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Disinformation as a security threat in the Czech information space in connection with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic
The thesis deals with the problem of disinformation news in the Czech information space, with attention paid to disinformation in connection with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The aim of the thesis was to identify selected disinformation that appeared in the Czech information space in connection with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and to put them in context, to examine the impact of disinformation messages, the dangers of underestimating them, and to answer the research question what impact disinformation had in the Czech information space in connection with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. To achieve the objective, a quantitative research strategy was chosen and implemented through a questionnaire survey focused on the spread of disinformation news, the viewership and credibility of selected disinformation media in the context of other media, mass forwarded emails, attitudes towards disinformation news and sources of information in the society-wide context. The research sample consisted of 511 respondents from the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, University of South Bohemia. The results uncovered some gaps in the aforementioned areas of research, even though students are being prepared to provide work, care and services in many areas of health care facilities and beyond, and medical, biological, natural science and advanced nursing and scientific knowledge is an important line of study for them. Nearly one-third of respondents (29%) agreed with more than one misinformation question. Further, 74% of respondents agreed that someone in their environment has changed behaviors or attitudes because of misinformation related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, exactly 30% of the respondents show a certain level of vulnerability in terms of succumbing to the effects of misinformation messages, as they are unable to recognise misinformation or to express themselves clearly on the issue. Due to the combination of vulnerability, following society-wide events mainly on online networks and in TV, their age and social status, the possibility of succumbing to radicalisation is several times higher than in the rest of society. Therefore, the above findings in this thesis are an important finding that should start receiving much more attention than it has so far. The thesis is aimed primarily at the professional community and offers a relatively comprehensive view of the issue.
Manipulation in marketing communication
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the attitudes of generation Y towards the manipulative practices of selected marketers based on the analysis of problematic approaches to marketing communication. In terms of the methodological approach, a qualita-tive method was used, specifically content analysis methods and individual in-depth interviews. The results show that with the new technological era, there are many new methods available to manipulate consumer behaviour in purchase decisions. Among the respondents, who were representatives of generation Y, the predominant attitude was negative towards manipulative practices used in discount promotions as a sales promotion. The approach to influencer marketing and promotion of alcohol and tobacco produ-cts was also criticised. On the contrary, a more tolerant attitude was taken towards advertising spots.
The Theme of Manipulation in George Orwell´s Nineteen Eighty-Four and Joseph Heller´s Catch-22
The goal of this diploma thesis is to analyse the motif of manipulation in the most renowned dystopian work of the 20th century, that is in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by the British author George Orwell and in the anti-war satirical novel Catch-22 by America's Joseph Heller. The thesis opens with a chapter dealing with the theoretical matters of the work. This part briefly discusses the concepts related to the analysed novels. The next part of the thesis introduces the authors of the novels in question, their life journeys and development leading to the creation of their most famous novels. The final two chapters contain the analyses of the works with Orwell's novel coming in first place, followed by Catch-22. In conclusion, the author compares manipulation in both works. While analysing manipulation in the said works, the author focuses not solely on its societal impact, but also on the ways in which manipulation influences individuals in the universes created by Orwell and Heller.
Italian idioms containing the names of body parts and their Czech equivalents
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to introduce Italian somatic idioms, ie those that contain the name of a body part. The work is divided into two parts. The first, theoretical part, presents the basic terminology, especially the definition of the terms "phrasal idiom" and "idiom", presents their properties, their internal structure and function. Furthermore, a brief historical and cultural insight into the topic is made and, last but not least, a comparison of the Czech and Italian conceptions of the issue is made. In the second part, the analysis of a selected sample of Italian somatic idioms is performed, the selected sample is analyzed in terms of formal, ie. according to the internal structure. However, the main task of the thesis is to indicate the possibilities in the translation of selected idioms and to present possible equivalents in the Czech language, including the introduction of various translation strategies. Furthermore, the possibilities of syntactic manipulation and internal transformation of idioms are also presented.
Fake news a nástroje jejich odhalování
In response to the increasing danger connected to the issue of the spread of fake news the thesis focuses on the distinction of terms associated with the fake news phenomenon (fake news, disinformation, hoax, conspiracy, manipulation, propaganda etc.), introduces different types of news media (traditional media, alternative media, fake news sites and social media). The thesis further states potential reasons for the mistrust in mainstream media as a possible cause of the recipients' inclination to alternative sources. In response to the increasing number of information coming from different types of news sources, there is a growing need to verify this information, thus the key competencies (critical thinking and media literacy) in the fight against the fake news are introduced. The thesis further elaborates the issue of automatic verification (along with its effectiveness) of news on the internet. Online applications exposing fake news sites are subjected to research in comparative analysis. The results of the examination highlight some of their imperfections that online tools contend.
The Role of Hidden Reality in E.A. Poe and Ira Levin
The aim of the diploma thesis is the comparative analysis of several chosen horror works written by Edgar Allan Poe and Ira Levin. The brief survey of the English and American Gothic novels precedes the analysis of the hidden reality. The role of the apparent external reality and the hidden reality will be studied with respect to the characteristics of the protagonists. The importance and the role of the setting, mainly the closed space, will be the main aim of the second part of the interpretation. The protagonists and the setting will be also studied as the main sources of uncertainty and the thrill of the works.
Discursive annihilation of negative implications as a method of defence of enhanced interrogation techniques
Janovec, Adam ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Ludvík, Jan (referee)
The thesis, entitled Discursive annihilation of negative implications as a method of defence of enhanced interrogation techniques, presents a qualitative content analysis of the public rhetorical output of U.S. government officials in order to identify the mechanics by which they attempted to advocate enhanced interrogation techniques. In addition to providing context for the conditions under which enhanced interrogation techniques were developed, the thesis provides insight into the nature of the controversy surrounding them, which made the entire issue one of the most critical topics of the George W. Bush administration. The extent of the negative public response toward the revelation of the deployment of interrogation techniques with incorporated elements of physical violence in questioning sessions conducted by U.S. security forces led to the need for an immediate response by senior government officials. In order to mitigate the potential impact on the legitimacy of state institutions, their leaders have resorted to transform the existing political discourse through the use of a variation of linguistic figures in their rhetoric. The most significant component of the thesis is represented by the analysis of a set of written outputs of selected representatives of the state and state security...
Vít Klusák's films - manipulation or author's originality?
Šipanová, Marie ; Štoll, Martin (advisor) ; Horký, Petr (referee)
The thesis deals with Vít Klusák's documentary movies. Klusák is currently among the most prominent documentarists in the Czech Republic and is also a pedagogue at the most prestigious Czech film school, FAMU. Several main characters of his documentaries, social actors, accused him of manipulating them into talking or acting in a way they would not normally perform. In the past, several journalists opened the topic of manipulation of social actors. Moreover, it is also a topic of the commentary section in the Czech and Slovak online movie database (ČSFD) and in Czech Television iVysílání (online streaming platform) discussions. The aim of this thesis is to find out what makes Klusák's work this specific and whether we can claim that he manipulates social actors, or if it is the author's original and unique approach to documentary movies. To describe the specifics of Klusák's work, I will make a qualitative content analysis of six films that he directed or co-directed (Klusák usually co-directs with Filip Remunda). The focus will be on the director's work with social actors as well as theme inspiration, sound work, and others. The analysis will show what features are typical for Vít Klusák and whether any of them can be called manipulation.
Disinformation on Czech Fake News Websites during Covid-19 Pandemic
Schneiderová, Soňa ; Moravec, Václav (advisor) ; Končelík, Jakub (referee)
The Bachelor thesis "Disinformation on Czech disinformation websites during the covid-19 pandemic" studies the content published on the disinformation media, Sputnik, Aeronet and Parlamentní listy during the covid-19 pandemic and examines it in the context of the false news phenomenon. The goal of the thesis is to analyze articles on the mentioned websites, find out what topics the articles were about and how they were changing over time. At the same time, this thesis also examines the format of the articles, the presence or absence of clickbait headlines and if their authors were anonymous or not. In the theoretical part of the thesis, the concept of false news is explained first, together with its division into misinformation, malinformation and disinformation. In the following subchapters, disinformation is discussed the most, as well as the risks connected to it, its authors and the disinformation media. The thesis also deals with the topic of legislation and the regulation of disinformation and the disinformation media. In the second part of the thesis, the research including the methodology is introduced. The research is based on a quantitative content analysis, supplemented by a qualitative content analysis. The research sample consists of a random selection of ten articles published...

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