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Red or brown scarf? The destinies of the Pioneer organisation and Junak in the early communist era in Czechoslovakia
Churáčková, Anna ; Koura, Petr (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee)
RÉSUMÉ The diploma thesis analyses the process of creation of the Pioneer organization, and the gradual prohibition of the Scout organization Junák by the Communist regime at the turn of the 1940s and 1950s. The thesis aims to describe the view of the Junák organization by the Communist regime, and to compare both youth organizations. The first part focuses on the creation of Junák, its development up to 1945, and discusses the organization, meaning and content of the Scout educational method. The second crucial chapter describes the history of the Scout movement after World War II in the context of the post-war tendency to merge youth organizations and give them a single central leadership. The reasons and circumstances under which the Communist regime decided to suspend the activity of the Scout organization and to give full responsibility for the education of children to the Czechoslovak Youth Federation (ČSM) and its part, the Pioneer organization, are examined. The task of the Pioneer organization in the socialist society is described, so are its organization, meaning, symbols and the educational framework. The concluding chapter presents the early activities of Pioneers in the first socialist years to then discuss the socialist view of ethics and the working methods in youth work put forward by the...
Josef Smrkovský as a Victim of Persecution in the Fifties
Novotný, Jindřich ; Koura, Petr (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with one phase of Josef Smrkovský's life between 1945-1963. After WW II and his engagement in the Prague Uprising, he was an eminent communist politician who possessed considerable power in the agrarian policy. However, he was arrested in 1951, became a victim of political trials and was sentenced to jail. He was later released due to the order of a rehabilitation committee, but he was not fully rehabilitated. The thesis examines and compares primary sources on Smrkovský's trial, describing methods of the State Secret Police such as surveillance, interrogations and both physical and psychological violence. Reports of Smrkovský's cellmates are also commented on. The thesis concludes with the analysis of rehabilitation committees and the effort of Smrkovský to clear himself. He re-entered political life at the beginning of the sixties. KEYWORDS Josef Smrkovský, politics, persecution, the fifties, The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, State Secret Police, rehabilitation
Legal aspects of prevention of generation and recovery of packaging waste
Kleiberová, Pavla ; Sobotka, Michal (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee)
Název diplomové práce v anglickém jazyce, abstrakt v anglickém jazyce a 3 klíčová slova v anglickém jazyce NÁZEV V ANGLICKÉM JAZYCE Legal aspects of prevention of generation and recovery of packaging waste KLÍČOVÁ SLOVA V ANGLICKÉM JAZYCE packaging, prevention of generation of packaging waste, circular economy ABSTRAKT V ANGLICKÉM JAZYCE This diploma thesis addresses the legal aspects of packaging and packaging waste with the focus on the prevention of generation of packaging waste. The thesis is devoted to the legislation of packaging, packaging management and packaging waste management. The subject of research is the european legislation (mainly directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste and directive 2008/98/EC on waste) and Czech legislation based on the european directives (mainly Act No. 477/2001 Coll., on packaging and Act No. 185/2001 Coll., on waste). This legal problematics is undergoing a significant evolution. Higher targets regarding minimisation of packaging waste and more ecologically acceptable ways of managing packaging waste required by european directive amendments and other new conceptual documents (most importantly A new Circular Economy Action Plan) are going to be reflected in the Czech legislation by a new act on packaging, which is being a subject of a legislation process....
Renewable energy sources support yesterday, today and tomorrow
Měsícová, Gabriela ; Pokorný, Jiří (advisor) ; Franková, Martina (referee)
Renewable energy sources support yesterday, today and tomorrow Abstract The diploma thesis deals with the issue of amendment to the Act on Supported Energy Sources 165/2012 Coll. It specifically focuses on the topic of auction mechanisms used as a tool for determining state aid. Over the past few years, these mechanisms have been successfully replacing the existing European renewable energy sources (RES) support systems and are also recommended by the European Commission, which considers them best option for the internal market. The thesis maps the historical development of RES support in Europe and consequently also in the national context, taking into account international commitments, and revealing the motivation for the reform of the existing system. It also focuses on the principles of auction mechanisms in theory, using in particular foreign literature, and monitors in particular approaches to providing pre-contractual certainty for both investors and the state, the way in which auctions are affected by the volumes of energy demanded or the lack of competition, as well as considering the advantages and disadvantages of each auction pricing approach. Consequently, the thesis follows the practical implementation of auctions in Germany and Poland, noting the specific mechanisms that these neighboring...
Principles and instruments of environmental protection in the energy sector
Majerová, Kristýna ; Damohorský, Milan (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee)
The Diploma Thesis deals with individual principles and instruments of environmental protection in the context of energy. The work is systematically divided into three parts in order to first introduce readers to the energy field with regard to the environment, and then practically demonstrate the reason behind emphasizing application of given tools and principles. In the thesis, there is an analysis of the legislative regulation of energy on all three levels, meaning international, union and national. In conclusion, potential shortcomings are pointed out, as well as controversial topics of Energy Law including recommendations for their solution.
National parks in the Czech Republic and their legal regulation
Klimešová, Veronika ; Stejskal, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee)
National parks in the Czech Republic and their legal regulation Abstract The subject of this master theses are national parks in the Czech Republic and their legal regulation. The main legal document that regulates the issue of national parks in our country, is the Act No. 114/1992 Coll., On Nature and Landscape Protection, as amended. This Act has been significantly amended and its wording has been in force since 2017. For the most part, this new regulation affected especially national parks that represent the most important and strictly protected areas in the Czech Republic. Although, in practice the amendment has not yet been fully reflected, as some institutes are still in the process of negotiation or approval. The aim of this thesis is therefore by means of methods of description, analysis and comparison comprehensively summarize regulation of the existing national parks and at the same time in the light of the previous legislation to compare it and analyze. Subsequently, critically evaluate the extent to which the Czech legislator has managed to create an effective legal regulation responding to the current needs of nature protection. At the same time, the thesis also aimed to compare the legal regulation of national parks with a foreign state, specifically Slovakia. This thesis is divided into six...
The Right to a Favourable Environment in Case-law of the Czech Courts
Krejčíčková, Šárka ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee)
The Right to a Favourable Environment in Case-law of the Czech Courts Abstract This diploma thesis deals with the right to a favourable environment as it is contained in the decisions of the Czech courts. The main objective was to provide a complete overview of the development of case-law in this area, with an emphasis on some related problems. Presented diploma thesis points out especially on the unclear conception of the holders of the substantive right to a favourable environment in contrast to the substantive rights belonging to participants in environmental protection proceedings and strives for illustrating the interpretative difficulties associated with this double-track which occurs actually in the Czech legal order. Apart from other things, this thesis aims to point out to the current question, which was submitted to the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, i.e. whether the amendment to the Act of the Czech National Council no. 114/1992 Coll. on Nature and Landscape Protection is consistent with constitutional principles on the protection of public interests and assumptions of international law, especially whether it complies with the Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters (hereinafter also referred to as...
The legal principle of sustainable development in response to the climate change
Orlandin, Piero ; Stejskal, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee)
The legal principle of sustainable development in response to the climate change Abstract The ongoing climate change is a serious global problem of today's world. The impacts of this change on the environment and humankind together with the climatic sources of law on the international, EU and national level, were the objects of research of the first half of the introductory part of this master's thesis. The second half of the first part of the text introduces sustainable development as a sui generis solution, both as a general concept and as a legal principle according to the valid Czech law. Subsequently, the second part of the thesis conducts analysis of selected climate-sustainable institutes that respected the principles of sustainable development from the perspective of three different European countries. These specific approaches, which were demonstrated with the selected countries, subsequently serve as an inspiration for the synthesis in the final part of the thesis. In it, a recapitulation of the selected current climatic threats was undertaken, to which the author offers a solution through specific sustainable ways of functioning in the world's major socio-economic sectors. Subsequently, a similar analysis was performed on selected socio-economic sectors of the Czech Republic, which the author...

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