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Measurement of Production Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Žanda, Miroslav ; Novák, Josef (referee) ; Píška, Miroslav (advisor)
The diploma work deals with measurement of Production Overall Equipment Effectiveness in manufacturing company Alfa. Firstly, is processed the theoretical part concerning general production, TPM, lean manufacturing and OEE. After than is described the company, monitored device and technology used by the device. In the final section is evaluated the OEE for January, February and March; analyze downtimes, mistakes and losses and their solutions are proposed. The last chapter is devoted to the economic evaluation of the proposal.
Analysis of indicators of the social environment in the municipalities on the basis of various criteria for use at the local level
Galgonek, Dina ; Janoušková, Svatava (advisor) ; Novák, Josef (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with analysis of indicators of the social environment in small municipalities with up to 2 000 inhabitants based on various criteria for local use. The aim of the thesis is to propose an indicator set, which will best meet the requirements of such set in terms of applied criteria. The research question is: What indicators should be included in an indicator set for assessing the social environment of municipalities with up to 2 000 inhabitants to suit the differences and needs of these communities? The research problem addressed in the thesis concerns the possibility of measuring social sustainability at the local level, focusing on small municipalities with up to 2 000 inhabitants in the Czech Republic. The thesis also focuses on the possibility of projecting SDGs into this set. It is a qualitative research that involves the use of methods of document analysis, comparison, description, non-participant observation and semi-structured interviews. Based on the first four methods and theoretical knowledge, a preliminary design of the indicator set was created. Within the framework of semi-structured interviews, this design was discussed with representatives of selected small municipalities and other stakeholders. The edited set represents the final indicator set of the social...
Musical aspects of the Living History phenomenon in the Czech historical fencing through the perspective of ethnomusicology
Novák, Josef ; Jurková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Seidlová, Veronika (referee)
The aim of this musical anthropology thesis focuses on "medieval music" as practiced by fans of historical fencing in the form of living history on the example of two Czech bands - Subulcus and Medieval Open Band as part of project Prácheňská manství. In my thesis I focus not only on sound and musical instruments, but also on the behavior of actors and their conceptualization of the Middle Ages, according to the concepts of music as culture of Allan Merriam, resp. of music as social life of Thomas Turino. I combine here the basic ideas of ethnomusicology with the ideas of musical memory in connection with the contemporary concepts of social memory and, last but not least, with the concepts of "golden age", nostalgia, staged authenticity and invented traditions. The point of this work is to bring about the origin and form of music that the actors understand as medieval, although not always comes the repertoire from the Middle Ages.
Postavení Padánie v Itálii
Novák, Josef
Diploma thesis is about Padania (i.e. north regions of Italy) and about its position within Italy. Thesis will mainly focus on comparison of social, economic and other factors between Italian regions, then historical development of Italy and its regions with emphasis on differences between regions and on the scenarios that could arise, if Padania gets any form of autonomy and have impact on Italy internal organization.
Psychological Phenomena in Behavioral Economics
Javor, Matúš ; Musil, Martin (advisor) ; Novák, Josef (referee)
Diploma thesis deals with topic of given phenomena of behavioural economics. Specifically, it deals with endowment effect, decoy effect and paradox of choice. The goal of the thesis is to verify influence of given phenomena of behavioural economics in practice. Research part deals with analysis of the phenomena which influence decision-making in financial or economic issues and causes individual to behave irrationally and not like Homo oeconomicus. In an analytical part are then given phenomena verified by method of quantitative analysis in real market on given company. Quantitative analysis deals predominantly with breakdown of customer reactions on marketing strategies of given company in defined period. Integral part of the thesis is based on executed research draw practical recommendations for examined company.
Circulating cell-free DNA and its potential in oncology
Karasová, Dominika ; Žižková, Hana (advisor) ; Novák, Josef (referee)
The circulating free DNA ("Cell-free DNA",cfDNA) is a type of extracellular DNA present in blood, with clinical use in prenatal diagnosis. The cfDNA is given great emphasis in connection with tumor diseases, where there is a great potential for its use in oncology, where free circulating tumor DNA is the most commonly used type. A suitable alternative to classical biopsy, which is safer and less painful for the patient and reflects the heterogeneity of the tumor is called Liquid biopsy, which can be used to obtain free circulating DNA from the blood. Most studies show that cfDNA provides the same information as tissue DNA, regarding both genetic and epigenetic changes detected in tumor cells and in some cases it enabled more sensitive or earlier detection of relapse in comparison with routinely used examinations. The high specificity and sensitivity of this non-invasive approach can be a great benefit to patients. However, to confirm its diagnostic and prognostic significance, it is necessary to expand the group of patients with individual diagnoses and, not only for the purpose of data comparison, standardize methods for the isolation and detection of cfDNA, The aim of this thesis is to gain a general overview of free circulating DNA and its potential use in oncology. Keywords: circulating free...
Simulation of the interaction of steroid allosteric modulators of NMDA receptors with membrane
Riedlová, Kamila ; Konopásek, Ivo (advisor) ; Novák, Josef (referee)
Molecular dynamics (MD) method allows the real-time monitoring of the system composed of molecules and atoms, such as phospholipid bilayer or biomolecule. Applications of MD are very common in drug design where the real experimental procedures could be much more financially- and time-consuming or even impossible. The aim of this project is to explain the applications and advantages of MD method in case of studies of lipid membranes, with a special emphasis on a study od neurosteriod behaviour in lipid bilayer. Properly designed and synthesized neurosteroids could be used for the treatment of the serious neurological diseases. This work also included the experimental data obtained by MD simulations for two neurosteroids - pregnanolone glutamate and pregnanolone sulphate. Behaviour of this molecules in model membranes was observed and analyzed by MD simulations. Key words: molecular dynamics simulation, model membrane, lipid bilayer, NMDA receptor, neurosteroids, pregnanolone glutamate, pregnanolone sulfate
Generation of conditional animal mutants to study gene function in vivo
Herrmannová, Pavlína ; Sedláček, Radislav (advisor) ; Novák, Josef (referee)
Conditional gene targeting allows spatial and temporal control of genetic modifications and is used to study gene functions in specific tissues or cell types. Gene targeting may lead to inactivation of the gene by insertions or deletions. Conditional gene targeting uses various methods for generation of transgenic mutant animals, such as technology of targeted disruption of gene using embryonic stem cells, methodology based on bacterial artificial chromosomes, or a new revolutionary technology of targeted disruption of genes using programmable nucleases, which is rapidly evolving and seems to be more efficient and cheaper method for conditional gene targeting. The aim of this work is to overview methods and technologies for generation conditional animal models, and overview conditional recombination systems with emphasis on inducible systems, and also provides a summary of the main international resources for rodent mutagenesis. Key words: transgenic animal model, gene, targeting, conditional allele
The Influence of the Economic Crisis on Corporate Social Responsibility Activities
Potůčková, Petra ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Novák, Josef (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to introduce the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and describe the relevance of corporate social responsibility activities. Due to the fact that, one of the basic characteristics of Corporate Social Responsibility, is long-term in character, which requires a dedication to CSR activities, even in times of financial difficulties when company does not have the optimal results, this thesis shows how selected companies fulfill the concept of CSR. The theoretical part is divided into two parts - the first is the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, which focuses on the development, pillars, benefits and concepts associated with this concept. I deal with crisis and describe financial crisis, economic crisis, its development, causes and consequences in the next part. The empirical part of this thesis is based on the methodological triangulation - expert interviews, documented examination and comparison. This thesis sampled five selected companies and shows how these companies perceive CSR, what activities they have implemented, how to cope with the crisis that affected them and how it affected the implementation of CSR activities. Another benefit of this thesis is to expand knowledge about values of companies around the city of Kolín. The results of this...

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