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Sunken huts from Dolní Břežany, Za pivovarem, in the context of Hallstatt-La Tene settlements South of Prague
Kartáková, Terezie ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Slabina, Miloslav (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis are five, respectively six sunken huts from the Hallstatt- La Tène period from the archeological site Dolní Břežany - Za pivovarem. The focus is on the catalog of sunken huts with their thorough description and chapter about the settlement context, mapping archeological sites from Halltatt and La Tène period in the wider vicinity of the site. Next the thesis follows construction and shape evolution of sunken huts of Hallstatt and La Tène period, categorize them into published sorting systems and attempts to analyze and interpret construction relics. Attachments - maps, plans and photograps - are part of the bachelor thesis. Keywords Central Bohemia, Dolní Břežany, HaD-LtA, settlement, sunken huts, Závist - hinterland
The Late Bronze Age settlement at Čakovice, Central Bohemia
Židův, Marek ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Slabina, Miloslav (referee)
First section of the thesis concentrates on description of the archeological research in Cukerní Street in the municipality Praha-Čakovice, that took place in 2016, and situates it into the context of archeological research of the settlement from late Bronze Age in the municipality, and into the wider frame of said era in central Bohemia. Second section of the thesis composes of comparation of the features and finds from this research with the results of the archeological research of the same period in Prague and around, primarily in the municipalities Kněževes, Roztoky u Prahy and Praha-Modřany. All mentioned localities are situated in comparable distance from the historical centre of Prague, where most of the prehistoric situations were destroyed by the mediaeval and modern intrusions, which makes the said sites the selected samples of wider settlement of Prague and its surroundings in the period in question. The goal set is to extend the knowledge of the late bronze settlements in the Prague / central Bohemia region based on the new finds.
The Lusatian Urnfields culture in the Ostroměř region, Eastern Bohemia
Novotná, Lucie ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Novák, Miroslav (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the settlement of the Ostroměř region in Eastern Bohemia in the Late Bronze Age and the Final Bronze Age. It maps the findings of the Lusatian and Silesian periods of the Lusatian Urnfields culture in the defined area, analyses the development of its settlement in individual phases of the Lusatian and Silesian culture and tries to solve the question of the central role of the cemetry in Ostroměř. The example of a specific locality of the Late Bronze Age in the region is the second part of this work, in which is processed settlement of the Lusatian culture from Holovousy. Key words Eastern Bohemia, Ostroměř, Bronze Age, Lusatian Urnfields culture, settlement, burial ground
Effectiveness of conservative treatment of lumbar disc herniation
Bláhová, Zuzana ; Demeková, Júlia (advisor) ; Hojková, Klára (referee)
Bibliographic identification BLÁHOVÁ, Zuzana. Effectiveness of conservative treatment of lumbar disc herniation. Prague: Charles University, 2nd Faculty of medicine, Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, 2019. 90 pages. Supervisor: Mgr. Júlia Demeková Abstract This bachelor's thesis deals with a topic of diagnostic and therapy of a lumbar disc herniation. A brief description of anatomy and biomechanics of lumbar spine and intervertebral disc is provided in the theoretical findings outline. Also differential diagnostic and therapy options of this disease are clarified there. The aim of the thesis is to confirm the effectiveness of conservative treatment in terms of physiotherapy intervention, and to compare the effectiveness of two methods - McKenzie (MDT) and Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS). Sixteen patients treated by MDT and four others treated by DNS participated in the experimental part of my thesis. I created a questionnaire in order to obtain data from the patients, in which they filled in intensity of pain on the numerical scale of pain (0-10) at that moment. They also completed the Czech version of the Roland-Morris disability questionnaire, which evaluated their degree of disability at the same time. The questionnaire was filled in twice, at the beginning of the therapy and...
The Right To Psychotherapy Outside A Medical System: An Ethical Reflexion Attempt
The thesis deals with ethical reflection of the right to psychotherapy as a potential natural right, with regard to dispute about psychotherapy outside the health system and its ethical solution. The first part of the thesis clarify the origin and core of the dispute, its parties and their arguments, their conflicting and congruent interests and the impact of the dispute on the situation of the takers of psychotherapy. The second part is devoted to psychotherapy, first of all to the development of psychotherapy in context with political-cultural and historical conditionality, then it reflects the changes in the needs of the recipients of psychotherapy with respect to the transformation of society and finally it defines psychotherapy taking into account domestic and European trends. The third part of the thesis investigate the right to psychotherapy as a potential natural right and consequently also the importance of human rights for resolving the dispute about psychotherapy. First it pays attention to the natural law, to the natural rights and obligations and to the relationship of the natural and positive law; second it reflects the current possibilities of realizing the right to psychotherapy in the Czech Republic with regard to the conclusions of the previous research. The fourth part deals with the realization of the right to psychotherapy due to the principle of subsidiarity and its different concepts. The fifth part contains the discussion and reflection of the current development of the dispute and finally the conclusion of the thesis brings a summary and evaluation of the obtained conclusions.
The Final Bronze Age settlement at Hulín-"U Isidorka"
Macháčková, Barbora ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Fojtík, Pavel (referee)
The present thesis shows results of an analysis of Urnfield culture settlement findings, which were obtained during an archeological excavation in 2004-2005 in Hulín - "U Isidorka". The settlement has only been partially documented. The main features of the thesis are an evaluation and interpretation of the excavated settlement pits and material archeological findings, particularly pottery. The settlement dates back to the Late Bronze Age - to the periods from HB2 to HB3, the documented area appears to be mainly used for storage purposes. In appendices, the thesis includes tables with pictorial data, a catalogue of the objects, a extract from a databade of ceramic fragments, a description of loam and photographs.
Moon-shaped idols of the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age in Bohemia and their position in the European context
Mazač, Zdeněk ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Slabina, Miloslav (referee)
Moon-shaped idols constitute very specific and variable category of ceramic, in rare cases also of stone artefacts. Beginning of their occurrence and spreading in the middle Europe can be associated with the Middle-Danube and North-Alpine Urnfield culture. Their development consequentially continues in the Early Iron Age when they spread outside central European region down to the north east of Spain and the north of Italy. The current total number of findings is higher than estimate from 2004, which was approximately 2000 pieces. The main objective of the thesis lay in overall processing of results of the research up to now concerning the given issue. At the same time there was an attempt made about critical assessment of the artefact features and the excavation environment with regard to the potential function of the Moon-shaped idols. The excavation environment of these products is quite variable. As a rule they appear in settlements as secondary refuse, but also in the situations, which can be considered as demonstration of cult behaviour. In northeast France and south Germany, parts of Moon- shaped idols are to be found also in context of the final Bronze Age. From there the custom is spread in a modified form to the east. Such equipped graves can be noticed in the burial sites of Bylany and...
Bone pins of the Early Bronze Age in Bohemia and Moravia
Čihák, Martin ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Langová, Michaela (referee)
Bone pins of the Early Bronze Age are interesting, not too frequent, and still properly unprocessed kind of artifact. Probably based on an older tradition, but they were soon replaced by the metal pins. The main objective is to develop as most detailed catalog of findings as is possible, tracking the finding context and chronological position of bone pins in the Early Bronze Age in Bohemia. The subject of the work is also a question of technology used in the production bone and antler industry and its evidence from the Bronze Age, focusing on the technology and processes used in the production of bone pins. Another factor which is monitored is the social status of bearers of the bone pins in the Early Bronze Age.
Disabled people in prehistoric and early medival ages
Jokeš, Michal ; Bláhová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Malyková, Drahomíra (referee)
The theme of this bachelor thesis concerns with people with disabilities in prehistory and early Medieval Ages. It gathers and evaluates osteological data from sample of Czech archaeological journals, that may prove disability. It sums up current state of knowledge and mentions various examples of reflexion of disability in mythology, laws, literature and iconography of past societies and current ethnographical parallels. For further investigation it sugests evaulation of big cemeteries and emphasizes multidisciplinar aproach on the subject. Powered by TCPDF (

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