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Factors influencing the attitude of Czech parents towards selected vaccine-preventable infectious diseases
Michálková, Eliška ; Fabiánová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Dáňová, Jana (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of the attitude of parents towards selected infectious diseases which are preventable by vaccines in the Czech Republic. The primary focus is on parents' opinions on vaccination against invasive diseases caused by meningococci, haemophili and pneumococci. The theoretical part discusses the issue of vaccination, its importance and organizational structure; it further describes the selected pathogens, the diseases they cause and the epidemiological situation. It also considers the factors that may lead many parents to distrust and be critical of vaccination. The main aim of the practical part is to find out by means of an online questionnaire which social, geo-demographic, economic and other factors influence the choice of parents to have their children vaccinated against the given bacteria. Statistical methods of χ2 -independence test and binary logistic regression have been used to evaluate the data obtained from the questionnaire with the help of the SPSS program. The results show that parents with lower education and fewer children are more likely to get their child vaccinated; furthermore, it is the parents in the vicinity of where the outbreak of the given disease occurred or those who obtain sufficient information from a pediatrician and consider this...
Vaccination issues on the threshold of the third millenium
Šálek, Jiří ; Dáňová, Jana (advisor) ; Marešová, Vilma (referee) ; Fabiánová, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis based on descriptive comparative study is to evaluate different opinions and its influence to vaccination confidence in two branches of students, medical and pedagogical, as both of them plays important roles in children and adults education and, in case of pedagogy, forming the skills of critical thinking. Multi-item, opinion-based, paper-and-pencil typed anonymous questionnaires were distributed within medical students and students of pedagogical fields of study. Data has been sorted and divided into two clusters which underwent a statistical comparison using a logistic regression. From total of 722 respondents, 386 were medical students and 336 were pedagogical students. Most respondents said they were not in favor of alternative medicine; however, a significantly higher number of alternative medicine followers were among the respondents of the Faculty of Education. Positive vaccination perception rate (PVPR) is not dependent on behavioral factors of students at both faculties but it is clearly conditioned by attitude to alternative medicine. Fear of infections dramatically increased the PVPR (up to 6.7x) over those who were not afraid of the infection or were not quite sure whether to fear it. Fear of vaccines side effects clearly reduced the PVPR by at least 84%.
Magnetotransport properties of FeRh nanowires
Fabianová, Kateřina ; Dubroka, Adam (referee) ; Uhlíř, Vojtěch (advisor)
Železo-rhodium (FeRh) je látka procházející magnetickou fázovou přeměnou prvního druhu z antiferomagnetické (AF) do feromagnetické (FM) fáze, ke které dochází při zahřátí materiálu nad teplotu fázové přeměny nebo působením dostatečně velkého magnetického pole. Tato fázová přeměna je mimo jiné provázena výraznou změnou entropie, magnetizace a elektrického odporu, přičemž její tvar a poloha teploty přeměny je silně závislá na stechiometrii krystalu, na příměsích, tlaku a v případě tenkých vrstev na napjatosti vrstvy způsobené substrátem. Tato práce se zaměřuje na studium magnetotransportních vlastností drátů připravených z tenkých FeRh vrstev rostlých na substrátech indukujících různou napjatost vrstvy. Jedním z hlavních jevů studovaných v této práci je anizotropní magnetorezistance (AMR) projevující se změnou odporu pro různé natočení magnetických momentů v látce vůči směru elektrického proudu. AMR byla studována jak ve FM fázi, tak i v AF fázi FeRh. Byla změřena hodnota AMR ve vysokoteplotní FM fázi a objeveno neočekávané chování AMR ve zbytkové FM fázi v nízkoteplotním stavu. Dále byla pozorována výrazná závislost AMR na orientaci měřených segmentů vůči krystalografickým směrům FeRh.
Mumps and its epidemiological characteristic
Ovečková, Markéta ; Fabiánová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Černá, Milena (referee)
Based on stated epidemiological information we can see that periodic mumps vaccination is a necessary part of paediatric care of present population. Nowadays, mumps vaccination is provided in more than 100 countries all over the world. Several epidemics occurred in these countries with involvement of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people since the introduction of vaccination. Very often was the most affected group the group of 19-23 old people. The main reason of current epidemics is probably the low collective immunity in group of older children because of extinction after previous vaccination. The main reason in adult group is not being immunized naturally. The import of disease from other countries influences the origin of epidemics in the Czech Republic, for example import from Poland, where the periodic vaccination started as late as in 2004. Most of young doctors have probably never met mumps in their practices, whereas their older colleagues have often forgotten heterogeneous symptoms of infection. Sometimes it is very difficult to recognize this illness in time. The primary symptoms usually experience in the first time practical doctors, dentists, otorinolaryngologists and internal-medicine doctors. Doctors of urologic and surgery specializations should not miss orchitis when the testicles...
Comparison of pertussis incidence in the world and in the Czech Republic
Čurdová, Anna ; Fabiánová, Kateřina (advisor)
There was a significant decrease of incidence of pertussis after the routine vaccination by whole cell vaccine in 1958 in Czech Republic. Since the 90's an upward trend of incidence has been observed in the Czech Republic again. There was an age shift from the group of youngest childern toward older childern, adolescents and adults. The highest increase in pertusis cases occured in 10-14 year- olds. This age shift of pertussis incidence conduced to introduction of new revaccination programme for children in the age of 10 - 11 years by booster dose. The question is if this change of the vaccination schedule is enough or if iťs convenient to administer the sixth dose of vaccine in the age of 9 year. Despite high pertusis vaccine coverage in many other developed countries a similar upward trend of incidence, especially in older childern and adults, has been observed. Infants are at greatest risk of death or severe complication of pertusis. Older childern, adults and vaccinated population have often mild or atypical, misdiagnosed forms of pertussis and might represent a significant source of infection for non-immune infants. Target vaccination of parents, grandparents and a specific group of population in a close contact with non-immune child (health workers, educationists) should be also considered. Further...

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