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Harmonisation of work and family life - the perspective of Czech and European law
Fantová, Karolína ; Koldinská, Kristina (advisor) ; Munková, Gabriela (referee)
Harmonisation of work and family life - the perspective of Czech and European law Harmonising work and family life is a very topical issue today. Employees no longer want to choose between work and care; they want the possibility to do both. The legal framework responds to this need - it creates conditions that support this harmonisation. This has a positive impact on productivity and employee satisfaction. Moreover, balancing work and family life positively influences societal factors, such as demographic stability and sustainable economic growth, making it a politically intriguing topic as well. The thesis offers a comprehensive view of the work and family life harmonisation in the context of the current legislation in the Czech Republic and within the European Union, focusing especially on caregivers. The main goal of the thesis is to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of current legislation concerning the harmonisation of work and family life, particularly focusing on flexible forms of employment, obstacles at work from the employee's side, and financial security in situations where the employee cannot work due to caring for another person. The thesis further examines European law standards and their impact on domestic legislation, noting also the non-legislative initiatives of the...
The employment of women in leadership positions from the labor law perspective
Černá, Julia ; Koldinská, Kristina (advisor) ; Tomšej, Jakub (referee)
THE EMPLOYMENT OF WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP POSITIONS FROM THE LABOR LAW PERSPECTIVE ABSTRACT This thesis focuses on the issue of gender-based discrimination in the field of economic and political leadership. It explores various forms of discriminatory conduct and examines the viability of positive measures and the rationales for their adoption. Special attention is given to the examination of the institute of quotas, their impact on the current (lack of) gender equality, and the prospects of integrating them into our legal framework through labor law regulations. The thesis outlines previous attempts to introduce them, the current stance towards their implementation and some regulatory models that can be observed in foreign jurisdictions. Within a broader sociological-economic context, the thesis analyzes specific barriers that hinder women in their career advancements, such as the glass ceiling and tokenism. It analyzes the causes and consequences of labor market segmentation in terms of horizontal and vertical segregation and emphasizes the problematic nature of this phenomenon. The main objective of the thesis is to analyze current legal systems in terms of international, European Union, and Czech law in their efforts of addressing the aforementioned issue. Relevant legislation regulating this area is...
The employer's obligation to compensate for the damage caused to the employee
Štěpánková, Kateřina ; Koldinská, Kristina (referee)
The employer's obligation to compensate for the damage caused to the employee Abstract In the submitted dissertation, the author deals with the topic of the employer's obligation to compensate for the damage caused to the employee. This issue is highly actual, as in the past there have arised, and these days still continue to arise new and new connected questions to discuss, and sometimes the re-opening of questions that have already been settled occurs as well. At the same time, it is also a common-sense oriented topic, as almost every employer has at some point been in a position where they were forced to fulfil this legal obligation towards their employee. Within the scope of this dissertation, fundamental attention is devoted to the analysis of individual types of the employer's liability for damage caused to the employee and to a critical insight into the complexity of their legal provisions and their real usability. International comparisons are also provided in places, where it is appropriate and useful. A number of concrete suggestions de lege ferenda are also provided. The first part is devoted to a basic insight into this issue, but in addition to it, it also contains a clear statistic comparison of the amount of court decisions carried out in cases of lawsuits on fulfilment of the relevant types...
Informal carers in Czech social law
Hemerová, Lucie ; Koldinská, Kristina (advisor) ; Matějka Řehořová, Lucie (referee)
Informal carers in Czech social law Abstract Majority of long-term care for elderly persons is provided by informal carers, i.e. by relatives of other close persons. Despite informal care has significant value either for economy and society, it is omitted by the legislator over a long period. Therefore, the objective of this diploma thesis is to map the legislation affecting the situation of informal carers, to analyse it and to propose changes resulting from confronting the legislation with the actual situation of informal carers. This thesis is structured into six chapters. The purpose of first chapter is to present basic background which briefly describes the most important social and demographic phenomena accelerating the need to address legal status of informal carers and in perspective of which the relevant legislation should be analysed. In particular, such phenomena are population ageing, gender equality, financing of social welfare systems and the situation of informal carers on labour market. In the second chapter, given the topic of this thesis, the social law is defined and areas of law affecting informal carers the most are described in more detail, i.e. social welfare law and labour law. Third, fourth and fifth chapters relevant legislation is described. Chapter three is devoted to...
Social protection of families experiencing the death of their child before and after birth
Zajíčková, Adéla ; Koldinská, Kristina (advisor) ; Lang, Roman (referee)
92 Abstract: Social protection of families experiencing the death of their child before and after birth The thesis analyses the issue of social protection of families who are facing the loss of their infant. This includes stillborn children, children who died immediately or shortly after birth, fetuses after miscarriage and after artificial termination of pregnancy. The thesis is divided into three main parts. The first chapter places the whole issue in the context of the present time. It discusses the terminology closely related to the topic, including its development over time. At the same time, this part also mentions the directions taken by foreign legislation and, last but not least, the scope of the cases analysed is defined. The second part, the core of the text, contains a detailed analysis of the applicable institutes that can be applied in the framework of social security law in the defined cases. Taking inspiration from the social system of the Czech Republic itself, this chapter is also divided according to the first and second pillar: into social insurance benefits and state social support benefits. Given the interconnectedness of the institutes, labour protection and its scope are also mentioned. In order to get a comprehensive overview of the possible support, the chapter also includes care...
Equal treatment and non-discrimination in employment relations
Vaněk, Šimon ; Matějka Řehořová, Lucie (advisor) ; Koldinská, Kristina (referee)
1 Equal treatment and non-discrimination in employment relations Abstract The thesis deals with the principle of equal treatment and non-discrimination in employment relations. The aim of the author is to introduce the basic concepts related to the issue under the thesis, to present the overview of related legislation, to mention sine key case law, to introduce other projects to promote equal treatment and ban discrimination and to evaluate the current legislation as well as recent changes and expected future developments. The introductory part defines basic concepts such as equality, discrimination (including its forms) and positive action. In the following sections, the legislation in international law and in European Union law is presented, including a closer look at some of the case law that can be identified as very important and that has contributed to the interpretation of the legal rules or to legislative changes. Then the regulation of the issue in the legal system of the Czech Republic is presented, from the constitutional foundations through the most important laws, including the Anti- Discrimination Act and the Labour Code, to other laws that relates to the issue. The understanding of the issue of the thesis is also presented with examples from the case law of Czech courts, which precises the...
Exceptionally reimbursable health services
Vopatová, Petra ; Koldinská, Kristina (advisor) ; Štefko, Martin (referee)
Exceptionally reimbursable health services Abstract The Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms guarantees all insured persons the right to be provided with reimbursed health services and medical equipment on the conditions stated by law. The legislation is based on several laws, which define the insurance contributions, health insurance company's duties including the financial ones, and the extent of reimbursable health services and other conditions for the reimbursement. Due to limited financial sources available in public health insurance system the extent of reimbursable health services is limited. Nevertheless, there are exceptional cases when there is just one and only therapy suitable for the insured person. In these cases, the insured person has right to be provided with exceptional reimbursement of such health service even if it's not systematically reimbursed. The health care insurance companies, with some exceptions, are requested to approve that the situation is such and right to exceptional reimbursement exists. Health insurance companies have a duty to provide the best possible reimbursed treatment while maintaining the stability of the public health insurance system. Health insurance companies have to be able to interpret and evaluate in a legally appropriate way facts that originate in...
Work - life balance
Mýtinová, Melissa Marie ; Tomšej, Jakub (advisor) ; Koldinská, Kristina (referee)
in English language Work-life balance This diploma thesis explores various (international, European, and Czech) legal sources and practices related to work-life balance. The changes brought by the Directive (EU) 2019/1158 of the European parliament and of the Council of 20 June 2019 on work-life balance for parents and carers are also taken into account throughout the thesis. The historical development of working time is analysed, as well as its current status in modern society and expectations for the future. Different forms of flexible working arrangements, such as flexible working hours, job-sharing, and homeworking, are discussed in detail, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each. The thesis also covers part-time jobs and their role in promoting work-life balance. The role of obstacles to work on the employee's side in balancing their personal and work life is also described, particularly those related to life events such as childbirth and caring for children or close family members. This includes maternity leave, paternity leave, parental leave, carer's leave (caring for a family or household member) and long-term care. The related financial compensations that correspond to these obstacles to work are also described. The thesis further provides information on other tools for balancing...
Access to employment from a gender equality perspective
Čejchanová, Michaela ; Koldinská, Kristina (advisor) ; Matějka Řehořová, Lucie (referee)
Access to employment from a gender equality perspective Abstract This thesis examines access to employment from a gender equality perspective. However, the content of the thesis has been narrowed down and focuses on access to employment in terms of unequal pay for women and men. The topic of the thesis has been chosen in view of its topicality in the context of the proposed Proposal for a Directive to enhance transparency in remuneration, which will have a significant impact on the Czech Republic. The main objective of the thesis is to present the issue of wage and salary inequality, to evaluate the current state of the legislative regulation of equal pay for men and women and to provide possible de lege ferenda solutions. The thesis is divided into an introduction, two main chapters and a conclusion. The first chapter defines the basic theoretical concepts related to gender pay inequality and also introduces the reader to the Czech legal regulation of equality and non-discrimination as the basic building blocks of gender pay inequality. The second chapter is considered by the author to be crucial as it introduces one of the most important indicators of inequality in the labor market, identifies its key aspects and demonstrates the underlying causes of its emergence, as well as its impact on the individual...
Health insurance of foreigners in the Czech Republic
Žabka, Jan ; Koldinská, Kristina (advisor) ; Tomšej, Jakub (referee)
Health insurance of foreigners in the Czech Republic Abstract The main topic of this master thesis is the issue of health insurance of foreigners in the Czech Republic. Its goal is not only an analysis of the current legal regulation of this insurance, but also proposals for its possible development in the future. The thesis is focused on foreigners primarily for the reason that, while Czech citizens' access to health insurance is relatively unproblematic, in the case of foreigners there are many complications and obstacles. In the first chapter, the author first deals with foreigners who participate in the public health insurance system. In this part, he mainly draws attention to the inappropriate legal regulation, which concerns the access of persons to public health insurance, as well as to the imperfect formulation of the conditions of application of one of the coordination regulations. In the second chapter, on the other hand, the author focuses on foreigners who do not participate in public health insurance and must therefore conclude commercial health insurance for foreigners. The chapter on commercial health insurance for foreigners is divided into two subsections. The first deals with basic health insurance for foreigners and the second with comprehensive health insurance for foreigners. The...

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