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"To the Relief of Those Who Are in Distress." On the Phenomenon of Pity in the Philosophy of J.-J. Rousseau
Sváčková, Kateřina ; Novák, Aleš (advisor) ; Špelda, Daniel (referee) ; Fulka, Josef (referee)
"To the Relief of Those Who Are in Distress." On the Phenomenon of Pity in the Philosophy of J.-J. Rousseau Kateřina Sváčková The thesis attempts to thematise the philosophical composition of the phenomenon of pity (fr. pitié, compassion) as it was elaborated by J.-J. Rousseau, and on this basis, to present an "ornament of pity" as a phenomenon that is both integral and changeable. First of all, we compose this ornament from three groups of principles: firstly, affection, passion, emotion and the so-called moral sense; secondly, reason and reasoning; and thirdly, two forms of self-love (fr. amour de soi-même, amour propre). In the first part of the thesis, Rousseau's pity comes to be seen as combining these three sets of principles. The individual phenomenon thus constructed is to be applied in the moral, social and public spheres. In Rousseau's idealised theory, pity is generalised through the rational faculties and extended self-love, and extended to the level of cosmopolitan love of humanity (fr. amour de l'humanité) and (thus) love of justice (fr. amour de la justice). We reflect on pity as defined by Rousseau as the "source of moral virtues" or the "source of social relations", tracing the transformation of its original form and strength, of its "quantity" as well as its "quality". Thus, by placing...
Chalder for grinder Jupiter 125
Novák, Aleš ; Jansa, Jiří (referee) ; Blecha, Radim (advisor)
Thesis deal with proposal construction Chalder for centreless grinding machine Jupiter 125. Chalder is designed for workpiece with maximum average 12 mm, maximum longitude 120 mm and mass 0,1 kg. In the thesis are described components that were used at solving and intended time exchanges workpiece, the economics estimation and processed needed design documentation.
Evaluation of the Economy of Selected Municipality
Rajnetová, Lenka ; Novák, Aleš (referee) ; Lajtkepová, Eva (advisor)
The Bachelor's thesis deals with the evaluation of the economy of the Dolní Dobrouč municipality between the years 2012 and 2016. The first part focuses on theoretical knowledge on public finance, budgetary system, municipality and municipal budget. The second part contains basic information about selected subject and assessment of its financial situation – especially the revenues and the expenditures. The last part offers suggestions for possible improvements in the economic procedures of the Dolní Dobrouč municipality.
The Figure of the Scholar in Friedrich Nietzsche's Philosophy
Svoboda, Lukáš ; Chavalka, Jakub (advisor) ; Novák, Aleš (referee)
Tento text se zabývá zkoumáním postavy učence ve filosofii Friedricha Nietzscheho. Hlavním cílem je analyzovat, jak Nietzsche chápe učence, jejich roli ve společnosti a jejich vztah k vědě a pravdě. Práce zkoumá Nietzscheho kritiku vědy a logiky jako nástrojů moci a sociálních struktur a jak tato perspektiva ovlivňuje jeho celkový pohled na vědecké poznání a objektivitu. Podrobně se věnuje Nietzscheho rozlišení mezi "vůlí k pravdě" a "vůlí k nepravdě" a jejich propojením v kontextu jeho filosofie. Dále prác Nietzscheho pohled na učence, jejich omezení a vliv na kulturní a intelektuální prostředí, a porovnává tuto figuru s ideálem "génia" nebo "svobodného ducha". Součástí práce je rovněž diskuse o historismu a vědecké objektivitě v Nietzscheho filosofii. Na základě důkladného zkoumání Nietzscheho textů a související sekundární literatury práce poskytuje komplexní pohled na Nietzscheho kritiku a přístup k těmto klíčovým filosofickým tématům.
Genealogy of the Priest: The priestly aristocratic caste in the text Genealogy of Morals
Faktor, Antonín ; Chavalka, Jakub (advisor) ; Novák, Aleš (referee)
This text aims to analyse and interpret priestly aristocratic caste in the text of F. Nietzsche, Genealogy of Morals. The priest archetype is often overlooked in the context of the caste difference between master and slave morality. The exception is the exchange among Bernard Reginster, R. Jay Wallace, R. Lanier Anderson and Iain Morrisson, which is discussed in the following text. The main part of this treatise represents original input to the understanding of priestly caste which emphasizes its genealogy, identifying and defining the key moments in the context of the slave's revolt in morals. The outcome of this attempt is 3 phases of the priestly aristocracy: pagan phase, Jewish phase, and Christian phase. This distinguishing helps to better understand the transition from the master way of valuing to the reactive way of valuing.
Goethe's Color Theory
Kuna, Dominik ; Benyovszky, Ladislav (advisor) ; Novák, Aleš (referee)
The purpose of the diploma thesis is to present specific characterics of Goethe's thought and Theory of Colours as elaborated in Zur Farbenlehre with the intention to get a sound grasp of its discourse, as well as to contribute to the discussion in the context of the Czech language environment, since the entire writing has not yet been translated, regardless of its importance in the history of phenomenology. Since the perspective of understanding stems from striving for pure phenomenology, the influence of (late) Martin Heidegger's thinking as well as the perspective of Rudolf Steiner, the merit of the thesis is the didactic part which focuses on Goethe's specific "phenomenological" approach to colours, light and darkness, as well as the associated concept of the relationship between sensuality and thinking, and the issue of the so- called original phenomena (Urphänomene). Key words Goethe, Heidegger, Colour Theory, Zur Farbenlehre, Phenomenology, Gedächtnise Denken, Urphänomene

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