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Media Portrayal of Older Adults in Czech Senior Magazines
Sikorová, Renáta ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Turek, Pavel (referee)
This thesis deals with portrayal of elderly people in media. Thesis use a visual analysis of content to examine five Czech magazines for seniors: Doba seniorů, Grand Generace, Revue 50 plus, Spokojený domov and Vital Plus, year 2015. First part of the thesis explains theoretical concepts, which are related to this issue. It defines the concept of "oldness", the term "senior" and determines the limits of old age according to different authors. Next subchapter defines representation of reality in media and describes the difference between media reality and social reality. In the chapter Representation of old age in media we introduce the results of Czech and foreign studies, from which we have drawn not only in theory, but also in the preparation of our research plan. Fourth subchapter refers to stereotypes and myths about old age, ageing and seniors. Above that, the thesis also includes image analysis of photo content. Its main object are photographs with people over 50 years old. These images has are analyzed using several variables that we have created from Czech and foreign research. The data is mainly draw from the Czech study from 2007, whose results we compare with ours. The research was aiming to answer the research questions, make an image of seniors, who appear in "senior magazines", and to...
Development of dry grassland communities during recultivation of limestone quarries
Turek, Pavel ; Münzbergová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Kladivová, Anna (referee)
My bachelor thesis is about methods of reclamation and rejuvenation of limestone limestone quarry, that are a very interesting location from an ecological point of view. I briefly pointed out the positives and negatives of individual used methods, such as reclamation, that aims to restore the vegetation cover quickly, but is very expensive and species that appear on the reclaimed locations aren't nearly as rare, as those on locations that are left to natural succession. Natural succession has the best results if the location is in close vicinity to a source of seeds. Reclaimed areas show a significantly lower biodiversity and hinder protection of rare and key species as opposed to natural succession. To avoid this, in some cases we can use smaller interventions instead of reclamation, and these interventions should be done as delicately as possible with the principles of natural succession in mind. I've noted important factors such as the microclimate, the soil conditions and the source of seeds, that can affect the succession and the legislation and waste law, that influence to a certain degree how the rejuvenation of disrupted sites proceeds.
The photo editor as a gatekeeper
Vodáková, Lucie ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Turek, Pavel (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with the work of Czech photo editors in a daily and weekly papers. The work analyzes what their function in media is, what their common day looks like, who they are speaking with and then what their daily decisions about photographs are. The first chapters describe the role of photo editors as gatekeepers. I try to compare what was their job earlier, when the time of technological convergence didn't exist. I deal with a photo editing practicies like searching, selection and gathering materials too. The second analytic part consist of the deep interviews with photo editors and other members of newsroom. I compare their information with the information of foreign media books. The object of the thesis is to show on six chosen important Czech daily and weekly papers how the photo editors work, what is their leading role and whether they are important for the organization or not.
Riot photography in the context of the Czech environment after the year of 1989
Mňuková, Dominika ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Turek, Pavel (referee)
This thesis explores various aspects of riot photography in the context of the Czech environment after the year of the 1989, with focus on the far left. First, it introduces the subjects of protests, new radical activism as well as describes the role of photography in protests. It deals with the role of the media in protests and linked with that topic, it also describes informing about protests, concept of moral panic and the media's ability to form meaning. Furthermore, it deals with iconic photographs, the issue of objectivity, emotional side of riot photography and photojournalistic ethics. In addition to that, it clarifies what extremism really is, it defines the far left, and it maps the history of the far left in the Czech Republic after the year of 1989 on a selected groups, especially anarchists. In the context of the far left it also describes the biggest riots in the Czech Republic. Portraits of four Czech photographers - Jaroslav Kučera, Karel Tůma, Karel Cudlín and Petr Vrabec, follow. In the final part it examines aspects of protest photography by interviewing selected photographers, and through analysis of their photographs it analyzes styles of shooting protests and it reveals a potential imaging stereotypes.
Concept of popular music studies for the Czech academic context - contribution to the development of Czech media studies
Pospíšil, Michal ; Reifová, Irena (advisor) ; Turek, Pavel (referee) ; Opekar, Aleš (referee)
The topic of popular music has not been granted much attention in the Czech academic environment so far. Even less attention has been given to popular music in the Czech study of media. When analyzing media, the role of popular music is routinely neglected and its effects overlooked. The thesis surveys arguments that support music as a relevant subject for Czech media studies and determines whether the current exploration of popular music could provide useful knowledge for expanding the coverage of existing media studies tradition in the country and possibly for improving it. In its core, the thesis provides a picture of Czech musicology (especially on its popularization edge, sensitive to popular music) and the Anglo-American tradition of the study of popular music, popular music studies. It identifies and critically assesses the strengths and weaknesses of each area with regards to the study of media. In conclusion, the thesis confirms the need for the Czech popular music studies as a necessary component of the study of popular culture in the context of media studies. It suggests areas for further research and highlights its potential pitfalls - especially problems with application of Western theories in local context, the romantic ideology of rock and disproportionate focus on the exceptional....
Czech Press Photo 1995-2005 : picture content analysis of winning photographies in General News and Spot News categories
Vitoušová, Valérie ; Lábová, Alena (advisor) ; Turek, Pavel (referee)
Bachelor thesis "CZECH PRESS PHOTO 1995 - 2005: Picture content analysis of winning photographies in General News and Spot News categories" deals with the content of the photographies, which have won first eleven yearly awards of the photographic contest Czech Press Photo in the categories General News and Spot News. The aim of this work is to analyse, which events were so important that they gave rise to the winning photographies and which topics frequently appeared in the pictures. The second monitored aspect is the photography's location of origin and probation or refutation of the hypothesis, whether the local events provide enough visually appealing events or whether the photographers have to seek the photographic topics abroad.
The Performance of Masculinity in the Milieu of Czech Extreme Metal
Hradecká, Anna Marie ; Zdrálek, Vít (advisor) ; Turek, Pavel (referee)
Using a method of reflexive ethnography, this thesis deals with a question of masculinity performace in the Czech extreme metal milieu (to be specific I am concerned with the brutal death metal and related sub-genres). Participants of the brutal death metal subculture either in the position of performers or audience are with a very few exceptions men. Brutality, harshness, extremeness and other values are the main aesthetic criteria, which - as we can observe while doing the research - the participants connect with a coherent collection of ideas about a certain ideal of dominant manhood. To achieve these values to the greatest extent possible the musicians use particular musical features and topics of the compositions; and so does both the musicians and the audience via their visual image, with using specific kind of behaviour and having fixed movements and dancing during the music production. On the basis of an analysis of these values and means of their manifestation I am concerned with the question of what specific characteristics the masculine identity, which is performed in the given subculture, has. My research data show that these are: 1) mutual affinity with the other participants, 2) power as an ability of an aggressive attack as well as one's own endurance, and 3) coarseness, lack of...
The photography in the Respekt Magazine
Svatá, Kristýna ; Lábová, Alena (advisor) ; Turek, Pavel (referee)
Bachelor thesis "The Photography in the Respekt magazine" deals with using photographies in this medium. It emphasizes the period of the first half of the year 2006, when the magazine serialized as a broadsheet, and the period of the first half of the year 2008, when it changed its format to the magazines' one. The purpose of this thesis is to subscribe, how the redaction deals with the pictorial part of the magazine's content - it observes what is behind the creation and what happens with pictures before they are published. It subscribes the role of the photographer and the picture editor as well. The next issue, which is pointed out, is the analysis of the photographic content in both periods under consideration. It shows changes which were connected with the formats' change, with new possibilities for photography in the magazine. This analytical part of my thesis is led by the chapters which present the history and the contemporary version of the Respekt magazine. The next chapter deals with photojournalism and its classification.

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