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Brochures for the Brno Technical Museum Educational Centre
Golianová, Veronika ; Stuchlíková,, Alice (referee) ; Macháček, Mikuláš (advisor)
Master´s thesis is focused on educational materials for children visitors of Technical Museum of Brno. Supporting materials are divided into two categories. Materials in the form of a printed guide for parents with children, folding worksheets and worksheets for school groups accompanied by a teacher. Educational tool for school groups are color-divided into three age groups for elementary schools. Supplementary materials are methodological sheets for teachers.
Authorial Book as a Resource for Museum Education
Nyklasová, Anna ; Fulková, Marie (advisor) ; Francová, Sylva (referee)
The work focuses on the use of author's books in an educational environment. The theoretical part deals with the definition of museum pedagogy. It deals with the relationship between the gallery and the school and singles out the principles of gallery and museum education. It also describes the work of a museum pedagogue. Emphasis will also be placed on the issue of the concept of an author's book. The theoretical part further deals with the creation of educational materials and their subsequent analysis of selected cultural institutions. The analysis is carried out on current textbooks and worksheets from the educational giants of art education and Czech language and literature. At the same time, it defines their current concept. In the practical part, the work deals with the creation of the author's educational book, which is based on the findings of the theoretical part. KEYWORDS Museum education, educational book, education program, goal, didactic contetns, artist's book
Reverse glass painting
Štrbová, Annamarie ; Fremlová, Vendula (advisor) ; Daniel, Ladislav (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Reverse glass painting" explores a unique artistic technique. It describes its history, work procedure and development from its earliest history to contemporary artistic approaches. The thesis also pays partial attention to museums with important reverse glass painting collections. It introduces and compares two such museums. These are the Jindřich Jindřich Museum in Domažlice and the Kvilda Museum in Šumava. The didactic part contains a proposal for a possible education of primary school pupils - a workshop on reverse glass paintings in the Jindřich Jindřich Museum including a proposal for worksheets on the topic of reverse glass paintings. The didactic part also gives a description and evaluation of how the workshop was conducted. KEYWORDS reverse painting, glass, museum, museum education
Educational programs for the Archevita exhibition in Central Bohemian Museum in Roztoky near Prague
Jindrová, Lucie ; Jareš, Jakub (advisor) ; Havlůjová, Hana (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on a museum education. The aim is to create and test its own proposals for educational programs in the Central Bohemian Museum of Roztoky near Prague. The diploma thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part is devoted to the characteristics of the museum and examines the components of museum education such as teaching methods and organizational forms of teaching. It also deals with education and presentation of archaeological cultural heritage and describes education in the Central Bohemian Museum of Roztoky near Prague. The practical part focuses on the creation of two educational programs that follow the defined theoretical principles of the first part of the work. The educational programs are intended for pupils of the sixth grade of of primary school and are implemented in the exhibition Archevita - Footprints of Ages focused on the prehistoric period. The thesis describes the creation of both programs, the definition of the target group, the description of individual activities, records and evaluates their progress. Feedback from pupils, their teachers and the educator of the Roztoky museum is used to evaluate each program. At the end, the thesis presents proposals for improving the programs and its individual activities, which the...
Utilization Possibilities of the Gallery and Museum Animations in the Program of the Permanent Exhibition of the Municipal Museum in Tyn nad Vltavou
The work examines possibilities of using gallery and museum animation in the permanent exhibition of Týn nad Vltavou's Town Museum. The theoretical part defines the basic terms like animation, experience, enjoyment, exhibit, collection item, museum item, museum, museum education, educational goals, contents of museum education, methods of museum education, organizational forms of museum education, planning, educational program preparation, gallery animation, methodical structure of gallery animation, typological breakdown of gallery himation The practical part contains three different programs, confirmed in practice, in which I presented live form of the exhibition to the children. The first program is based on museum animation and its theme is the history of rafting on the Vltava River in Týn nad Vltavou. The participants were creating small wooden raft models. The second program is based on gallery animation and its goal is the restoration of paintings. During this animation, the participants painted missing/damaged parts of the reproductions of the paintings from the museum's collections. The third program is in the form of a worksheet inspired by paper guide of the railway museum Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht, Netherlands and guides visitors throughout the exhibition.
The cultural aspects of adult education
Brücknerová, Lenka ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Krámský, David (referee)
The thesis is focused on the contribution of cultural education in lifelong learning and emphasizes cultural education in the field of museums and galleries, which traditionally contribute to the development of human cultural competence. The thesis describes basic museum activities, the development of museum education and typical forms of learning in the museum. Benefits of the museum's activities are not only in the collection of proof of our cultural or natural history and their conservation, but also in the opportunity of being educated through them. Authentic objects are the basis of knowledge in the museum. The thesis is also focused on educational activities offered at the Museum of Applies Arts in Prague with an emphasis on educational programs dedicated to a group of adult visitors. The research based on interviews with several experts of the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague took place at the end of the thesis and showed that this important cultural institution targets the adult visitors with its educational programs. Such programs mediate a deeper understanding of the presented topic, deepen the interest and enhance the experience and thus contribute to the maintenance of cultural competence and the cultivation of personality.
Use of audiovisual Equipment, Museum Pedagogy and Literature in the Teaching of Geography
Rabová, Jaroslava ; Parkan, František (advisor) ; Mikeska, Tomáš (referee)
His master's thesis I've divided into three parts, theoretical, practical and empirical. The theoretical part deals with the teaching of geography, educational technology and teaching aids, museum pedagogy, individual educational specificities of schools and museums and how should cooperation look like, what role in it plays the personality of the museum educator and what it is for a school and a museum benefit. And last but not least the literature, which is in my opinion an important element in the teaching of geography. In the practical part, I have described a realization of a project in which it is used didactic technology, a collaboration with the museum and work with literature. The empirical part is focused on research in basic schools in the field of educational technology. The key concepts on which the research is based, such as: modern didactic techniques, working with modern educational technology, the perception of educational technology as a means to the realization of the teaching.
Universal clothing and its use in museum education
Švejdová, Kateřina ; Fulková, Marie (advisor) ; Raudenský, Martin (referee)
In my thesis, built on the bachelor's thesis, I focus on the universal form of clothing. In the theoretical part I research the common features of garments in changing cultural and historical contexts. I focus on general aspects of clothing. I search for connections between functions and forms of clothing. I monitor the impact of historical styles on the work of contemporary clothing designers and I seek the universal features of today's fashion apparel. I observe the interest of children, teachers and also of publications in textile creation. In the art section I work on a series of proposals for universal variable apparel. By using patents it is created more models out of just one. I document and crtitically reflex the final results of possible model variations. In didactic part I suggest educational program for selected clothing exposition. The program includes worksheets and the posibility of using a universal garment as teaching tool. The program I verify in practice I also document and evaluate.

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