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Rozvoj motivace a spokojenosti zaměstnanců v brněnských pobočkách firmy Inditex
Malinová, Karolína
Malinová, K. Developement of motivation and satisfaction of employees in Inditex firm branches in Brno. Brno: Mendel university in Brno, 2022. The goal of this bachelor thesis is to find out the level of motivation and satisfaction of the employees in Inditex firm branches in Brno through survey and internal analysis of the business. The literary research consists of overview of professional starting points in connection with work satisfaction and motivation of the employees. Analytical part consists of internal analysis of the company through the 7S method and evaluation of the survey. Suitable recommendations for development of motivation and satisfaction of the employees will be proposed in the end, and these recommendations will be economically evaluated.
Pracovní výkonnost a řízení práce v podmínkách home office
Novotná, Tereza
Novotná, T. Job performance and work management on remote work. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendelova univerzita v Brně, 2023. This bachelor thesis deals with work performance and work management on re-mote work conditions in a selected company. The aim of the thesis is to assess the home office as one of the options of work organization and in terms of its long-term functioning, especially in the field of performance and work management of remote workers. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part contains a review of the litera-ture dealing with the issue. The second part of the thesis contains the actual re-search, which is divided into two parts. The first part of the research is based on a questionnaire survey, which was participated by the employees of the given com-pany. The second part is structured interviews with 5 senior employees of the company.
Spokojnosť obyvateľov s klientskými službami poisťovní v oblasti zákonného havarijného poistenia
Čajková, Viktória
This bachelor thesis deals with the satisfaction of the population with the client ser- vices of insurance companies in the field of liability and colision insurance. Nowa- days, the insurance market is considered to be the important and powerful compo- nent of the financial market. This thesis examines whether there is any insurance company that outperforms others in the area of customer satisfaction. I have chosen to focus only on the areas of liability insurance and collision insurance. The aim of the thesis is to find out whether it is worthwhile for current or prospective motor vehicle owners to stay with their insurance companies. And whether any of the in- surers should focus on improving their services for the satisfaction of their clients. The bachelor's thesis uses a questionnaire survey methodology and the data col- lected is evaluated and compared.
Vplyv emócií na spokojnosť a lojalitu návštěvníkov destinácií Českej republiky
Šteflíková, Dominika
The thesis focuses on selected positive and negative emotions and their influence on the satisfaction and loyalty of visitors to destinations in the Czech Republic. The aim is to evaluate the selected emotions on visitor satisfaction and loyalty and based on the results, suggest recommendations that could lead to increased satisfaction and loyalty. The theoretical part is devoted to tourism and emotions, as well as their connection to satisfied and loyal visitors. The practical part includes an evaluation of a questionnaire survey based on the statistical method of Spearman's correlation coefficient and interpretation of the results.
Marketingová studie spokojenosti uživatelů dřevostaveb na území Jihomoravského kraje
Čejka, David
The bachelor thesis focuses on a marketing study of the satisfaction of users of wooden buildings in the South Moravian Region. The investigation was designed to the approved wooden buildings between 2015 and 2022. Thanks to the questionnaire, I obtained answers to the individual headings, where I received information about the owners of the wooden buildings themselves. In addition, owners responded based on their experience and expectations of timber-frame construction. I then compiled the results into graphs and commented on them. I compared them with results from previous years. I formulated marketing recommendations for wood building contractors. I evaluated the practical benefits for the timber industry and the construction sector in the South Moravian Region.
Spokojenost návštěvníků a kvalita destinace cestovního ruchu
Kacetlová, Denisa
Kacetlová, D. Visitor satisfaction and quality of tourism destination. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2023. This diploma thesis deals with the evaluation of visitor satisfaction and the quality of the tourism destination Znojemsko and Podyjí. The main goal of the thesis is based on the identification of factors influencing the overall satisfaction of visitors to deduce a proposal for recommendations and measures for the destination management of Znojemsko and Podyjí to systematically increase the quality and satisfaction of destination's visitors. The research used a questionnaire survey with visitors directly in the destination, the obtained data were subjected to regression analysis.
Vliv motivace na loajalitu zaměstnanců ve firmě působící v odvětví služeb
Riedlová, Petra
Riedlová, P. The influence of motivation on employee loyalty in a company operating in the service industry. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2023. This thesis deals with employee motivation, satisfaction and loyalty. With the help of F. Herzberg's two-factor theory, information about the current motivational program of the chosen company and a survey conducted among employees, recommendations are proposed to improve the motivation and retention of satisfied employees. The first part is devoted to a literature search concerning organizational culture motivation, motivational theory, motivational tools and reward. The second part of the thesis is devoted to research and determination of recommendations.
Spokojenost a loajalita zákazníků v gastronomických podnicích
Chornous, Alina
This bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of customer satisfaction and subse-quent loyalty in gastronomic establishments in Southern Moravia. Another goal of the thesis is to determine changes in customer behaviour due to the Covid-19 pan-demic. Auxiliary data for the problem analysis is collected through a questionnaire survey and evaluated using IPA analysis and statistical methods. After analysing the collected data to increase customer satisfaction, a proposal for solving the cri-sis aspects of gastronomic establishments is presented.
Péče o zákazníky ve vybrané marketingové agentuře
Kovář, David
Kovář, D. Customer care in a selected marketing agency. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2023. The bachelor thesis deals with the research of customer satisfaction in an unnamed marketing agency. The research is carried out by means of a questionnaire survey of the clients in marketing agency. The questionnaire research had a return of approximately thirty percent. Subsequently, anonymized research was carried out on thirteen competing marketing agencies. Based on results of both researches were created recommendations for improving the quality of care in the selected marketing agency. Costs were quantified to better prioritize the implementation in recommendations. Based on research conducted, it was found that the marketing agency has mainly satisfied customers and its service is of a high standard. The weaknesses of the marketing agency are speed, working with social media and inappropriate selection of some items for presentation to customers. Compared to competitors researched marketing angency has an advantage in the complexity of services and client education.
Vliv stylů manažerského vedení na výkon a spokojenost zaměstnanců
Jankových, Nicolette
This bachelor’s thesis talks about identifying the impact of a managerial leadership styles on the employee performance and satisfaction in chosen companies. The aim is to evaluate those impacts and propose appropriate solutions which lead to an improvement of the current situation in individual companies. The first part of the thesis is dedicated to defining the terms related to the managerial leadership based on literature. After that the knowledge from the theory is used in the analytical part. Based on a questionnaire, in second part of the thesis the situation in individual companies is determined and enriched by a structured interview for more accurate results. Recommendations are then suggested following the achieved results from the questionnaire to increase the employee satisfaction and performance in the companies.

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