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Choosing telecommunication service providers by expats living in the Czech Republic
Gerashchenko, Volodymyr
The Bachelor thesis deals with the consumer behaviour of generation y expats, living in the Czech Republic and their attitude towards the telecommunication service providers and the services which are offered. The thesis is divided into two main parts. The first part of the thesis is the literature review consisting of topics covering consumer behaviour, marketing mix, and telecommunication technologies. The second part is the practical part which consists of the research and analysis of the biggest telecommunication companies in the Czech Republic following by a deep analysis and price comparisons of the participants who conducted the survey. The last part will include the conclusion and the marketing recommendation for the telecommunication companies here in the Czech Republic and their marketing strategy towards generation y expats.
Marketingová studie spokojenosti uživatelů dřevostaveb na území Kralovehradeckého kraje
Pařízek, Dominik
The Bachelor thesis deals with a survey of satisfaction of people living in wooden stuctures in Královehradský region. The objecive is to properly evaluate the motives for acquisition, user's experiences, advantages and disadvantages of these wooden structures and to make connections why it is so in this region. The author also dedicated one part of this thesis for description of the users themselves or their buildings. The results of this study can be further used in marketing, as a recommendations for companies or as an indicators for public.
Methodics of using UAV technology for documentation of interiors & exteriors of historical monuments
Škobrtal, Milan ; Škobrtal Zlámalová, Aneta ; Buršík, Dalibor ; Čadilová, Michaela ; Krátký, Vít ; Meiser, Tomáš ; Petráček, Pavel
Methodics deals with process of documentation of exteriors of historical objects by UAV, including adequate legislative. But the main issue is documentation of interiors of arthistorical value by drones - through our unique safe documentation method. Methods accompanies case studies, included are general informations about drones and digitalization of historical mouments.
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Competence of emotional intelligence as a factor of successful corporate communication
This bachelor thesis aims to analyze the competence of emotional intelligence and its impact on successful corporate communication. Furthemore to propose measures for the development of this competence. The theoretical part of this bachelor thesis describes the concept of emotional intelligence and the relationship between emotional intelligence and communication in the organization. It provides examples of methods for measuring emotional intelligence. The practical part of this bachelor thesis contains a questionnaire survey, a case study, and a semi-standardized interview. The case study focuses on employees of a selected company. Employees underwent a standardized EQ test and completed a questionnaire regarding their satisfaction with corporate communications. The expected outcome of the survey and case study is to find the relationship between the competence of emotional intelligence and the level of effective communication. The main goal of the interview is to present a possible way to improve recognizing one's own emotions and thus improve the competencies of emotional intelligence.
Studium prevalence a subtypové diverzity střevního prvoka rodu Blastocystis sp. ve zdravé lidské populaci v České republice
BROŽOVÁ, Kristýna
Blastocystis sp. is a common intestinal protist colonizing the human intestine. Its role in the human gut ecosystem remains unclear. Here, we aimed to expand the knowledge of the epidemiology of Blastocystis sp. in the gut-healthy humans in the Czech Republic, including the distribution of its subtypes, the correlation between its occurrence and several factors such as lifestyle, contact with animals, age, and sex. A total of 288 stool samples were obtained from asymptomatic individuals over the entire age-range and 136 samples from animals with which the volunteers were in frequent contact. All samples were examined in parallel by PCR and xenic in vitro culture.
Investing in precious metals as a tool of financial security for retirement
REMIÁŠ, Ondřej
The thesis deals with possibility of investing in precious metals (with a great focus on gold) as a way to have financial savings for retirement and comparing it with more widely used saving tools in the Czech Republic that are used for such purposes - sup-plementary pension insurance, life savings and more. The first part of this work looks at Czech pension system before and after its reforms and pointing out its unsustainability for the future. It then proceeds to look in history of investing in gold and analyze in great depth its benefits and disadvantages. The practical part was divided into financial analysis based on the example of the statistically average Czech citizen and a question-naire, which was attended by 288 respondents, mainly students or university graduates. Although the results of the work showed the suitability of gold and other precious met-als in the issue of financial security for retirement, we shouldn't also forger their disad-vantages when choosing them for this purpose. When creating a financial portfolio, one should think about involving a whole range of financial products - whether stock, bonds or its supplementation in the form of advantageous supplementary pension savings. Pre-cious metals undoubtedly have a place there, but they should be used primarily for their specific investment characteristics and advantages: as a hedge against inflation and mar-ket fluctuations of non-correlated financial instruments.
Průzkum výskytu oportunního prvoka, \kur{Giardia intestinalis}, u zdravých lidí a jejich zvířat v ČR s použitím qPCR
BROŽOVÁ, Kristýna
The main aim of this study was to optimize the qPCR diagnostic protocol for determination of the prevalence of intestinal protist, Giardia intestinalis, in a volunteer group across the Czech Republic. A total of 428 samples were collected from gut-healthy humans (296) and from animals (132) with which these people were in close contact. The overall prevalence of G. intestinalis was 7 % in humans and 19 % in animals. In addition, we compared the sensitivity of two molecular methods for detecting of the presence of giardia, specifically qPCR and conventional PCR. Based on our results, we found out that qPCR is more sensitive method than PCR.
Visitors` Satisfaction in South Bohemia (Lipno Tourist Area)
The higher number of customers in remarkable places causes more troubles. Therefore this Bachelor thesis focuses on traffic survey and satisfaction of visitors in the selected area, in this case Lipensko on South Bohemia, specifically Vyšší Brod, Rožmberk nad Vltavou, Lipno nad Vltavou, Frymburk and its surroundings. This area is rich in historical sights, natural monuments and other significant tourist attractions. The satisfaction of visitors is analysed on the basis of a questionnaire survey. The research took place in the summer, where the most tourists were present. All information and findings combined lead to answers of established hypotheses. The aim of this paper is to find out the main advantages and disadvantages and suggest adequate solutions of main problems.

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