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Nature as inspiration for leisure education
The thesis deals with the organization of leisure activities where the main tool and inspiration is nature. The theoretical part defines basic concepts of pedagogy of free time and points to the possibility of using nature as an inspiration not only for creating content components of leisure activities, but also as the environment in which the pedagogical - educational process of activities takes place. The practical part contains specific pedagogical - educational activity whose essence is built on respect for nature. Data for the creation of practical courses are drawn from the questionnaire survey, in which interviewed respondents used the opportunity to choose from a variety of activities that take place in nature, and expressed their concerns. After evaluating the results of the survey, three educational programs - educational activities - were developed by teaching principles: a lesson of painting "Water and Sky", a course of photography and an agility course.
Strategy of lifelong education of State Forestry Administration authorities
Polívka, Martin ; Trojan, Václav (advisor) ; Šafránková, Jana Marie (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to formulate a strategy for lifelong education of the state forest administration authorities' workers. The Ministry of Agriculture runs the education in the state and public administration on the basis of the Education Conception of the Ministry of Agriculture for the years of 2015-2020. This conception outlines education of state and public administration workers with departmental specialization. It determines the basic frame of lifelong education of all workers with departmental specialization. Yet there is no detailed strategy for particular domains of the department which would respond to real needs in practice. The strategy proposed in this thesis focuses on state forest administration workers at municipalities and regional offices. It is based on results of previous research which surveys the situation of state forest administration workers from the point of view of their work performance. Our research, which makes part of this thesis, is focused on their vocational lifelong education and surveys their needs concerning work performance and preferred forms and tools of further special education. This research serves for formulation of educational strategy and represents an analysis of needs which should be repeated at certain intervals. Regarding the context...
The symbol of time - "patriotic" priest Josef Plojhar
Adamus, Jakub ; Činátl, Kamil (advisor) ; Randák, Jan (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to compose biographical essay of the life of catholic priest Josef Plojhar, from his childhood to the beginning of fifties in the 20th century. Up to now unknown sources will be employed and with regard to absence of sources' platform partly oral historical sources will be used. I will follow his personal life, social situation of his family, problematic question of his germanization, career as a priest and consequential transformation to the profane sphere, the years in concentration camps and the years after 1945.
Teacher cooperation as the basis of the educational process
Rukavička, Radek ; Kasíková, Hana (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis is divided in two parts. The first theoretical part defines the term cooperation and deals with the question of cooperation and individualism in school environment. It also reflects the documents where cooperation is explicitly mentioned. It shows the influence of school culture and climate on the development of cooperation, and it studies the climate of teacher-staff, and the role of the leadership in teachers' cooperation. The thesis further tries to map the reasons for refusing cooperation and define the environment that would encourage and support cooperation among teachers. At the same time, it identifies obstacles that prevent cooperation. It is aimed at mapping the areas and forms of cooperation used in school systems and various levels in which the teachers are wiling to cooperate. The practical part contains an exploratory study aimed at discovering the actual situation in teachers' cooperation in Primary/Lower Secondary Schools in the capital city Prague and a good practice examples that present options of cooperation among teachers in a Primary and Lower Secondary School in Prague 2.
Project of Profession Navigation for Students of Faculty of Management of University of Economics Prague
Vlčková, Dominika ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (advisor) ; Nawrath, Martin (referee)
The aim of thesis is to propose specifications of workshop named Profesní navigace, co se životem na prahu dospělosti?, which is organized at the Faculty of Management of University of Economics (FM VŠE) in Jindřichův Hradec. The seminar is aimed at helping students, who are looking for answers to their questions, which are connected with their entry into adulthood. Trained tutors, authors of course, help them with using the method of process-oriented work. In the theoretical part I am writing about personality development and about methods, which are using to conduct these courses. In the practical part I am applying acquired knowledge into concrete recommendations for further development this workshop.
City, Sea, Chicken, Building - Theoretical Framework and Contents of Teachingin the Seminar “Modern Theories of Development and Urban Planning”
Březovská, Markéta
City, sea, chicken, house. Can we teach the modern theory of urbanism according to established rules and patterns? As we do it with noun declension neuter? Shouldn’t we rather reflect contemporary practices and new emerging tendencies? My paper describes a new seminar initiated by the Ústav navrhování V, taught in the winter term of 2011/1012 by my colleague Jan Kristek and myself and under the supervision of Karel Havliš. The seminar Modern Development and Theories of Urbanism carried a subtitle City: Growth, Ideology, Power and Violence. Its objective was to acquaint students with the theory of our field, the relations between cities and technology, economy and politics, with various approaches to urban planning, ideologies, urban growth and problems of cities since the first industrial revolution until today. Part of the course was a reflection of the interdisciplinary discourse - students had to read, understand and represent texts written by experts of different professional backgrounds, all dealing with cities: sociology, economics, geography, philosophy, urban anthropology or cultural ethnography. We aimed to teach students to think critically, argue correctly, and independently express their opinion in matters of urban planning theory, regardless of established patterns. My paper explains the theoretical framework of the seminar, its concrete content and affects on the processing of myown dissertation. My colleague Jan Kristek elaborates the methodology.
Event Marketing – Effectivness of Adventure and Emotions in Company Marketing Mix
Kafková, Lada ; Coufalová, Pavlína (referee) ; Chalupský, Vladimír (advisor)
This thesis deals with the topic of event marketing and its effective utilization in the marketing communication mix of a company. It specifies the different types of events, the planning process and creation of an event marketing strategy. In the analytical part the current state of operation of event marketing in a business company is described. Optimal event marketing strategy in a business company is proposed within the solution suggestion focusing on attracting attention with the help of unusual experiences, strengthening existing business relations and establishing new business relationships.
The personality of a manager - professional in public administration
Štíchová, Ludmila ; Mašková, Helena (referee) ; Pokorný, Jiří (advisor)
The diploma work seeks for a personality of an ideal manager in chosen institutions of public administration, defines, who is an ideal manager and compares theoretical knowledges with reality. It contains a concept of training and a manual conductive to increasing in professionalism of managers in public administration.
The Creative Centre Brno-Cejl
Kašpárková, Eliška ; Vaněk, Petr (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The main purpose of this project is reconstruction former penitentiary for a Creative Centre. The lokation is in Brno, between Cejl streer, Bratislavská street and Soudní street. The main idea of this project is „make the place with incubators for young architects, creativ persons and designers. The building program is adapted to the historical essence and construction and technical situacion of this building. There are designed spaces for their creations, exhibions, distributions and auctions of their artistic products. The idea of concept contains too the space for lectures, workshops, seminars, courses and untraditional educational projects, visual and acustic and different productions. There is too the possibility of short-term accommondation in attic. The part of this object is reserved for dancing lessons. All these spaces are designed for a rent. There are designed too new entrance spaces, parking places, technical equipment and facilities. The inseparable part of this project are inner atriums, entrance spaces and contunuity on public street spaces and communications. The complex of Creative centre is without mobile roofing and without covered passages. The main idea of this complex is to preserve the main square mass with the central wing, and is to clean up the less historical insignia extensions of the Cejl street and of the Bratislavská street. From the constructional poit of view consists this buiding two aboveground floors with used attic. The attic is coved with gabled roof made of interlocking tiles. The complex is based on stone basis with bearing wall made from full of burnt brick. The ceilings are made of wooden beams with arches of full of burnt brick. At the present the complex is without permanent using. The part of this complex was sold in personal property. The functional content of this complex after the reconstruction is to create the creative centre (with accompanying cultural and social functions) for creative, design
One hundred years of history of education at secondary industrial school in Volyně in period 1914-2014
This diploma thesis deals with development of industrial school in Volyně in the last one hundred years (1914-2014). Due to such long and rich history of this industrial school, being the second oldest functioning school of this kind, we covered the last one hundred years. Division into chapters follows the changes of school name where such change reflects certain social situation. In this work you can find development of school, its capacity problems which could be solved by looking for and subsequent finding a suitable place for construction and following building of school grounds, problems with accommodation and boarding of students. We keep track of changes related to changes of political situation, changes of study length, fields of study, students´ activities etc. Certain space is related to presentation of school to public (competitions, exhibitions, seminars). In this work you can also find some interesting facts which characterize given period. Sources for this thesis were taken from the archive materials of State district archive in Strakonice, annuals and annual reports of school and school chronicles. This work should contribute to covering history of education system in Volyně.

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