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The Response of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Russian Hybrid Threat: Case Study "Fall Lisa"
Pokorný, Jiří ; Handl, Vladimír (advisor) ; Lizcová, Zuzana (referee)
This master's thesis deals with the response of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Russian hybrid threat, which is examined using a case study of the so-called "Lisa case" from January 2016. The thesis aims to place the "Lisa case" in the context of German-Russian relations and hybrid threats in the security reality of the 21st century. Germany and Russia have long had a special relationship, which, however, fell into crisis after the Russian annexation of the Crimean Peninsula. The main goal of Russia's efforts to influence social and political development in Europe has become Germany, which must deal with new methods and strategies of hybrid warfare. The advent of hybrid threats is a challenge not only for Germany but also for its allies. Russia's view of hybrid threats proves that the term has different meanings for different actors. One of the manifestations of the Russian hybrid threat is the case of a thirteen-year-old girl of German-Russian origin Lisa F. who was missing in Berlin for several hours and allegedly raped by migrants. Although the German police promptly refuted the case, the Russian media misused the event to fuel an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty, especially among a significant minority of Russian Germans. The incident spread to the intergovernmental level when Russian...
Legal aspects of land consolidation
Brychta, Tomáš ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee)
Since the second half of the 19th century the land consolidation has been carried out as an administrative proceeding in the territory of the Czech Republic. As a result of a gradual development, the scope of land consolidation is becoming broader and goals of the proceeding are becoming more and more ambitious. What issues can be solved using land consolidation and which instruments are used to accomplish that? How do public and private interests affect the land consolidation and parties to the proceeding? What is, or rather what should be the course of the land consolidation proceedings? Are measures adopted in the proceeding actually being implemented in the landscape? Submitted master's thesis draws attention to substantive and procedural aspects of the matter, relevant case law, as well as statistical data and other evidence regarding concluded land consolidation. The first part of the thesis deals with historical development of land consolidation, focusing on the 19th and 20th century. This chapter aims to allow for a better understanding of the basis of the effective legal regulation, which adopts some former concepts, while firmly abandoning others. The second part represents a first introduction to the effective legal framework of the land consolidation. Using statistical data this chapter...
National parks regulation in the Czech Republic and the Kingdom of Spain
Krnáková, Eliška ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee)
1 Abstract Legal Regime of National Parks in the Czech Republic and the Kingdom of Spain National parks as traditional instruments of in situ nature protection, which ensure the protection of the most valuable natural values of the state, have long been a socially debated topic that deserves repeated attention. The fact that this is a current and fundamental issue is proved by the fact that both legal regulations examined in this thesis have undergone extensive changes. The Czech regulation of national parks was amended completely in 2017 and the Kingdom of Spain adopted a new law on national parks in 2014, also in response to a long-standing dispute between the autonomous regions and the central government over jurisdiction over specially protected areas. The aim of this work is to present and analyze the basic legal concept of national parks in the Kingdom of Spain and the Czech Republic, sources of legislation, tools used for nature protection, their anchoring in legislation and institutions related to the administration of national parks. Based on the performed analysis, a comparison of individual institutes is performed, their identical and different elements are evaluated and some changes de lege ferenda are proposed. This thesis is divided into eight chapters. The first chapter describes the...
Czech female students at high schools and universities at the turn of the 19th and 20th century: Case studies Honzák's sisters
Džurná, Hana ; Havlůjová, Hana (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee)
The thesis is on female education at the turn of 19th and 20th century in the Czech kingdom. It researches the situation of female students at the Czech secondary schools and Czech universities at that time. The life story of sisters Honzák's is used as an example to describe the situation in detail. The thesis deals with their status at the society, their family background, their colleagues and teachers'attitude and the approach of Ministry of Cult and education. As the resources there are personal letters, school records and their own memories. The resource derives from both archive and periodicals which were interested in progress in female education. The topic of female higher education is taken in general at the beginning, the first chapters are concerned with history od female education and school laws and the first female grammar school Minerva which is an inseparable part of the history and takes an important part in my thesis, then i tis followed by students'memories. The first female students had to overcome lots of obstacles to get the same university degree as male students. Their rewarding experience and memories give us a possibility to realize how much effort they had to make to become equal members of an university.
Labour trilogy of Antonín Zápotocký and it's movies and theatres adaptations
Záveský, Miroslav ; Koura, Petr (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee)
Antonín Zápotocký wasn't just a communistic politician and the second communistic president of Czechoslovakia. He wrote several books during his life, among them belong trilogy about history of labour movement in Czech lands. These books were dramatized and presented in important Czechoslovak's theatres. Also, they were cinematized and presented even in cinemas out of Czechoslovakia. The aim of this bachelor's theses is to introduce the literaly work of Antonín Zápotocký and of adaptations for theatre and cinema. This work is another piece of fragment to mosaic of cultural history last century and of endeavour to portray the second face of the second communistic president of Czechoslovak republic.
Jan Nepomuk Karel Kolovrat - Krakovský
Kališová, Kristýna ; Pokorný, Jiří (advisor) ; Vlnas, Vít (referee)
The bachelor thesis will represent a biography of an important character of Bohemian and Austrian 19th century. It will describe a career of Jan Nepomuk Karel Kolovrat - Krakovský, it focuses on his social status in Březnice, the way of managing manors, his interactions with czech nationaly patriotical society and his status in Bohemian nobility. KEYWORDS Kolovrat - Krakovský, Patriot, Benefactor, 19th century, national emancipation
Experimental workplace for research of car speed limiters
Kubát, Michal ; Možný, Radek (referee) ; Pokorný, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis deals with the issue of remote vehicle speed limitation. The aim of this work is to develop an experimental workplace where the speed limitation using connection to CAN bus will be tested. In the theoretical part, a research on existing solutions of speed limiters is conducted and their protocols and technologies are described. The theoretical part also includes a research and description of possible threats and attacks on technology ITS-G5. The practical part deals with the development of the experimental workplace that consists of an OBD-II simulator and a transmitter. The OBD-II simulator includes Arduino UNO and add-on modules, its communication is realised via CAN bus. Transmitter includes Arduino NANO. Then, a wireless communication between a transmitter and an OBD-II simulator on 433 MHz and the wireless speed adjustments are developed. Finally, the IVIM message is designed and implemented for car speed limitation. Its structure was selected according to ISO standards for communication in ITS-G5 technology. The implementation of this message was tested on an OBD-II simulator. On the whole, a complete experimental workplace was assembled, and its manual was created.
Smart solution for emergency call in cars
Haniška, Jan ; Štůsek, Martin (referee) ; Pokorný, Jiří (advisor)
This bechoral thesis is focused on design and realization of initial device prototype, which will be able to retrofit older vehicles with the system for emergency calling similar to eCall. Retrofitting is done by connecting the device to the diagnostic connector OBD. First part of thesis describes basic technologies used during device design, as CAN bus, dignostic connector OBD-II, communication protocols used in automotive industry or evaluation method for crash etc. Also there are described general requirements for this device according to European Union directives. Practical part of thesis is aimed at realization of vehicles electronic cotrol unit emulator needed for development. Then there is described device design, where are chosen components like GPS module, GSM modem, accelerometer and development board for control of entire device. Last part of thesis is focused on realization of device prototype. As main component of entire device was chosen development board NUCLEO-F103RB, made by manufacturer STMicroelectronics. During software development were used HAL libraries from this manufacturer. Also were created two new libraries. First library called CAN_data_load is used for communication between vehicles electronical control unit emulator by CAN bus interface and subsequent data processing and second one called GPS_load_control for data acqusition from GPS module and their processing. Finally there is described commissioning and service of created experimental workplace with realized prototype device. For this procedures were created additional instructions.
Implementation of a Service for Processing Diagnostic Data From a Car
Szymutko, Jaromír ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee) ; Šeda, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis is focused on the development of a web application designed for gathering and processing diagnostic and informative data from a vehicle. The backend was developed in Java with the support of the Spring framework. This part of the application contains all the application logic and provides a connection to the database. The frontend was developed as HTML templates with CSS style sheets. Dynamic elements were implemented as JavaScript scripts. The application supports user registration, user login, registration of the vehicle, and adding information to the user's profile. It also presents diagnostic and informative data from the vehicle in a user-friendly way by using tables and plots.
The literary life of the Second Republic (1938 - 1939)
Pavlíček, Tomáš ; Pokorný, Jiří (advisor) ; Kvaček, Robert (referee) ; Knapík, Jiří (referee)
V jádru jakéhokoli pokusu o souvislejší vědecké zpracování tématu obvykle stojí základní otázka, jež autora podnítila jeho realizaci a jež se většinou rovněž opakovaně jako leitmotiv do práce promítá od její zárodečné podoby finální textové realizaci. Téma naší práce patrně nejvíce určovala otázka po povaze dění v literárním a kulturním sociálním poli během kratičkého, přesto v komplexnějším pohledu zlomového období moderních českých dějin od mnichovské konference po zánik okleštěného česko-slovenského státu na jaře 1939. Ona nejasná a obecná formulace otázky v sobě po detailnější analýze skrývá již konkrétnější a snáze zpracovatelné problémové okruhy, které mohou sloužit jako prvky určující strukturu vlastní práce.

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