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Landscape Management of River Basin Skalice
Reiniš, Daniel ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (advisor) ; Kratochvíl, Jakub (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to analyze and evaluate the state of the landscape in the model part of the Skalice river basin and to determine the possible negative effects of intensive agriculture on the selected village of Smetana Lhota. Inappropriate melioration and high losses soil and nutrients from the fields were found in the model area. The research, which took place in the village of Smetanova Lhota, confirmed that intensive agriculture actually affects the inhabitants of the village. The findings are used to recommend how to approach to the revitalization of the landscape in the model territory based on the Complex landscaping. Approaches to revitalization the landscape can be used in similar forms on whole basin of the Skalice river. The landscape revitalization should reduce the eutrophication of the Orlík dam and restore its original character.
Costs for the revitalization of the selected watershed
Vůjtěchová, Petra ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (advisor) ; Votava, Libor (referee)
The aim of this Bachelor thesis is to create qualified estimation of essential costs needed for stabilization of drainage conditions in the landscape of spring area of the river Jihlava based on design appropriate protective measures. There are fundamental elements described in this thesis which can be used to revitalize the river basin. Further there is described how to create the costing for the measures to stabilize drainage conditions and what is the basis for costing. The task arises as a result from need to specify estimated costs which are cited between two and twenty billion Czech crowns to revitalize spring areas of the Czech Republic. The need of revitalization of basin landscape in the Czech Republic arises mainly from the necessity to decrease the outflow speed in the ladscape and to assure prevention of negative impacts of ongoing changes.
Management of runoff conditions in the Svratka river basin above Vírská dam
Kala, David ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (advisor) ; Humešová, Tereza (referee)
This thesis deals with the management of drainage ratios in the river basin of Svratka River upon Vírská Reservoir. The core part and aim of this work is to determine the condition of the Svratka River upon the Vír Reservoir and its springs, to define the problems and to select the threatened areas in above mentioned area. Part of this thesis is also to detect the attitude of the municipalities with extended activity and representatives of the state enterprise, Povodí Moravy. These entities will be investigated on the issue of outflow conditions in landscape and landscape adjustments. The current problem of the river basin is given by the ongoing state of the landscape. Wash downs, reduced ability of landscape to maintain water, soil erosion, agricultural activity cause pollution of streams. The steadily worst situation is noted on the Bílý potok below Polička, Svratka River inflow. This particular area is labelled for priority landscape adjustment.
Project proposal for the establishment of a wildlife rehabilitation centrum in the Czech Republic
Rothová, Nicole ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (advisor) ; Hejda, Jan (referee)
The aim of this thesis was to develop a project for the establishment of a wildlife rehabilitation centrum in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part focuses on the description of the rehabilitation centrum, their activities, their history, and also the National Network of Rehabilitation Stations, legislation and the non-profit sector. In each chapter of the theoretical part there are mentioned the similarities of rehabilitation centrums in Slovakia, the United Kingdom and the United States. The practical part is based on the obtained information. This part include an overview of the differences in the issue of rehabilitation stations in the world with the comparison of the Czech Republic. The rest of the practical part deals with the project of setting up a rehabilitation station near the czech town Jindřichův Hradec. This project was developed on the basis of studied literature and two structured interviews.
Landscape Management of the Part River Basin Bečva
Klvaňová, Markéta ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (advisor) ; Svobodová Kaiferová, Dagmar (referee)
The aim of this thesis was to evaluate the landscape of the part of the Bečva river basin and to find out problems with the drainage conditions due to the persisting problems with floods and droughts. Based on the acquired knowledge about the landscape and human activity, the most vulnerable parts of the area were selected, with priority being given to revitalizing activities. The tools for revitalization of the landscape are complex land arrangements (hereinafter referred to as KoPU). The work determined insufficiency in their implementation and therefore possible changes to the procedures of the KoPU implementation process were proposed. The proposed procedures include cooperation with landscape and water management experts who are able to identify landscape problems, propose effective measures, and provide consultations to individual municipalities. In addition, community-led processes have been proposed to contribute to positive public approach to revitalization and overall awareness of environmental issues. The proposed KoPU implementation procedures, including land remedy (also with landscape improvements), should help to stabilize the water regime and to reduce the negative impacts of the climate changes.
Assessment of effectiveness of evaluation system of employees in the selected organization
Davidová, Alena ; Hiršová, Miloslava (advisor) ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (referee)
This thesis deals with motivation, stimulation and evaluation of employees. The aim is not only to asses the effectivity of employees' evaluation system in chosen organization from impact to their motivation perspective, but also to elaborate recommendation for it's improvement. I gained the data from questionnaires. Answers were processed by descriptive statistics. In conclusion were suggested possible changes of motivational and evaluational programme.
Brand product as a source of role identity
Štanglová, Veronika ; Novotná, Eliška (advisor) ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (referee)
This thesis focuses on the analysis of the way a product label forms a customers identity and more precisely the identity of a given social group. The aim of this thesis is to analyse the way a product label contributes to the creation and formation of an individual consumers identity. It involves the analysis of the waya purchase of a certain kind of goods is related to the customers lifestyle or hisbelonging to a certain social group. The author of this thesis intends to capture the purchase behaviour and to evaluate to what extent a product label influences the creation of a customers identity.
Basic Income as an Instrument of Social Policy
Caizl, Josef ; Votava, Libor (advisor) ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (referee)
Subject of this bechalor's thesis is to evaluate theoretical concept of basic income. At first the paper will define basic income as such and then it will describe it's history and alternations. Futher, the paper will uncover fucntion's of current social welfare system in the Czech republic. Primary goal of this thesis is evualuate economic and social benefits of basic income, and lays down a question if it's possible to ipmlement such system in the Czech enviroment.
The pitfalls of social engineering, prevention and protection
Rytychová, Jana ; Hejda, Jan (advisor) ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of social engineering, especially from the point of view of threats, which is present for society today. In addition to clarifying the concept itself, the aim of the thesis is to familiarize itself with the most common tools and methods of social engineering, with respect to expansion of information technologies, which is a golden age for the given branch. The output of this thesis is a general manual for the manager. It will form the cornerstone of information security settings and will be an imaginary counterbalance to identified threats and also as a possible tool for employee training.
Management zemědělského podniku a životní prostředí
Baštýřová, Jiřina ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (advisor) ; Šlesinger, Jaromír (referee)
The objective of the present thesis is to evaluate economic activities of a medium-sized agricultural farm in a real environment. The theoretical part of the thesis is engaged with the problems of the current scale of use of the landscape by farmers who continue to lay emphasis primarily on the economic function. Subsequently, in pursuance of our research, an alternative method of farming, i.e. organic farming, is described, along with the contemporary situation of this sphere in the Czech Republic. The last chapter of the theoretical part examines the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU and the tools thereof. In the framework of our research, the area of interest in which the farm observed works is described, and processes of the farm´s economic activities and economic evaluation are delineated. Next, environmentally-friendly landscape measures are proposed which take into consideration both the ecologic and social functions. This method of farming is evaluated in terms of economy and this evaluation includes an outline of the problems of the system of subsidies

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