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How do women experience the time of their maternity leave?
The diploma thesis, based on qualitative research conducted through unstructured individual interviews, describes the way mothers experience their time on maternity leave. The theoretical part contains a discussion of time and free time. The practical part is dedicated to important topics arising from the interviews, such as the father's position in the family, comparing the care of younger and older children, the mother's free time, household duties and child support.
The educational and selfdevelopment courses as a instrument for better use in the labor market for women in paternal leave
VÁŇA, Viktor
The aim of this work is to describe and analyze the situation of women on maternity and parental leave. The theoretical part deals with the state family policy and the position of women in the labor market. The negative effects on women in the social and economic field are presented. One of the options for assistance is educational and self-development courses for women caring for young children. The courses help women increase their self-confidence, remove social isolation and return to work after parental leave. The research part verifies the usefulness of Attavena courses for their graduates. Quantitative research is used as a research method by means of a questionnaire survey in which 106 women have participated.
Parent Center operators as "nurseries"
Poláková, Šárka ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Klimešová, Magdalena (referee)
The parent center is currently the phenomenon, which is compared with the "State" schools or more today to discuss "the children's group" devoted less attention. And, in particular, in the section that deals with the care of children without parents. Although the parent centers help solve one of the social and political problems, the Czech Republic- the lack of places in nursery schools, in crèches, they lack support. Legislative support, support the child care area in MC without the participation of the parents. In the Czech Republic currently operates a total of 427 MC and in the Liberec region, on which I focused in the empirical part, has 21 maternity center. Of these 21 parent service center to care for children without parental involvement provides a total of 14 maternity center. And the MC feels the need to legislative support, which would be welcomed by, clearer rules for the operation of the parent center, especially in the environment of a child without the participation of the parents. This support is important in all activities that MC. Maternity Center is not just about "meeting", but also on the promotion of intergenerational cohabitation, create facilities for families with children, and last but not least, active participation to facilitate the return of women and men back into the...
Educational attainment as a factor enabling flexible working arrangements for women on maternity leave in the Czech Republic
Vyhlídková, Petra ; Reichel, Jiří (advisor) ; Růžanská, Hana (referee)
Presented work analyzes the influence of educational attainment in comparison with other factors that enable women on maternity or parental leave in the Czech Republic to actively participate in the labour market using flexible working arrangements. There are subjective and objective factors that may influence decisions of women active in the labour market. The work describes in detail following: selected tools of the social politics, cultural influence, preferences of individual women, need of another income in the household or division of labour with the partner. These influences are examined on examples of particular women using a method of semistructured interviews in qualitative survey. This work is compared with statistical data and relevant results of existing surveys. An assumption of presented work is the fact, that women with a higher education are better equipped to use possible options of available flexible working arrangements. The results of this survey confirm the assumption to a certain level, however it points also to other factors that are at least of the same importance as the level of attained education.
The return to work of women after parental leave
Růžičková, Lucie ; Kocianová, Renata (advisor) ; Kuchař, Pavel (referee)
SUMARRY The focus of this dissertation is the return to work of women after parental leave. The paper explores the topic of maternity and parental leave and care required by pre-school children. It further looks at the current employment status of these women on the job market, along with the offer of flexible forms of employment. The current situation in the Czech Republic is compared to other countries, mainly member states of the European Union. An empirical study based on a questionnaire survey is also a part of this paper. This survey examines the situation of a number of female employees of VZP ČR on parental leave as well as their managers and employees after return to work from parental leave. Based on the results of the survey, this paper proposes a programme, which should help female employees of VZP ČR with a smoother transition while returning to work.
Maternity and Parenthood through the view of Labour Law and Social Security Law
Filipová, Lucie ; Koldinská, Kristina (referee)
Maternity and Parenthood through the view of Labour Law and Social Security Law Abstract This theses deals with the social event of pregnancy, maternity and parenthood in the wider labour and social contexts. The aim of this theses is to analyse the individual stages of the employee's working life based on the birth of the child. Attention is paid to the maternity and parental leave, with particular reference the limited possibilities termination of employment during their drawing. In this context, the different types of financial benefits belonging to parents taking care of children, whose purpose is to compensate for the loss of income or dampening of gainful activities resulting from the necessary personal care of a child. The theses also deals with the interconnection of individual institutes of labour law and social security law in terms of employee's participation in the system of sickness, pension and public health insurance, taking into account the specific conditions of participation of insured persons in these systems while they are taking maternity and parental leave, or receiving sickness insurance or state social support benefits. The attention is also paid to the financial security of parents in the event of loss of employment through the unemployment benefits, describing in detail the system...
Maternity centre as a tool encouraging women in return to labour market after maternity leave
Čechurová, Lenka ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Zrcková, Alžběta (referee)
Women with small children are considered as one of the risk groups within the labour market. These women still face discrimination when returning to the labour market after finishing the maternity leave, even though there are many social policy and labour market agendas aiming to the higher employment of this social group. This text aims to the new tool of return to the labour market of women finishing the maternity leave -Maternity centre. Maternity centres in the Czech Republic, as an area for meeting of parents and children, were established 20 years ago. Their values and principles of operating have substantially changed during this time. The European processes of integration were among the factors that influenced the values and aims of maternity centres. The first part of this thesis concentrates on the maternity centre as an institution in general. It focuses on the history, values, aims and principles of operating. In the second part of the text a case study of chosen maternity centre (Klub K2) was conducted. This case study introduces the programs of Klub K2 that were created in order to enable women with small children to participate within the labour market. The key aspect of Klub K2 consists of two dimensions of this institution: it focuses on both the childcare and the "women care" and...
The role of the media as an information source for parents on maternity and parental leave
Caithamlová, Kateřina ; Reifová, Irena (advisor) ; Nečas, Vlastimil (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the role of the media in the lives of parents on maternity and parental leave and how they satisfy their needs through use of media. The thesis is based on the uses and gratification theory and especially on the typology of media-personal interactions defined by Denis McQuail. The aim of the thesis is to find out, through twenty interviews with mothers and fathers living in the household with a child or children, for what purpose the media are used by this specific group. The thesis includes a theoretical anchoring of the approach of uses and gratification theory concerning its historical development during the 20th century, but it also focuses on its concept at present after the spread of new media. The theoretical part of the thesis also deals with the characteristics of maternity and parental leave and it tries to identify everyday activities associated with this period and its positive and negative aspects. The methodological part describes the area of qualitative research and related procedures, including the choice of data collection method, which is a semi-structured interview, and the characteristics of the research sample. The analytical part interprets the findings resulting from the data obtained through interviews with respondents. The discussion and conclusion of...
Use of print and online media among women and men on maternity or parental leave
Řehořová, Lidmila ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Švelch, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis deals with the role of media in the life of "young" parents. The theoretical part presents the current trends in the attitude to printed and online media for a selected target group, specifically women and men on maternity and parental leave. The principal question of the thesis is the attitude of a selected group of people to the media content. Has the relation to the media subjectively changed in this new life role? The research method is a qualitative interview with ten respondents (seven women and three men). The analysis is based on methods of grounded theory - first at the level of open coding, then the axial coding. The conclusion summarizes the researched findings, and among other things, whether the interviewees see changes in their relation to the media due to parenthood and if they do, which changes they realize.

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