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Abrasive water jet cutting
Midrla, Zdeněk ; Kubík, Roman (referee) ; Osička, Karel (advisor)
This master thesis is consisted of literature search and practise part with focusing on the theme of abrasive water jet cutting. Introductory chapters deal with various methods and principles water jet cutting. Following chapters deal with quality of cutting surface by abrasive water jet cutting. After these chapters is introduced machine equipment of water jet cutting technology. At the end of this theoretical part are listed advantages and comparison with other unconventional technologies. In the practical part is solved design of machinery with regard to manufacturing technology of component flange in series 630 000 pieces per year. Last chapter describes economic evaluation of production.
Proposal and set up of material flow standards for selected components from 3 product groups in the Edwards company and their subsequent analysis
Zapletal, Petr ; Kalivoda, Milan (referee) ; Kubík, Roman (advisor)
This thesis deals with setting standards of material flow and its optimization according to the principles of lean production at Edwards Ltd. The first part is devoted to theoretical introduction to the problems of logistics and lean manufacturing with a brief description of their tools. Then, it is made introduction of company Edwards and analyse of current state of the material flow. In the last part of the thesis it is proposed steps, which should lead to efficiency and standardization of material flow.
Solution drilling technologies and clamping units
Adam, Jan ; Kubík, Roman (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
This Bachelor's Thesis introduces drilling technology, construction of clamping for specific component and its examination in terms of technology and economics.First part of Bachelor's Thesis deals with technology of drilling and with instruments for drilling such as drills and reamers. Next is survey of particular types of drilling machines. Second part of this Thesis is about rules for construction of clamping units and their disposal. Analysis of componet for which is clamping unit constructed. Following by construction of drilling gauge,comparing of incidental times with using the gauge and without using the gauge and finally calculation of investment return in to clamping unit.
Proposal for the increased effectiveness of production operation of sheet metal covers at ISOTRA company
Hykel, Lukáš ; Blachut, Bohumír (referee) ; Kubík, Roman (advisor)
The thesis deals with the optimization of production lines cover sheets for external blinds. The aim of this work is to propose appropriate investment in line for expansion of capacity and the reduction of risks in the form of cooperation. To achieve the objective I propose two alternative solutions. Combination of these two variants has been optimized with regard to investment in capacity expansion, reduce risk and achieve a fast return on investment. The conclusion describes the individual prices of investment items and annual profit from the newly formed water jet technology.
The problems of production of railway wheels
Šimčík, Vladimír ; Kubík, Roman (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
The main idea of this work is especially to make clear the principle of railway wheelset technology, consisting of wheels, axle and other necessary components. Based on available information sources, BONATRANS GROUP a.s. literature, practical advices, experience and knowledge of practical issues, the problems in the manufacture of railway wheelsets and proposals for their elimination will be named.
Designing a Component Technology for the ŽĎAS Company
Ločárková, Hana ; Kubík, Roman (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
The Bachelor Thesis is focusing on the manufacture of a gear ring assembled from two half-rings. In the first chapter the product itself, the gear ring and the company ZDAS, a.s. where it is made, are described. This is followed by component production sequence, starting with the receipt of purchase order, the pre-manufacturing operations, making the pattern, casting itself through the rough machined semi-product release to the finish machining workplace incl. making the teeth. In the next section the attention is paid to production-related critical points and the proposal of possible new version of technological process. The last section is devoted to the technological-and-economical assessment of the production proposed. The production is looked on in terms of satisfaction of the desired quality criteria. The production sequence is traced as per the schedule and the sequence of operations and/or workplaces involved in the manufacture is shown.
Increased production efficiency of hydraulic aggregate unit at Bosch Rexroth company
Fešar, Tomáš ; Kalivoda, Milan (referee) ; Kubík, Roman (advisor)
The target of this masters thesis is perform the analysis of current state of production hydraulic power units and proposion of changes in production, which are able to increasing production.
Proposal for various rational operations of glass installation at an assembly line of Škoda Auto company
Wilhelm, Pavel ; Babák, Jan (referee) ; Kubík, Roman (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the windscreen mounting options on the assembly line at Škoda Auto in Mladá Boleslav. The aim is to describe the possible assembly options and to determine the optimal variant. In the first part the key theoretical information is described, followed by an analysis of the current state. After the introduction of two new proposals the variatiants are compared to each other in terms of finance and overall suitability using multicriteria method.
Classification of flexible manufacturing systems & machining centers
Selucký, Jaroslav ; Kalivoda, Milan (referee) ; Kubík, Roman (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis is focused on analysis of the flexible manufacturing systems and machining centers. In the first section the basic characteristics of the flexible manufacturing systems and their versions are described. There´s also a description of the manipulators, conveyors and possible layouts of systems which are often used in the flexible manufacturing systems. The next section is focused on the description and classification of the machining centers as the main parts of flexible manufacturing systems. The classification is firstly done according to the design and technical possibilities and in the last section the flexible manufacturing systems are classified according the user´s requirements.
Adjustment of the Insulation of the Bus Rear Part
Pešina, Jan ; Kubík, Roman (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
Master thesis is focused on proposal of improved manufacturing process of assembly named "sandwich" produced in Iveco bus company. There is solved new fixation of assembly bench, replacement of currently used glues and material of ledge as well. In the first part there is company introduction Iveco Bus. Second part consist of construction analysis and description of present manufacturing process. Further there is introduction, solving out of thesis topics and proposal of new manufacturing process is written. At the end of thesis are attached comparison between present and proposed manufacturing process.

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