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Promising Circuit Structures for Modular Neural Networks
Bohrn, Marek ; Ďuračková, Daniela (referee) ; Husák, Miroslav (referee) ; Fujcik, Lukáš (advisor)
The thesis deals with design of novel circuit structure suitable for hardware implementations of feedforward neural networks. The structure utilizes innovative data bus structure. The main contribution of the structure is in optimization of the utilization of implemented computing units. Proposed architecture is flexible and suitable for implementations of variety of feedforward neural network structures.
FFT implementation in FPGA and ASIC
Dvořák, Vojtěch ; Bohrn, Marek (referee) ; Fujcik, Lukáš (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design the implementation of fast Fourier transform algorithm, which can be used in FPGA or ASIC circuits. Implementation will be done in Matlab and then this form of implementation will be used as a reference model for implementation of fast Fourier transform algorithm in VHDL. To verify the correctness ofdesign verification enviroment will be created and verification process wil be done. Program that will generate source code for various parameters of the module performing a fast Fourier transform will be created in the last part of this thesis.
Modbus TCP interface
Krotký, Pavel ; Bohrn, Marek (referee) ; Pavlík, Michal (advisor)
Main puropose of this thesis is to design and develop Ethernet to serial interface converter. Ethernet and serial line protocols are briefly described. Appropriate microprocessor and hardware for realisation of each physical layars were choosen. Convertor uses Texas Instrument's TI-RTOS operating system. Convertor's purpose is to pass on communication between physical layers and also fulfill webserver role with configuration possibilities.
Computation of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of Hermitian matrix
Štrympl, Martin ; Bohrn, Marek (referee) ; Fujcik, Lukáš (advisor)
This project deals with computation of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of Hermitian positive-semidefinite complex square matrix of order 4. The target is an implementation of computation in language VHDL to field-programmable gate array of type Xilinx Zynq-7000. This master project deals with algorithms used for computation of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of positive-semidefinite symmetric real square and positive-semidefinite complex Hermitian matrix and the analysis of algorithms by AnalyzeAlgorithm program assembled for this purpose. The closing part of this project describes implementation of the computation into field-programmable gate array with use of IP core Xilinx® Floating-Point \linebreak Operator and SVAOptimalizer, SVAInterpreter and SVAToDSPCompiler programs.
Modular Power Supply for Formula Student
Ščípa, Samuel ; Bohrn, Marek (referee) ; Pavlík, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the theoretical analysis and design of switching power supply with galvanic isolation. The implementation of the design is in the form of the power and control part of the modular power supply. The device parameters are suited for the needs and requirements of the development department of the electric student formula. Design configuration achieves a maximum output voltage of 1000 V and a current of 100 mA, which are user-adjustable.
Ray tracer for radiation analysis of electronic components
Klement, Matej ; Fujcik, Lukáš (referee) ; Bohrn, Marek (advisor)
This thesis describes the methods of radiation analysis. It explains methods for calculating incident ionizing and non-ionizing radiation inside a shielding box. The methods are derived from active ESA standards for space engineering. Two MATLAB scripts and a stand-alone program were created based on these methods. One of the aims of this thesis was to compare the calculation methods based on their results and calculation principles. The main goal was to create a stand-alone program, which can be used as a useful tool for a special electronic circuit design engineer. This program can be used for calculating radiation inside a shielding geometry, discovering weak spots of the geometry, or showing ideal spots for the placement of a sensitive component.
Home automizing system
Papoušek, Marek ; Bohrn, Marek (referee) ; Pavlík, Michal (advisor)
The work deals with a design and realization of the comprehensive system of home automation. Individual elements of the system communicate utilizing CAN bus. Home automation system should provide lighting, heating and security management. The system should be controlled by tablets with android operating system utilizing developed control software. Microcomputer Raspberry Pi is used to control the automation system.
The design of Audio Amplifier
Schenk, David ; Bohrn, Marek (referee) ; Šteffan, Pavel (advisor)
The theme of my bachelor’s thesis is a design of audio amplifier for the reproduction signal from electric guitars. I decided to combine the advantages of tube preamp with the advantages of digital amplifiers. The work describesthe principle activity of selected involvement, includes the anode voltage filter simulation, analysis and measurement of input and output parameters and thein evaluation. Technical documentation for realization of the amplifier contains printed circuit board.
Harness tester
Smola, Tomáš ; Bohrn, Marek (referee) ; Pavlík, Michal (advisor)
This thesis deals with issue and construction of wire harness tester. In the first place, is this thesis focused on market exploration and comparison of comercial testers with concrete requirements for small batch production. I will try to find a suitable product in worldwide market, which would be convenient for company producing construction machinery. For testing switchboard harness we need to test interconnections between connectors, resistors, relays, diodes, transils and switches in the dashboard. If I can not find some product, I will try to design some new tester. My priorities will be testing all components in harness, maximum flexibility of tester for the future trends in contruction of rollers and user friendly control.
FPGA application in LED matrix display controlling
Šunka, Pavel ; Bohrn, Marek (referee) ; Fujcik, Lukáš (advisor)
The thesis gives an overview of the issue of control of full-color RGB LED panels with a large number of rows and columns. It deals with communication protocols for image transfer and information exchange. It focuses on implementing the FPGA into the RGB LED control structure. In the first half, the thesis focuses on deepening the theoretical knowledge about LED technologies, their control and color display. It further solves communication with superior elements. The last part of the theory is dedicated to FPGA circuits. The second part of the thesis describes the practical design of the FPGA circuit from UART and SPI communication through data storage from the communication to the panel control itself.

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