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Širým světem of Stanislav Nikolau. Geographical magazine 1924 - 1944
Ulipová, Jana ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Köpplová, Barbara (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the magazine "Širým světem", which was managed by Stanislav Nikolau (1878-1950), a prominent figure in the public life of the First Czechoslovak Republic. Based on a historical analysis of primary sources, placed in context by the study of secondary literature, it completes Nikolau's personality including his views orientation that is based on the ideas of the nationalist right-wing, with a strong anti-Communist orientation, through the leadership of the Czech fascist movement Vlajka to the anti-Semitic rhetoric. The thesis presents his rich activity in the pedagogical, journalistic, and editorial field and does not omit his professional work that was always closely intertwined with geography. However, it is an analysis of the non-fictional periodical "Širým světem. The Geographical Magazine", founded by Nikolau for young readers in 1924 that is the core of the thesis. The magatine's content also corresponded to that − it included adventure stories, short stories and original travel reports that − in addition to the resilience of the human spirit − also reflected the diversity of geographical conditions especially on non-European continents. It continued to develop and change in the context of Nikolau's preferences, reflecting the growing interest of the reading public...
Popularization of the manipulation hypothesis
This bachelor thesis deals with popularization of manipulation hypothesis among children attending elementary school and general audience in the form of short stories. In the literary part were chosen ten examples of manipulation by a parasite from scientific literature. In the research part was examined the topic of manipulation theory in the current biological textbooks for elementary school. Subsequently were created five short stories of manipulation by a parasite to help the reader understand the relationship in the examples in an easy way.
Popularization of science in Czech audiovisual media with focus on astronautics
Vopršal, Lukáš ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Halada, Jan (referee)
This thesis deals with the topic of processing and popularization of science, namely the field of cosmonautics within the context of the Czech audiovisual media. The first aim of the thesis is to critically analyze the content of selected episodes broadcasted on a science-popular program within the course of the years of 2021-2022. The second aim is to evaluate the use of popularization elements within the selected episodes through an application of suitable comparative methods. The dissertation is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part of the work, a research was conducted based on Czech and foreign professional literature, with the aim of mapping and describing different approaches to the popularization of science in the media. This has been done by defining the terms science, mass media, scientific journalism and popularization of science within this context. An extensive part of the research is organized in a chronological fashion, encompassing the development and evolution of Czech scientific journalism, with its beginnings in the second half of the 19th century to the present day. This trajectory is analyzed in detail using the examples of two renowned science-popular programs called "Meteor" and "Okna vesmíru dokořán". In the practical part, it has been...
Archaeology in pictures - presentation of the popularizing project by vernissage and exhibition
Hlavica, Michal ; Ostrý, C.
The paper informs about the background of realization of vernissage and exhibition called “Archeologie v obrazech” (Archaeology in pictures) that took place in 2014 in the foyer of the university cinema Scala at Brno.
Popularization in trenches - Zá as a platform of the popularization of the battlefield archaeology
Hlavica, Michal ; Zubalík, J. ; Těsnohlídek, J.
The paper informs about popularization activities of the research team focusing on questions connected to the battlefield and conflict archaeology.
Tabloidization in Czech Daily Press - Changes between 1995 - 2010
Dokulilová, Radka ; Trampota, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bednařík, Petr (referee)
Diploma thesis "Tabloidization of the Czech Daily Press - Changes between 1995 - 2010" deals with continuous process of changes in Czech daily press. The study focuses on national Czech dailies both quality press and tabloid during the period of 1995 to 2010. It tries to explain different aspects that have brought the changes. The goal of this study is to show the tabloidization characteristics with the defined indicators in the quantitative analysis. Based on analysed data it can be concluded that not all dailies chosen show all features of tabloidization. The results of this investigation also indicated that the Czech dailies mostly tend to increase the number of local news and decrease the number of political news.
The content analysis of Czech news portals sensationalisation
Peroutková, Jana ; Lupač, Petr (advisor) ; Duffková, Jana (referee)
The thesis is based on the content analysis of new websites in terms of tabloid. Later it shows, that this phenomenon is a very delicate issue, especially in terms of the definition and identification of the key indicators of tabloiding or popularization. In the thesis I especially want to develop discussion about (not) comprehension tabloid tendencies. How do news sites appeal to readers? How does their approach differ? How do they evolve? And which direction to take in the future ? I tried to find the answer to these questions. I could not neglect print media, which arose due to their electronic form. To get more familiar with this issue, I interviewed editors of news sites, which revealed, inter ali, their relationship and approach to tabloids. Keywords: News websites, bulvarization, popularization, internet
Reflection and popularization of archaeology in the mass media
Laštíková, Lucie ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Popelka, Miroslav (referee)
The paper analyzes the archaeological topics published from the 1st January 2014 until the last day of the 2014 in selected Czech media, specifically in the newspapers called Právo, Hospodářské noviny, Mladá fronta Dnes. Examined is also tabloid Blesk. Included are also their online portals -,,,, and Based on the analysis reproduced articles exported from the media database and based on the online questionnaires that were used to question journalists and archaeologists redefined the basic rules of communication between them, including communication difficulties which may arise during common cooperation. The thesis also contains a database of the editors and active journalists who deal with such problems, including their work contacts, to facilitate the work of archaeologists attempt at media coverage of their own research, and many other archaeological projects. Keywords Archaeology, mass media, daily press, publicity, infotainment, journalist, newspaper, communication, medialisation, popularization
Diskursive approach to natural science in czech media in 2013
Hrabánková, Markéta ; Hejlová, Denisa (advisor) ; Klimeš, David (referee)
Master thesis "Discursive approach to natural science in Czech media in 2013" is focused on natural science and its presentation in Czech media in 2013. Main objectives of this master thesis are an interpretation of media picture of natural science and presentation of current communication trends which are typical for this topic. Moreover the master thesis is written for purpose to interpret the main discourse of natural science, narrative frames and structures which are used by media. Another part of the study aims to determine an existence of metanarrative of natural science, the big story of natural science. The master thesis is based on complex approach to analyzed theme - natural science. For purpose to achieve the objectives this master thesis analyses natural science from perspective of quantitative and qualitative research. First of all is made a pilot study and second of all quantitative content analysis. The topic is analyzed from perspective of discourse analysis and narrative analysis in qualitative part. Finally, there are presented some recommendations, how to improve science communication. Recommendations are proposed on a base of research results. This master thesis provides a complex research study, which enables me to interpret a media picture of natural science in Czech Republic...

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