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Evaluation and classification of pupils in Art education at primary school
Paulíčková, Kateřina ; Richterová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Linková, Marie (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of evaluation and classification of pupils in art education. The aim of the diploma thesis is to describe the form of evaluation and classification of art education at the second stage of primary school for selected teachers. Following the aim of the work, the following questions were asked: How do teachers evaluate pupils in art education? Does their evaluation subsequently correspond to the classification? According to art teachers, is classification necessary? What do teachers emphasize when evaluating a student's artistic performance? Within this work, qualitative research was performed. Selected research methods include observation of lessons of selected art teachers and subsequent interviews with them. Each of the teachers teaches art education and another subject at primary school. The main conclusions of the research include the finding that according to the respondents, evaluation is an activity that helps teachers in critical evaluation of student work, evaluation criteria and form of evaluation are not uniform among respondents and ideas about evaluation and classification often differ from the observed reality. Furthermore, respondents evaluate and classify in different ways. However, they clearly agreed on the importance of classification in art...
Development of social skills at pupils with autistic spectrum disorder
Muchová, Marta ; Linková, Marie (advisor) ; Richterová, Magdalena (referee)
The formation of social relationships accompanies us throughout our lives and are a source of satisfaction. While social interactions bring joy to healthy children, children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder bring such interactions to an unknown territory filled with uncertainty and distress. The social domain is an interrelated system consisting of several areas. If a child does not understand one or more areas, she will not function correctly during human-to-human interactions. Areas that help a child acquire appropriate social skills include cognitive, perceptual, motor, and emotional abilities. Consequently, it is only appropriate to focus on such areas during social skills training to achieve the best possible outcomes. The thesis deliberates on the social skills development of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The work aims to characterize the methods and intervention options in social skills development, imitation, and fine motor skills and evaluate progress in respective areas. The thesis is divided into four chapters. The first chapter outlines the history and terminology development of autism spectrum disorders. The second chapter focuses on social skills development, imitation, fine motor skills, and play. The third chapter describes two children's case studies and...
Children with autism spectrum disorder in Kladno region
Polidarová, Jiřina ; Linková, Marie (advisor) ; Richterová, Magdalena (referee)
This diploma thesis is devoted to the issue of education of children and pupils with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the Kladno region. In its theoretical part, it reveals the history of the study of this serious disability, describes the manifestations of behavior in individual diagnoses in the field of communication, socialization, social interaction, speech development, imagination, play. It briefly introduces the issue of diagnostics and multilateral interventions. The practical part is devoted to a qualitative survey, which aims to describe how the education, pedagogical, psychological and social intervention, goes in specific cases in Kladno region. Three case studies of boys aged 13, 14 and 17 show how they face their health problems, their educational difficulties, what types of schools they are educated at, what they have achieved. They see their future in a simplistic and sometimes naive way, yet it can be concluded that they want to work somewhere, to be independent and self-sufficient. Interviews with three pedagogical staff are processed into a coherent text. 2 teaching assistants and one class teacher mention some aspects of their work in relation to pupils with ASD related to behavior and learning. The issue of counselling is briefly indicated in the statement of the regional coordinator of...
Position of the School Prevention Methodist and Changes in His Agenda
Kubovčiaková, Helena ; Richterová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Linková, Marie (referee)
School prevention methodist plays a key role in the successful elimination of risky behavior in the school environment. His function has undergone changes since its establishment, as has the context of its operation. This thesis is focused on the process of generating the position of a prevention methodist and the changes that have affected his current position. It also outlines current issues related to the performance of the function of school preventionist. The theoretical part presents the current legislative framework in which the school prevention methodist operates, as well as earlier legislation, and draws attention to the possible pitfalls of some legal norms. It also places the person of the ŠMP in the intra-ministerial system of school prevention and more broadly in the inter-ministerial organization of prevention. For a better understanding of the current situation, the theoretical part of the work opens a look into the history of prevention in the Czech Republic, or ČSFR, respectively. It characterizes the basic concepts associated with the person of the school prevention methodist, ie primary prevention, risk behavior, etc. The essential part is devoted to a broader understanding of the role of school prevention methodist through a look at the development of his function and the...
Pupil with hyperkinetic disorder in elementary school
Hejhalová, Tereza ; Blažková, Veronika (advisor) ; Linková, Marie (referee)
The work is focused on the issue of hyperkinetic disorder. The theoretical part is a search of literature, which describes the basic concepts and principles for easy orientation in the topic. In the practical part of the work, the knowledge gained from the theoretical part was used. The practical part consists of an analysis of the school system, the scope of work of a teaching assistant and a case study of an eleven-year-old elementary school student who was diagnosed with ADHD. Thanks to the cooperation with the pupil's family and her class teacher in primary school, the opportunity arose to draw on their personal experience of working with the pupil. Both the child's mother and the class teacher provided their answers in semi-structured interviews. Thanks to this, information was obtained about the student's behavior in the school environment, at home and in the environment of her peers. The author's own interpretation thus works with the results of professional research as well as from the personal experiences of the two people most significantly involved in the education of the pupil and in the building of her intellect. The aim of the work was to create an insight into how to work with these students and to create for them the most effective environment for learning in the conditions of...
Teacher as a victim of aggression
Vöröšová, Veronika ; Richterová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Linková, Marie (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of aggression aimed at a teacher. The theoretical part offers clarification of terms such as aggression, aggressive behaviour, violence and bullying. Furthermore, in separated chapters it discusses in detail the individual possible aggressors, to which belong pupils, parents, colleagues or principals. It focuses on their specifics related to teacher's attacks. The basis of the practical part is designed research realized by quantitative method. The research examined the experience of teachers from chosen elementary schools in Ústí nad Labem region with aggression towards them. Specifically, it dealt with broadening of aggression against teachers, mentioned forms and aggressors. The teachers also had the opportunity to describe their experience which they find as the most serious one. The results are alarming and they call for greater attention whether in the professional or general public. The aim of this thesis is not just being informative, moreover, it should serve as a motivation for further research. KEYWORDS aggressive behaviour, aggression, bullying, teacher, pupil, parent, mobbing, bossing, elementary school

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