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Participatory game in art education (revitalizing the phenomenon of postcard)
Andrlová, Aneta ; Raudenský, Martin (advisor) ; Jakubcová Hajdušková, Lucie (referee)
The bachelor's thesis entitled "Participatory game in art education (revitalizing the phenomenon of postcard)" aims to explain the essence of postal correspondence and at the same time reminds the importance of the written text, which is currently losing its value. The theoretical part of the work examines the historical background of postcards, follows their development and the processes associated with their production, including various reproduction techniques. It also focuses on the key terminology in the industry as well as on the important postcards themselves, artists, graphic artists and collectors. At the same time, it presents the leading projects related to postcards and marginally mentions the related medium, which is the postage stamp. The practical, research part of the work includes the idea of making a postcard machine, which would allow convenient purchase and immediate sending of postcards from a specific place. People would have the opportunity to choose from a certain number of curated postcard collections, the main essence of which would be to authentically capture the spirit of the given locality. This initiative would not only support local artists who would contribute creatively to the designs of the postcards, but also allow collaboration with non-profit organizations, with...
Microcosms: the phenomenon of Zine and its application in art education
Nováková, Barbora ; Raudenský, Martin (advisor) ; Sedlák, Michal (referee)
The bachelor's thesis will try to clarify the phenomenon of zine and find its application in art education. Zines are presented here as means of communication and creativity. They are non- commercial, low-cost publications that are usually produced within an interest group or subculture. The theoretical part will deal with the emergence of the zine medium, its various characteristics and meanings, and will focus on contemporary approaches to it. It will examine the possible benefits of the medium of zine in pedagogy and make suggestions on how to integrate zine into teaching, specifically in art education. The framework curricula and teachers' experience will be taken into account. In the practical part, the process of creating a collective zine will be presented, when the young generation of creators will be approached in order to create a coherent series of illustrations and designs. The zine will be produced in both digital and print formats. KEY WORDS zine, magazine, media, art education, media education, independent publishing, non-commercial publishing, design
Addictive substances and Visual Art
Bobková, Simona ; Fišerová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Raudenský, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis discusses the topic of addictive substances and their influence on artistic creation. In the theoretical part, I first focus on the search for their connection in history on various artifacts that could be found. Among the most common are cave paintings, which I also list in my thesis, as well as sculptures and illustrations. Subsequently, I define the distribution of the types of individual addictive substances that are most often associated with visual artists, and which I describe later. These include alcohol, cannabis drugs, stimulants, psychotropic substances, and opiates. Furthermore, I characterize visual artists who were influenced by addictive substances in their work at that time. I present exhibitions that have a certain connection with this topic, and in the last line of my work, I focus on the preventive component of the relationship between school and family. In the didactic part, together with the pupils of the eight-year high school, we deal with the issue of these substances and realize an art series with the name that this diploma thesis also bears, i.e. "Addictive Substances and Visual Arts." The thematic series contains five creative tasks that aim at a primarily preventive goal. The research part, the method of which is semi-structured qualitative research,...
Linocut in Art Education (Contemporary Printmaking)
Havlíková, Margita ; Raudenský, Martin (advisor) ; Gajdošíková, Pavla (referee)
The bachelor's thesis Linocut in art education (contemporary printmaking) consists of three parts. In the theoretical part, I discuss the characteristics of graphics, with a special focus on a linocut. I describe in detail the history of linocut in Czechia and the world and, subsequently, its place in contemporary authors' work. Additionally, I have clarified the concept of the terms "game" and "bestiary", that I use in the didactic and practical part. The goal of my work is to highlight the linocut and its technique as a convenient tool for art education classes. In the didactic part, I designed a series of lessons whose central theme is an imaginary animal. In the beginning, the students are motivated by the "Imaginary animal" game. Subsequently, they create a drawing proposal and then use it during the linocut creation itself. The bachelor's thesis is concluded by my own author's creation, which is based on the already mentioned game "Imaginary animal".
Multimedia exercise book of art education for pupils of the 2nd grade of elementary school
Miklošková, Kristýna ; Raudenský, Martin (advisor) ; Fulková, Marie (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the digitization of educational aids in the teaching of art education at the 2nd level of elementary school. The aim of the diploma thesis is to map the awareness of art teachers of the 2nd level of elementary school about teaching art education during distance learning, what resources they used during it and whether a multimedia textbook of art education could be the helpful in this time. The theoretical part deals with the issue of multimedia textbooks, digitization and together with it also current trends in art education, the use of mobile technologies in art education and also the impact of distance learning on education. In the empirical part of the work, in connection with the goal, questions were asked: What is the direction of the form of teaching materials in art education? Where is the development of 2nd grade elementary school textbooks heading with regard to the current need for digitization? Is it even possible to apply the digitization of art textbooks? Would the digitization of teaching materials in art education be beneficial? Within this work, mixed research was carried out. The aim of the research is to map the current interest of art teachers of the 2nd level of elementary school in innovative technologies in art education and the possibility of...
Modern textbooks of art education for pupils of the 2nd grade of elementary school
Krošláková, Karolína ; Raudenský, Martin (advisor) ; Fulková, Marie (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the art education schoolbook and the main goal is the design of a modern textbook for the 2nd grade of primary schools. The theoretical part, considering the historical development of art education, analyses the consequences of the current teaching style and the role and importance of the textbook for art education. I focus on the content of textbooks from the perspective of professional research and literature. I describe the conditions for textbook approval by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the content of the endorsed currently used textbooks. Regarding the current trends for teaching materials, I present the demands of foreign competitions dealing with educational and teaching materials. I describe an award-winning, electronic, foreign art education textbook and introduce the most prominent native publishers of interactive textbooks. I briefly summarize the question of the preference to printed or electronic form of teaching materials. The empirical part gathers information about the form and content of teaching materials that teachers actually work with. Within the quantitative research I use the questionnaire addressing the teachers of this subject at the 2nd grade of elementary school. The information obtained from all previous parts, sets the...
Magazines for Children and Youth (Children's Periodicals in the Context of Art Education)
Husieva, Kateryna ; Raudenský, Martin (advisor) ; Magidová, Markéta (referee)
The bachelor thesis describes the origin and development of periodical publications in the context of art education, analyses their position on the media market in the Czech Republic and abroad. The history of children's periodicals is considered. The modern market of children's periodicals and its problems are also considered, and the peculiarities of children's perception of periodical products and the specifics of work in publishing a professional children's magazine are identified. The theoretical part examines the magazines published for children and youth since the beginning and during the 19th century, further published since World War II and during the period of normalization. It traces the development of illustration and magazines in terms of creative education from the very beginning of the periodicals to the present day and focuses on the individual magazines that inspired the creation of children's magazines. The didactic part examines the possibilities of using magazines in the classroom and the suggestions from the point of view of media education, whether the individual tasks for creating a magazine are comprehensible and elaborable for children. The practical part deals with the magazine itself, which is intended for Czech children and children with a different mother tongue, from...
Optical toys and animation puns in art education
Weinhartová, Kateřina ; Raudenský, Martin (advisor) ; Magidová, Markéta (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals briefly with the history of early animation and further transition from pre-animation techniques to the world of film animation. It presents domestic and foreign contemporary work production mainly in the field suitable for working with children. It maps recent trends in the field and their further use through post-production. In addition, it points out parallels and inspirational examples from the film or gallery environment of animation. The didactic part presents the basis of the application of various methods of animation in practice with students. The objectives of the Framework Educational Plan (FEP) are taken into account here. The creative part of the thesis, explores pre-animation techniques using a thematically open set of optical toys (flipbooks, zoetropes, trauma tropes) based on the principle of visual momentum. Keywords : optical, animation, art education, art creation, optical illusion

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