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Apartment house in Pelhřimov
Vaněk, Petr ; Hnízdilová, Aneta Aya (referee) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with documentation for the execution of the construction of new building apartment house in Pelhřimov. It is the house with two above-ground floors with partial basement. The apartment building has five flats. Every flat has one cellar in basement. The loadbearing masonry is designed from clay bricks POTOTHERM with contact thermal insulaton system. The objekt is roofed with a flat roof with a pea gravel.
The Reconstruction of the Old Post Building in Rousínov
Chovanečková, Nikol ; Vaněk, Petr (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The theme of the bachelor’s thesis is the reconstruction of the building of the former Post Office on the square in Rousínov, and its adjacent extension. This project originates from a studio project elaborated in the summer semester of the second grade of the bachelor’s study. In the past there was a post office, telegraph and telephone switchboard on the second floor. On the first floor there was a flat and some shops. In the front facade there was a barber Svoboda, collection of cloths and bones, staircase to the second floor and dwellings for poor. In previous time there were twelve hired soldiers with a their sergeant accommodated. The building remained unused for a long time, which affected the current technical condition. Nowadays it is impossible to use the building for the same purpose as in the past. For that reason it is necessary to find a new functional utilization. The building itself is rather small, of a simple rectangle ground plan. Along with the church and repaired old townhall it forms important places on the square of Rousínov. Taking into consideration the building location the information center, services for public, ie. hairdresser, beauty care, manicure, pedicure is designed on the first floor. On the second floor there are premises to be let for administrative purposes. In the attic there are social premises, such as projection hall or premises for family celebrations or business meetings. An important requirement was to keep the character of baroque‘s features – moulding, window holes, attic roof and broken arcs, arcades in the interior. The newly designed building consists of two parts – connecting glass passageway and a building used as an exhibition hall with public toilets. Due to lack of public and social events in the town Rousínov, on the first floor of the new building there is a sport’s center designed with two multipurposes halls, massages and a reception desk. All premises in the newly designed building as well as
Multi-function Cultural Centre "Creative City" in Brno
Macková, Eliška ; Vaněk, Petr (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor)
The diploma thesis Multifunctional Culture Centre ‘Creative City’ Brno deals with the architectural study of rebuilding and extension of the former prison building in Bratislavská and Soudní street in Brno for cultural, social and commercial purposes. The project includes a new use of the existing building for creative industries, commercial activities and services. There are apartments in the new extension. The parking places are situated below the ground level in the northern part of the complex. The building complex creates a pleasant environment contributing the creativity.
Znojmo, the Reconstruction of House Malá Františkánská , Nr. 121
Peková, Pavla ; Vaněk, Petr (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor) ; Balíková, Jitka (advisor)
The solved remains of a house are located in the Znojmo historical center. The old house is protected monument in an urban conservation area. The house is situated of a block of buildings on the corner of a Malá Františkánská and Klácelova streets. The building is dilapidated in this time. Some walls are supported by reinforcing structures. Most of the aboveground structures won´t be able to retain. Only some parts of the house will retain such as cellar, the walls of the Malá Františkánská street, two gothic portals, rock lining of the basement windows and entrance secession´s doors. The main idea was to create an object fitting into the surroundings which is characterized by a high density of historic buildings. The construction is largely solved by brick walls. There are also glazed facade stairs which are designed as a steel frame. The gabled roof covered with plain tiles is proposed with dormer windows. Doors and windows are made of wood - oak shade. There is used white lime Cemix preservationist program on the external plaster. The building is functionally divided into areas cafes, wine cellar and two maisonettes. Basement and whole 1st floor are used for commercial purposes cafe with a total area of 97 square meters. The wine bar is spread at the area of 139 square meters. There are two maisonettes in the 2nd and 3rd floor. The first one is 4+KK with the area of 125 square meters. The second one is 6+KK with 180 square meters. The main entrance to the building is an open passage leading to a small enclosed courtyard. The passage is the entrance to the cafe and also to staircase connecting all floors including the basement, wine cellar, wine bars and both floors with penthouse apartments. There is designed lift for disabled in the whole object from this atrium.
"Centrum" Department Store in Brno
Ledvinková, Šárka ; Vaněk, Petr (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor)
The architectural design of the reconstruction of Centrum department store is trying to establish a link to Tomáš Baťa by the phenomenon of high-rise buildings, and architectural design. The renovated part is trying to re-establish the original appearance and dispositions. New high-rise portion of the building are leveraging current architectural trends continue the functionalist Karfíks ideas. The aim was to carefully distinguish between the new and the original part of the building for the present pleasant correspondence with the surrounding historicist facades. This was mostly achieved through inclined and curved shapes with which functionalism rarely worked. Operation in new part is provided by a vertical communication tube, whose facade is composed of a vertical garden, which should contribute to the improvement of living conditions in densely built-up city center. The building is located in the center of city there are high demands for its multipurpose use. Shops, services and catering operations are situated in the lower part of the building. In successive floors is office space, and then on the top floor there are duplex apartments. Automatic stacker parking for residents is placed under the communication tube.
Information System of Scout Troop Using the Web Gallery API
Vaněk, Petr ; Burget, Radek (referee) ; Volf, Tomáš (advisor)
In this thesis is described design and realization of information system of scout troop which uses application programming interface for management of photos. The system provides users complete management of components, contributions, events and photos. There are presented selected services for the management of albums and photos which offer to use their API in their specification. Picasa Web Albums, SkyDrive and Rajč are these services. Design of application comprises the whole architecture of system and design of database. The thesis also contains an implementation of system with use API of chosen service and with technologies PHP, MySQL or JavaScript.
Activities of the Managing Board of an Apartment Owners Association
Vaněk, Petr ; Hobst, Leonard (referee) ; Klika, Pavel (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the condominiums where apartment owners association is established. The first part of the diploma thesis summarizes basic terms essential for understanding the topic. Subsequently the history of flats ownership in Czechoslovakia and later in the Czech Republic are explained. The first chapter of the analytical part focuses on the foundation of the apartment owners association, the course of the assembly of unit owners and election of a chairman and committee. The last chapter analyses the housing law of selected European country, and its result is subsequently compared to Czech legislation. Lastly, we provide a suggestion for improvement of Czech legislation and answer the questions asked in the beginning. The hypotheses that were established at the beginning are confirmer or refuted and all the results are explained.
Entrepreneurial Intention of Business Development
Šafařík, Martin ; Vaněk, Petr (referee) ; Žižlavský, Ondřej (advisor)
The Master's thesis theme is „Entrepreneurial Intention of Business Development“. The main aim of the thesis is to carry out a complex analysis of the problem of current situation in a company AUTOSHOP PAULUS, spol. s r.o. and its environment. Furthermore, based on results of the analysis and on the analysed state of the company, the thesis aims to draft measures leading to development of the company or to strenghtening of its position on the market and to raising its sales. The analysis of the company was based on: analysis of general and field environment, analysis of internal effects, financial analysis and SWOT analysis.
Znojmo, the Reconstruction of House Malá Františkánská , Nr. 121
Lajtkepová, Lenka ; Vaněk, Petr (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor) ; Balíková, Jitka (advisor)
The task of bachelor´s thesis was to design a reconstruction of residues in Znojmo on the street Malá Františkánská. The proposal is an alternative spatial and functional solution of the object based on its historic character which is architecturally interesting and also good in terms of technique and construction. It was based on an architectural study that I designed in the studio restoration of monuments in the summer semester of the third year. In this work there is then documented the development of this project - from the initial architectural studies, through study of construction to the project documentation for building construction. In the last part - architectural detail - is concerned with the solution fills a gothic portal. An integral part is the technical report where everything is thoroughly described.
The Creative Centre Brno-Cejl
Kašpárková, Eliška ; Vaněk, Petr (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
The main purpose of this project is reconstruction former penitentiary for a Creative Centre. The lokation is in Brno, between Cejl streer, Bratislavská street and Soudní street. The main idea of this project is „make the place with incubators for young architects, creativ persons and designers. The building program is adapted to the historical essence and construction and technical situacion of this building. There are designed spaces for their creations, exhibions, distributions and auctions of their artistic products. The idea of concept contains too the space for lectures, workshops, seminars, courses and untraditional educational projects, visual and acustic and different productions. There is too the possibility of short-term accommondation in attic. The part of this object is reserved for dancing lessons. All these spaces are designed for a rent. There are designed too new entrance spaces, parking places, technical equipment and facilities. The inseparable part of this project are inner atriums, entrance spaces and contunuity on public street spaces and communications. The complex of Creative centre is without mobile roofing and without covered passages. The main idea of this complex is to preserve the main square mass with the central wing, and is to clean up the less historical insignia extensions of the Cejl street and of the Bratislavská street. From the constructional poit of view consists this buiding two aboveground floors with used attic. The attic is coved with gabled roof made of interlocking tiles. The complex is based on stone basis with bearing wall made from full of burnt brick. The ceilings are made of wooden beams with arches of full of burnt brick. At the present the complex is without permanent using. The part of this complex was sold in personal property. The functional content of this complex after the reconstruction is to create the creative centre (with accompanying cultural and social functions) for creative, design

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