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Hydraulic verification of water flow
Adámek, Milan ; Julínek, Tomáš (referee) ; Duchan, David (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with a comprehensive hydraulic assessment of the Svitava River with an emphasis on nature-based flood control measures and watercourse revitalization. In the theoretical part, an overview of current approaches to watercourse revitalization and flood protection is given. The practical part focuses on a detailed analysis of water flow in a specific section of the Svitava River, which is performed using a computational tool such as HEC-RAS. On the basis of the obtained results, various options for stream revitalisation and flood protection are proposed and subsequently subjected to hydraulic assessment.
Design of a weir with a movable barrier structure on the Dyje river
Orságová, Adéla ; Duchan, David (referee) ; Julínek, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with a variant design of a movable damming structure on the Dyje River south of the town of Breclav (at river kilometre 19,609), which would enable flooding of the northern part of the Soutok polder. The thesis first describes the flooding issues, types of flood control structures and a description of the area of interest. Next, three variations of the dam structure are proposed: a fixed Jambor sill, a combination of Jambor sill with a flap gate, and a boulder slip. For each variant a hydrotechnical assessment and evaluation is carried out from different points of view. Based on the evaluation, the boulder slip was selected as the most suitable option. This option is the most efficient in terms of economics, technical, operational and also aesthetics. The boulder slide would still be able to provide inflow to the northern part of the Soutok polder while not disturbing the flow conditions in the stream and minimally interfering with the habitat.
Design of boulder chute reconstruction
Zahradníková, Lenka ; Julínek, Tomáš (referee) ; Uhmannová, Hana (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to design a boulder chute reconstruction for the Rožnovská Bečva watercourse at 10,865 river kilometers. The design proposes adjustments of the watercourse of the total length of 642,8m. The thesis also includes designed parameters for the boulder chute reconstruction at 10,865 river kilometers. The current watercourse capacity was assessed using the HEC-RAS 4.1.0 software and a computational model was made of the parameters of the chute. The capacity of the newly designed riverbed was verified using HEC-RAS 4.1.0. Based on the calculations, the boulder chute reconstruction was designed.
River adaptation with Civil 3D and HEC-RAS
Filípková, Monika ; Julínek, Tomáš (referee) ; Duchan, David (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the evaluation of the current state of the selected section of the Morava river around the city of Olomouc and the subsequent modification and desing of the flood protection. In the first step, hydraulic flow verification using CIVIL 3D and HEC – RAS is performed. Based on the results of the 1D model, proposal river adaptation is then also executed with the aim to incerase the flow capacity and to reduce the water effusion.
Design of the gated weir
Skřička, Jakub ; Uhmannová, Hana (referee) ; Julínek, Tomáš (advisor)
The Bachelor Thesis deals with the study of the existing uncontrolled weir on the river Svitava in district Brno-Obřany. The first part of the Thesis contains a theoretical part about theme of weirs. In the next part Thesis describes the current state of the area of interest, including the riverbed of Svitavy with neighboring objects. After that the Thesis describes the design of the reconstruction, including the selection of suitable movable construction and procedure of hydrotechnical calculations. In conclusion, a calculation of the stability of the design was described.
River regulation and design of flood protection
Gřegoř, Adam ; Julínek, Tomáš (referee) ; Duchan, David (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis deals with designing flood protection on the watercourse Velička (tributary of the river Bečva), which is situated in the area of Hranice municipality. The flow modelling was done as 1D surface water HEC-RAS model. Two options of flood protection were designed based on the size of the flood areas that occured during flood flows Q5, Q20 and Q100. The first option did not consider the usage of Lhotka dry pond. The second option considered the usage of Lhotka dry pond, which was designed in the study made by AgPOL s.r.o. firm to the north of Hranice and which transforms flood flows. The result of the bachelor’s thesis are maps of flood areas that occured during the flood flows Q5, Q20 and Q100 after the implementation of flood protection options. In conclusion, the suitability of the flood protection options is evaluated.
Design of weir reconstruction
Němcová, Denisa ; Julínek, Tomáš (referee) ; Uhmannová, Hana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design of the reconstruction of a solid weir on the Oslava river, in the town of Oslavany. The introduction describes the site of interest and the choice of a suitable design solution for its reconstruction. There are several types of movable weirs and fish ladders described theoretically. Further on in the thesis, the state of the objects on the flow and the state of the river basin of Oslava, in the area of interest, are described. Another part of the thesis deals with the design of a movable baying structure (a hollow flap). An impact assessment of the current and newly proposed weir on flow in the HEC-RAS program was carried out. The project also includes the design of fish ladder and an evaluation of the stability of the newly designed construction.
Search on land-use planning documentation and evaluation of suitability of the location of the upper reservoir of pump storage power plant
Lebeda, Dawid ; Julínek, Tomáš (referee) ; Špano, Miroslav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the evaluation of the suitability of the location of the upper reservoir of the pumping hydroelectric power plant and on the route of penstocks in terms of intervention in the territory. In the introductory theoretical part the pumping hydroelectric power plant is described generally, mainly in terms of its arrangement and functionality. Further, the theoretical part describes the characteristics of the area around the port town of Vaňov, which is situated in the northwest of the Czech Republic, where the power plant should be placed. In the practical part of this thesis the location of the upper reservoir and two variants of the route of the penstocks are evaluated. Using base map and land-use planning documentation an analysis and evaluation of the intervention in the current territory was carried out. Based on the evaluation, a more suitable option of the route of the penstocks is chosen and recommended.
Water quality assessment during flood events
Tomíček, Martin ; Uhmannová,, Hana (referee) ; Julínek, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor‘s thesis is dealing with the changes in quality of surface water modelling. Case study is done on selected short reach of the Dyje River. The subjective of the work is comparison of application and findings in programs HEC-RAS 4.0 and Info Works ICM 2.5.
Assessment of the Točenka small reservoir
Ďurďa, Eduard ; Zedníček, Jiří (referee) ; Julínek, Tomáš (advisor)
The main priority thesis is to evaluate the current status and future follow- variant solution functions and the resulting operating small water reservoir Točenka in Babice u Kelč. Thanks smyvům of the field lines in the upper part of the basin has been a complete clogging the tank up to the spillway . Task is to assess the current status of the tank and identify measures for future use.

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