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Paradoxes in current civilization in the context of sociology of food
Vojtíšková, Lucie ; Duffková, Jana (advisor) ; Mudd, Dana (referee)
I deal with the relation between food and society in this work. I write about foodways influenced by society and culture, where are these foodways occured. I mention development of food since antique period till this time. I mention role, which played diet in the relation between nations, but even within one society. There are few sociologist, who are interested in food, but in spite of this, this work points out some of them, especially Norbert Elias. I place emphasis on actual themes associated with food and eating. These problems are hunger, obesity, thin cult, eating disorders. Then I point out eating trends like vegetarianism, bio food, genetically modified food, fast food and slow food. The tackled question is why is a lot of food on the one side of the Earth, but there are many people diing of malnutrition on the second side of the Earth. Why people are becoming fatter and fatter in western societies, when thin cult and desire for slim body is very popular. The consequence of this is eating disorders. I draw attention on the new trends in nourishment, there are emphasized healthy diet, however fast food restaurants are still very popular. People start to prefer natural food, nevertheless scientists manipulate with genes and produce genetically modified food. When we look on these paradoxies...
Green widows as a phenomenon of contemporary society
Smolová, Kristýna ; Duffková, Jana (advisor) ; Illner, Michal (referee)
The thesis deals with the phenomenon of green widows in today's society. The main goal of the thesis is to identify whether there are women in the Czech Republic which can be considered as green widows. Even though this issue is becoming more and more topical, especially with the increasing suburbanisation of our cities, this problem has not been profesionally tackled and described yet. There is no available literature or qualified research concerning this issue in the Czech Republic. The problem of green widows in this thesis is discussed in regard of the process of suburbanisation and the specific lifestyle of people living in satellite towns. One part of the thesis also deals with psychological aspects such as solitude, marriage crisis, cuckoldry and different kinds of addictions connected with these aspects. The thesis also includes an internet questionnaire focused on general awareness about green widows. The goal of the questionnaire is to find out who is a green widow in the opinion of respondents. The problem of green widows is also examined via interpretation of internet discussions and discussions regarding articles published on internet. Furthemore the thesis reveals outcomes of a research conducted by the Depertment of Social Geography and Regional Development of the Science Faculty at Charles...
An introduction to the history of western urban sociology: the period from Georg Simmel to Louis Wirth
Soušková, Alena ; Duffková, Jana (advisor) ; Šubrt, Jiří (referee)
This paper attempts to track the history of western urban sociology from its early beginnings to Louis Wirth (1897-1952), a member of the third generation of Chicago School of Urban Sociology. It focuses on famous European founders of sociology and their ideas and works regarding the city phenomenon. The author aims to explain why their works with the subject of city are not so relevant for urban sociology as the two texts central for this paper - Georg Simmel's essay The Metropolis and Mental Life and the Wirth's article Urbanism as a Way of Life. The paper opens a chapter devoted to early European sociologists and their reflection of cities in their works. Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx, Ferdinand Tonnies, Emile Durkheim and Max Weber are in the main scope of the chapter. The following section is dedicated to Georg Simmel and analyses his text about metropolis. Next chapter considers the Chicago School of Urban Sociology, to certain extend inspired by Simmel's work, further elaborating the theory of urban sociology. The section focuses among others on Robert E. Park and the approach of human ecology crucial for early urban sociology. The next chapter presenting Louis Wirth and his famous article points out the sources of inspiration and the criticism raised by the article. The paper concludes by a chapter...
Fitness center and its cocial role
Černá, Jana ; Duffková, Jana (advisor) ; Podaná, Zuzana (referee)
This work deals with the phenomenon of the 20th and the 21 st century, fitness. The work, among other things, emphasizes the training in fitness centres and focuses on their clients. The main task of it is to describe the prime visitor' s motives for attending fiteness centres and the historical and social background ofthese motive s as weB. On the basis ofthem the work tries to describe the characteristics of the visitors themselfs. The work is concemed with the group of visitors, who attend the fitness centers especially in their leisure time.
Park Na Solidarite - public space design and its influence on life in neighborhood
Barešová, Kateřina ; Sládek, Jan (advisor) ; Duffková, Jana (referee)
The bachelor thesis is dedicated to the influence of city environment on the social life of its inhabitants with regards to the design of space. I am pointing to the influence of type of development of the city space and appearance of public ground on forming neighbor relationships among inhabitants. In the thesis, I am focusing on public space in unique city locality of housing development Solidarita. This housing project, which has been designed as a space, which shall support community relationships, does not work according to the ideas of its designers. One of the last public areas in the housing development Solidarita is the Park Na Solidarite, which does not comply with its function. I am suggesting possible reasons why it is so and I inquire into how local inhabitants perceive the space. KEY WORDS Sociology of architecture, social relations, urban space, public space
Gender (in)equality in the sphere of labour
Krčková, Kamila ; Čermáková, Marie (advisor) ; Duffková, Jana (referee)
Mezi základní prmc1py fungování demokratické a pluralitní společnosti patří občanská rovnost. Jejím předpokladem je tedy i rovnost mužů a žen. Zatímco je podpora rovného přístupu k mužům a ženám jednou ze základních podmínek provádění všech politik Evropské unie a je zakotvena v primárním i sekundárním právu EU, začala být u nás problematika rovných příležitostí mužů a žen reflektována až v rámci předvstupních jednání o připojení ČR k EU. Odiišna reflexe a polřt.!ba řt::šeni genderových nerovnoslí na pracovnim trhu v ČR a EU vyplývá z odlišného hisloricko-ekonomického vývoje. Ve vyspělých evropských společnostech se stala problematika postavení žen na trhu práce aktuální od 70. let, kdy došlo ke změně definice práce, do níž byla zahrnuta práce v domácnosti. Dochází k institucionálním změnám, které ustavují rovnost ženských práv v rodině, vzdělání a ve světě práce. V 80. letech bylo ohniskem zájmu rozdílné postavení mužů a žen na pracovním trhu a dělba práce v rodině. Na počátku let 90tých dochází ke změně optiky. Od otázky genderové dělby práce se přechází k otázce genderově rozděleného pracovního trhu a "dualizace" postavení žen ve společnosti. Každé z těchto období je výrazem určitého principu. Po prvotním principu formální rovnosti, který spočíval v rovnosti práv žen a mužů na pracovním trhu, následoval...
Bosnia - No future? Young generation in Bosnia and Herzegovina - students in Sarajevo
Kotvová, Petra ; Duffková, Jana (advisor) ; Suša, Oleg (referee)
This thesis deals with the situation of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina in general and of university students in Sarajevo in particular. The war conflict in 1992 -1995 has had a strong negative impact on Bosnia. This country is now going through several transitional processes: from war to peace, from the planning to the market economy and from a communist regime to democracy. All this influences the lives of the young generation. Against this backdrop I tried to find out how the young people reflect their own situation, the state of society and how they see their own future in it.
Residential differentiation of socio-economic classes - the case study of the city Prague
Hastrmanová, Šárka ; Illner, Michal (advisor) ; Duffková, Jana (referee)
The social inequality is one of the most discussed problem in today's world. Inequality among different socioeconomic classes are also reflected in the character of today's cities. Residential segregation is a spatial form of social inequality in the area of towns. Spatial differentiation is the process which caused spatial segregation of different groups of inhabitants. The spatial differentiation has not only negative effects on the condition of towns and population, but also the experience with segregated poor ghettoes and deprivated neighborhoods in American cities shows how important this urban phenomena could be if we do not pay enough attention to it. The thesis in theoretical part outlines the context, causes, typology and possible consequences of the residential segregation in cities, there are also described policy preventive precautions. The paper is inspired by the American school of urban sociology, together with comparison of the environment of European and American cities. The second part is dedicated to the methodological discussion about the most useful tools to measure and identify segregation. The case study of the city Prague, which is the key part of this paper, display the situation of 22 administrative districts using the secondary analysis of census data in four dimensions (the...
Maternity and childlessness in women's magazines
Pomahačová, Jana ; Duffková, Jana (advisor) ; Buriánek, Jiří (referee)
V úvodu i dále v textu zmiňuji, že východiskem mé práce, jedním ze základních kritérií pro vytvoření výběrového souboru je kontext hodnotových orientací, a právě z tohoto důvodu uvádím teoretickou část své práce krátkým představením pojmů, jež mají zásadní postavení v sociologické teorii i empirickém výzkumu. Pojem hodnoty má svůj původ v oblasti ekonomie resp. filosofie; jakožto k základní sociologické kategorii se k hodnotě již od jejího vzniku váže mnoho různých významů a interpretací. "Podle Clyda K. M. Kluckhohna ( 1951) je hodnota explicitní nebo implicitní pojetí o tom, co je žádoucí, pojetí příznačné pro jednotlivce i pro skupinu, ovlivňující výběr přístupných prostředků a cílů jednání." (Velký sociologický slovník 1996: 375) Také T. Parsons, jehož koncepce významně ovlivňovaly sociologii hodnot zejména v padesátých a šedesátých letech, zdůrazňuje normativní aspekty hodnocení a chápe hodnoty jako obecné pojetí o žádoucím nikoli jako předměty chtění. 1 Na tomto místě je však třeba hodnoty odlišit od sociálních norem- verbalizovaných, závazných pravidel, které vyžadují respekt bez ohledu na to, co si o nich člověk myslí; hodnoty nemůžou být založeny na cizí vůli. Jsou základem kultury, představují vazbu sociálního systému se systémem osobnosti. Prostřednictvím hodnot je jedinci umožněno ztotožnit se s...
Slums as a result of urbanization of poverty in Africa
Černá, Karolína ; Sládek, Jan (advisor) ; Duffková, Jana (referee)
This thesis deals with the issue of slums in Africa with a focus on its eastern region. First part presents information on the fundamental aspects of this issue in theory line, when primarily uses foreign publications. It specifically focuses on the influence of post- colonialism, the process of urbanization and the incidence of slums. Second part illustrates the situation on the example of slums in Nairobi and Addis Ababa. Its main purpose is to show the quality of life of local population. Analysis is performed by the three studies; one refers to Nairobi and two Addis Ababa. It also seeks to answer the research questions that are listed at the beginning of this part. Overall results suggest that local people live in very poor conditions which do not provide adequate housing, access to infrastructures and education, and the unemployment rate is very high. Keywords Urbanization, poverty, slums, inequality, capital

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