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Polarity of teaching
Bobáková, Natália ; Hosnedlová, Klára (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the interconnection between medium of collective action, sport and painting. Using yoga lectures taking place every wednesday in studio of evening drawing autor observed roles of teacher, student and their interconnections. The documetation reamined on the canvas. Every lecture was different. Every canvas was different.
Presentation Software for Mathematics on Elementary and High Schools
Szabo, Štefan ; Kubíček, Radek (referee) ; Štancl, Vít (advisor)
This work serves as a mathematics presentation software for high schools. Its aim is to simplify, effect or otherwise improve the process of learning, by using computer graphics representation of individual math topics. Aplication is designed in such a manner so it can be easily extended by adding new modules.
Teaching-space paradigm
Bernátek, David Erik ; Vojtíšek, Jan (referee) ; Rozwalka, Szymon (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is a study of a new building for the Faculty of architecture BUT in Brno in the area of the BUT university on Udolni. At present, the Faculty of architecutre is located on Porici in a building, which with its spatial possibilities no longer meets the current requirements for teaching architecture and does not offer possibilities of necessary changes. The introductory part of the work is devoted to determining the spatial needs for teaching architecture in the 21st century. Further the project deals with the incorporation of the new building of the Faculty of architecture into the complex in terms of urban planning and its subsequent architectural solution.
Scripts for Teaching Support
Mour, Lukáš ; Křivka, Zbyněk (referee) ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis analyzes the problems of teaching - evaluation of student activities, especially the registration of students on team projects, creating rating tables, checking of completeness and formal correctness of their solutions or sending the final results back to the students. It describes the issues a proposes their automation. It also describes the implementation and final results.
School, the Foundation of Life – a Complex of Educational Buildings in Ostrava, Cerna louka
Záthurecká, Zuzana ; Vysloužil, Ondřej (referee) ; Mikulášek, David (advisor)
New school buildings are designed out of area of Black Meadow in Ostrava but with very close connection with the park. This plot is situated between the river Ostravica, Black Meadow and planned living area New Karolina. It´s orientation to the south and the proximity of nature it´s also very important for the school buildings. Elementary school, secondary school , gym and kindergarden are designed as one komplex connected with platform opened to the river.
Kodak EasyShare Z612 Digital Cameras Simulator and Trainer
Michálek, Viktor ; Drozdová, Martina (referee) ; Kunovský, Jiří (advisor)
This bachleor's thesis deals with creation of manual and simulator of Kodak EasyShare Z612 digital camera. The main goal of these materials is to serve as support for teaching at the university of third age . The first part of this document describes problems of digital photography and selection of appropriate technologies for implementation. The second part describes different stages of simulator creation. Achievements and possible future extensions are discussed at the end of thesis.
CANON IXUS 60 Digital Cameras Simulator and Trainer
Melkes, Ondřej ; Drozdová, Martina (referee) ; Kunovský, Jiří (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis deals with the creation of tutorial manual and simulations for digital camera Canon IXUS 60. The main purpose of the manual is teaching at the University of the third age, therefore emphasis is on the clarity. Simulation of digital camera allows testing of digital camera, as by teaching, as before buying.
Internet Interface for Teaching and Learning
Belko, Jakub ; Magát, Martin (referee) ; Šandera, Josef (advisor)
Bachelor thesis Web interface for presentation and training applications is capable of presenting learning texts made in PowerPoint. The application allows queries over viewing the presentation and provides communication between teacher and student. The application was created so that it could not control user-consuming. In implementation used only freely available JavaScript libraries. Bachelor's thesis is largely implemented the instructions for use applications.
Information System Assessment and Proposal for ICT Modification
Kováč, Jakub ; Klusák, Aleš (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
The master thesis deals with analysis and assessment of information system for high school using selected methods. Introduces proposal of solution with regard to security, reliability, functionality and financial aspects of the system. Final proposal should lead to improvement of ICT state in the analyzed institution.
Android Application for Learning Vocabulary
Černoch, Jiří ; Zachariáš, Michal (referee) ; Horváth, Zsolt (advisor)
This bachelor thesis describes the development of application for learning vocabulary on devices with the operating system Android. In thesis you can find basic common theory relevant to this problem, analyze of existing solutions, design of basic architecture and description of detail implementation.  Program is based on SQLite database and is optimized for devices with different size of screen.

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