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Czechoslovakia under communist totalitarianism in film and series and their use for education
Nedbal, Václav ; Mikeska, Tomáš (advisor) ; Parkan, František (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the appropriate and effective use of film and serial adaptations of topics falling into the period of communist totalitarianism in Czechoslovakia (that is between 1948 and 1989, with emphasis on the period 1948-1969). The thesis is divided into four chapters, whereas the main part, which is didactic, is described in the third and fourth chapter. The first chapter describes the basic historical context of the communist government in Czechoslovakia between 1948 and 1989. It also shows and explains the origin of the idea of communism, the further development of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia during the First Republic, and the postwar Third Republic. This chapter was put together using found edited sources and secondary literature. The second chapter deals with individual film and serial processing of topics related to the period. It presents specific films and series which were produced in the most recent years (or the post-revolutionary period), but also materials produced during the totalitarianism before 1989. In this chapter some works are discussed in greater detail, others are presented as selected alternative options for interaction for educational purposes. The third chapter summarizes the didactic and historical potential of the discussed topic, it also...
Automatic Video Colorization
Mikeska, Tomáš ; Kolář, Martin (referee) ; Hradiš, Michal (advisor)
This thesis deals with fully automatic colorization of video and images using convolutional neural networks. It summarizes existing approaches, architectures and several objective functions. In this thesis several neural networks with different objective functions are implemented and trained for automatic colorization. The best of them is able to colorize large diversity of scenes and is sufficient to produce coherently colorized video.
Historical walk around Down Slaný
Kašpárek, Miroslav ; Mikeska, Tomáš (advisor) ; Parkan, František (referee)
The thesis deals with the project-based learning and its possibilities of utilization in teaching regional history at primary school, which compulsory school attendance allows. The objective of the thesis is to show the possibility, how in relatively short time can be a wide topic intervening several subjects dealt with. The purpose is to acquaint students with regional history and sights in their birthplace and also raise their interest in things, places and memories they commonly pass, but do not pay attention to them. This project is focused on the city where I was born, lived significant part of my life and got my first pedagogical experience. For collecting data at the beginning and at the end of the project were used surveys, which brought feedback from students. Main axis was individual work of students, which consisted of group activities and using of modern technology. Results shown, that this method has potential which should not be diminished, students in the examined class appreciated it as an interesting form of teaching. They found out about commonly passed places in the city, things they surprisingly did not know and were never and by nobody told about. Every teacher teaching regional history should try this way of teaching and find out if it is usable with regard to his style of...
Czechoslovakia in years 1968 - 1989. Didactic analysis of "normalisation" and its possible pedagogical use.
Bejvlová, Barbora ; Mikeska, Tomáš (advisor) ; Parkan, František (referee)
This thesis is dealing with the education of contemporary history on the second level of elementary schools and grammar schools, concretely with the period 1968-1989 in Czechoslovakia, so called "normalisation" and works with options of application in the educational proces. The study of contemporary czechoslovakian history is sbdued to analysis: historic, didactic and methodical with the explicit theoretical research the proposition of didaktic approach arises, which forms 10 teaching lessons for elementary schools and 12 for grammar schools with the difference of 2 levels of lessons - standarized and the so called seminars with emphasis on the activity of the pupils, working with resources, development of critical historical thinking and the perception of the causes and results of historical evolution. KEYWORDS Normalisation, Czechoslovakia 1868-1989, didactics of history, educational approach draft, modern history, contemporary history, elementary school, grammar school
Hořovice during 1945-1989
Léblová, Kateřina ; Mikeska, Tomáš (advisor) ; Parkan, František (referee)
This thesis looks into the history of the town Hořovice in the years 1945-1989. The thesis attempts to cover the most important events that took place in the chosen time span in a rather small town located in Central Bohemia but also doesn't forget to mention the everyday life of the local citizens. The thesis selects not only the events crucial from today's perspective (see Expulsion of Germans, The August 1968, …) but also facts which could be for contemporary readers (for today's citizens of Hořovice in particular) very interesting and helpful. Even though some of the facts could be regarded as minor ones, they all equally contribute to the history of the town. The thesis places all the events to the historical context with the help of archive sources, secondary literature as well as printed material and memories from that time.
Motivation in history lessons and the impact of alternative methods of normative evaluation upon the school results of students
Suchopárová, Lucie ; Mikeska, Tomáš (advisor) ; Parkan, František (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to reveal general motives of motivation used in history lessons in elementary schools. The thesis connects the theory and practice based on investigation in elementary school and deals with a resit as sufficient motivation and other impulses that affect the motivation shown in normative evaluation.
Mining and Minting in Kutna Hora as a Topic of Integrated Thematic Instruction in History Education in Secondary Schools
Urbanová, Petra ; Havlůjová, Hana (advisor) ; Mikeska, Tomáš (referee)
The diploma thesis consists of theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part is devoted to the concept of integrated thematic teaching, the history of silver ore mining and coinage in Kutná Hora. The practical part presents the integrated thematic education for pupils of the secondary school, which was verified in practice at secondary school in Suchdol. The mining of silver ore and silver coinage in Kutná Hora was explained theoretically and practically to pupils. Pupils worked with school historical sources and literature relevant to the subject. Part of the practical part was a field trip to the Italian Court in Kutná Hora. In the teaching were used methods, which support brain-compatible learning according to the concept of integrated thematic teaching (for example an interview, a group work, a photography, a brainstorming, etc.). Part of the diploma thesis is also evaluation of the practical implementation of the proposal. There are reviewed not only the benefits but also the pitfalls of integrated thematic lessons.

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