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Vlčí důl old ecological burden, its possible health risks and Zásmuky citizens situation knowledge
Jiráková, Pavla ; Rödlová, Sylva (advisor) ; Černá, Milena (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with problems of ecological burdens with focus on specific location Vlčí důl near Zásmuky. The theoretical part contains a general introduction to define ecological burden, historical and legislative requirements up to possibilities their elimination. Other chapters describe Aroma, a originator of contamination in Vlčí důl, the possibilities of health risks and the ecological burden itself in the Vlčí důl. The practical part includes the health effects of individual chemicals substances are situated in location Vlčí důl, general knowledge and attitudes of residensts of Zásmuky and associated municipalities to this area, which were analyzed using text analysis and questionnaire survey. Ecological burdens are comming mainly from the second half of the 20th century are a lot and the financial resources, are few owing them would the situacion to solve. Except for financial page, the political page also plays a role in solving the elimination of ecological burdens.
Education of Librarians in the Central Bohemia Region
Šenfeldová, Eva ; Černá, Milena (advisor) ; Slámová, Hana (referee)
(in English) The aim of this thesis is to introduce the system of further professional education of librarians in Central Bohemian Region. After an introduction to the topic, a definition of legislative framework follows. The thesis also describes terminology including its development, the end of the chapter presents a list of possible funding means. The next section briefly describes the history of further professional education of librarians in Central Bohemian Region from 1960s to 2005. The main analytical section acquaints the reader in detail with contemporary educating schemes, their methods and forms in context of individual target groups and with particular topics, as well. This section works with the period between 2006 and 2012. Following section brings an outline of possible further education of librarians. It contemplates possible sources of important and essential topics. A survey between methodical workers has been chosen as a basis for determining possible future forms of professional education. The end of the thesis summarizes options as well as limitations of further professional education of library workers in Central Bohemian Region.
20 years of Czech librarianship on pages of Čtenář (1989-2009)
Šebková, Kateřina ; Černá, Milena (advisor) ; Stöcklová, Anna (referee)
The subject of the thesis is content analysis of topics from Czech librarianship in 1989-2009, based on articles published in the journal Čtenář. First the journal Čtenář is briefly introduced, the following chapter provides summary of history of Czech librarianship in given period. Third chapter presents the formal side of the journal Čtenář, namely its graphic design and composition of its editorial board. The main part of the thesis is the content analysis in fourth chapter. It presents topics that the journal Čtenář discussed on its pages. Mainly transformation of libraries, new library law, influence of information and communication technologies on operation and services of libraries, and management and marketing are analysed. Fifth chapter contains statistical data related to the content of articles. In result one period of Czech librarianship and the way that the journal Čtenář presented it is evaluated.
The biomonitoring of the selected biomarkers in the Czech population within the scope of the joined projects COPHES and DEMOCOPHES
Grafnetterová, Anna ; Černá, Milena (advisor) ; Bencko, Vladimír (referee)
Human biomonitoring represents today an important tool for the monitoring of the human beings exposition to the environmental pollutants. COPHES and DEMOICOPHES projects are address to harmonized approach to human biomonitoring within Europe. This process enables receiving comparable data on the international level. Four biomarkers (mercury, cadmium, kotinin and phthalate metabolites) were selected for this pilot study; all of them are extensively monitored at present. 27 European states at all participated in these projects and procedures were tested in 16 countries of the European Union and the Switzerland. Two localities different in the population density - Prague and Liberec were selected for the Czech Republic. Children of age 6 - 11 and their mothers were selected as the sensitive population groups. Samples of biological material (hair and urine) were taken from the representative individuals. 120 pairs of mother - child were involved in the study. Information about participant's alimentation and life style, inhabitation, education, and smoking habits was gained in questioners. Obtained information was joined with results of analyses of biological material and was evaluated statistically. It was found from results that recorded levels of monitored biomarkers do not exceed substantial healthy limits...

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