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Modernization of cold dosing for production of concrete
Baňka, Zdeněk ; Vladyka, Josef (referee) ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This master´s thesis deals with the modernization of several years operating equipment of cold dosing for production of concrete. Solves the complete design of a new conveyor and problems identified in the operation of the device.
Handling equipment for the containers
Komárek, Jakub ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This work is of the search type and addresses the handling equipment for loading and reloading of containers - hanging frames or spreader. These come into direct contact with the containers according to the ISO and ensure handleability of them. Work includes analysis of structural nodes hanging frames, their distribution and function. Part of this work is to analyze the types of containers and trailers parameters according to ISO and also to analyze the trailers included hanging frames, including reloading equipment. Finally we compared the product ranges of the hanger frames selected European manufacturers.
Horizontal driven roller conveyor
Sláma, Jakub ; Malášek, Jiří (referee) ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis deals with design-driven horizontal roller tracks for the transport of steel castings in the interoperation internal transport, was made functional calculation of the roller track and determined the main dimensions of lines, the work deals with designing the drive, strength calculation poháněcího chain and check the frame lines. Subsequently, the preparation of its finished drawing lines, assembly lines and drawing section drawing of the drive subassembly lines.
Conveyor Inverter - Design Lifting Mechanism
Zálešák, Martin ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Škopán, Miroslav (advisor)
I am concern with a proposal of conceptual solution of Conveyor Inverter in my bachelor work. This Conveyor Inverter is used for the change of the direction europallet about 90° between roller and chain conveyor according to given technical parameters. My bachelor work contains complete 3D proposal, constructional and functional solutions which are based on checking calculations. Lifting of the Conveyor Inverter is done using a leverage mechanism of electric motor.
The engine unit of a building machine
Nejman, Jan ; Pokorný, Prokop (referee) ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis is concerned about wheel building loaders and their engine unit. There is a brief description of machines fulfilling assignment parameters in the first part, including their construction, processing and steering solution. The following part consists of total power assessment. Total power is reached by addition of all needed power for various process modes. The last part deals with searching for suitable engine unit according to worldwide producer's catalogues.
Remote Control Submarine Robot
Středa, Ondřej ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Simeonov, Simeon (advisor)
This Bechelor thesis is trying to chart and briefly categorize extensive develepment and use of underwater robots. Bachelor thesis gives particular emphasis to classifying new trends which had emerged relatively recently and are developing dynamically. It also deals with comparison of concepts. The conclusion is a summary of the direction of future development and desing recommendations for building an underwater robot.
Grapple of the excavator
Fiala, Petr ; Zeizinger, Lukáš (referee) ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (advisor)
In this work is designed hydraulic polyp grapple for handling with wide range of materials. The content of this work is concept of new shaped handling equipment. There is technical processing of parts of the grapple, and calculation. Device is designed as changeable equipment for excavators.
Driven roller track sawing
Mišák, Milan ; Malášek, Jiří (referee) ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis describes the design of horizontal driven roller conveyors, determination of the main parameters, design their own power and its functional calculation. Also discusses the strength calculation of the shaft and the driven roller shell. Includes drawing documentation of conveyor assembly, driving devices, roller assembly and drive shaft roller.
Stroke mechanism of bridge crane
Jirásek, Jiří ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Škopán, Miroslav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design of the lifting mechanism of the crane cat, for a bridge storage crane with a load capacity of 8,000 kg. The thesis contains a critical research of similar existing solutions and the selection of the appropriate concept. The design includes calculations of the basic parameters of the stroke, and based on them selects appropriate rope, pulleys, and design of the rope drum. Furthermore, there are calculated and selected suitable components of the stroke mechanism such as electric motor, clutch, brake and gearbox. The last part deals with the design of the bearing, the drum pin and the calculation of the shaft key. The output of the work is the technical drawing of the whole assembly of the mechanism and the welding subassembly of the rope drum.
Concept of a modular tandem trailer
Pavlovič, Matúš ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on analysis of construction elements of two-axle trailer as a carrier of changeover system. Furthermore, this thesis includes own conceptional desing of two-axle trailer, it’s frame and suitable construction elements, also calculations for verification of functionality of the frame. Thesis also includes drawing documentation of the trailer.

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