained through interviews with the workers of this sheltered housing. Part of...
Advocacy coalitions in abortion policy
Eisenreichová, Sabina ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Veselý, Arnošt (referee)
1 Abstract This thesis focuses on the identification of key situations of the development of abortion policies and the analysis of coalitions in the Czech Republic in the period 2012-2022. It also compares the abortion policies of neighbouring countries (Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia) in order to determine whether the Czech political discourse converges with the policies of these countries. The methodology of the thesis includes a media analysis of the last ten years using NewtonOne, which showed a shift in the perception of abortion and a greater presence of pro-choice actors in the media. To achieve the objectives, semi-structured interviews were conducted with key actors identified during the media analysis. The degree of polarization between coalitions was identified, as well as the stability and immutability of these coalitions. Neither coalition has much motivation for legislative change, but there is a perception among coalitions that 1) the legislation is set up well and 2) women have the right to choose. A comparison of abortion policies with those of neighbouring countries shows that most neighbouring countries have a stricter approach to abortion, and while Poland and Slovakia are tightening laws, Germany is moving towards a slow liberalisation. Overall, no convergence of Czech abortion...
Strategies for closing the gender pay gap Case of California, Luxembourg and the Philippines.
Asiegbunam, Anthonate Chiamaka ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Jusić, Mirna (referee)
Strategies for Closing the Gender Pay Gap Case of California, Luxembourg, and the Philippines. Asiegbunam Anthonate Chiamaka 19080653 Equal Pay for Equal Work. It's Common Sense. It's Also Overdue. Let's Close the Gap and Let's Do it Now! - Joe Biden, President of the United States of America The gender wage gap is a global economic issue that has an impact on women worldwide. The most recent statistics show that women earn 16% less than men do globally, while this disparity can be significantly higher in specific areas. Despite the progress made in gender equality, the wage gap still exists because it is a product of deeply rooted inequities in society and the economy (Action Aid, 2023). This thesis conducts a thorough analysis of the strategies utilized to reduce the gender wage gap in three different geographic areas: California in the United States, Luxembourg in Western Europe, and the Philippines in South-East Asia. The goal of the study was to identify the key "actors" driving gender pay gap policies. It also examined the specific legislative measures taken to address the problem and compared regional variations in policy frameworks and implementation techniques. This is accomplished by employing the Advocacy Coalition Framework as a conceptual framework. The interviews' thematic analysis...
The Process of Formation of the Act on Substitute Maintenance Grand in the Czech Republic
Hegyi, Adam ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Veselý, Arnošt (referee)
Projekt závěrečné bakalářské práce Jméno studujícího: Adam Hegyi Předpokládaný název práce v češtině: Proces vzniku Zákona o náhradním výživném v České republice Předpokládaný název v anglickém jazyce: The Process of Formation of the Act on Substitute Maintenance Grand in the Czech Republic Akademický rok vypsání: 2022 Jazyk práce: čeština Pracoviště: Katedra politologie (23-KP) Vedoucí práce: Ing. Mgr. Olga Angelovská, Ph.D. Obor/program práce: Politologie a veřejná politika Klíčová slova: náhradní výživné, alimenty, zákon, proces, teorie tří proudů Klíčová slova v angličtině: Substitute Maintenance Grand, Alimony, Act, Process, Multiple- Streams Framework A. Vymezení výzkumného problému Sociální systém České republiky nabízí řadu sociálních dávek, které mají podpořit rodiny ohrožené finanční chudobou. Tyto nástroje jsou však pro všechny typy rodin totožné, takže v dostatečném rozsahu nereflektují potřeby jednotlivých sociálních případů. Příkladem jsou neúplné rodiny, které tvoří necelých deset procent domácností v České republice. Kromě rodinných sociálních dávek, na které mají nárok i úplné rodiny při finanční chudobě, neexistoval pro neúplnou rodinu státní příspěvek, který by kompenzoval vyživovací povinnost rodiče v případě jejího neplnění. Výživné, ačkoliv je jeho výše v případě rozvodu či rozchodu...
An application of Kingdon's multiple streams model to the issue of institutional care units for infants
Adámková, Kateřina ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Angelovská, Olga (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the closure of infant care institutions in the Czech Republic. Its aim is to identify and describe the key moments that led to the decision to stop placing children under the age of three into institutional care. Infant care institutions have been a topic of extensive discussion in Czech society and politics for a long time. Despite significant criticism, these institutions survived through three different electoral periods. Eventually, they were successfully abolished through an amendment to the Act on Social and Legal Protection of Children in 2021. The thesis delves into the realm of public policy within the Chamber of Deputies and beyond, using Kingdon's multiple streams theory. The research is conducted qualitatively, as it seeks to uncover the crucial moments of agenda-setting, proposal advocacy, and the political decision-making motivations, through the perspectives of four members of parliament who were involved in the entire process, as well as one representative from a non-governmental organization that significantly influenced the course of events. Additionally, the thesis includes analytical work with transcripts and other publicly available political documents. The thesis addresses the question of the uniqueness of the last attempt, setting it apart from...

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