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Student's inquiry skills at lower secondary school
Nejedlý, Adam
Scientific thinking is an essential skill for full application in society associated with responsible human decision-making. The development of research skills and knowledge also contributes to its complexity. For the possibility of their systematic development, it is necessary to map the current situation of students in primary schools. The aim of the work was to find out what are the research skills of these students in the field of correctly formulating a research question based on specific problem and after finding a solution to formulate an answer to a given research question. Four research-oriented tasks were used, which were solved by 58 students from the seventh grade of primary school. It was found that more than half of the students are not able to formulate the research question correctly and more than one third of the students are unable to formulate the answer to the given research question correctly.
Possibilities of Integrating Digital Competences Into the Teaching of Czech Language in Primary School
Botková, Anna ; Doležalová, Eliška (advisor) ; Wildová, Zuzana (referee)
On the basis of the Small revision of the Framework Curriculum, digital competences have been added to the list of competences. The task of the schools was therefore to incorporate these changes into their school education programs, but above all to start equipping their pupils with these competences. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the key concepts related to the issue of digital competences and briefly introduces the available support tools. The research part of the thesis maps the current state of digital competences integration into the Czech language teaching process in three primary schools. In order to describe this situation, interviewing teachers, and coordinators of the revision of the school educational program was chosen. This was complemented by observation of teaching and content analysis of relevant documents. The research sample consisted of 3 coordinators and 4 teachers of the lower secondary school, with whom guided interviews were conducted. Using qualitative data analysis procedures, the key themes of the integration of digital competences in the teaching of the Czech language are presented, in particular the preparation of the revision and methodological support, the readiness of teachers to integrate digital competences in the teaching of the Czech language, and...
Motivation Methods for Students in Russian Language Textbooks
Šiffner, Natalia ; Rozboudová, Lenka (advisor) ; Konečný, Jakub (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of motivation of learning Russian as a second foreign language at Czech lower secondary schools. The main aim of the thesis is to determine the level of motivation of teaching aids for Russian language for lower secondary school pupils in the Czech Republic. The thesis consists of theoretical and practical parts. In the theoretical part the concepts of motivation, motivation to learn and teaching aids for foreign language and their role in motivation are explained. In the practical part, three textbooks for Russian language teaching are analysed: Классные друзья, Времена and Поехали. The analysis is based on the criteria developed by the author of the thesis. The conducted research shows that the above- mentioned textbooks are motivating for Russian language teaching, but they have some weaknesses in structure, motivational aspect, clarity of tasks and content. On the basis of the analysis, recommendations for motivating students in using these teaching aids are proposed. The work has practical significance for foreign language teachers, textbook authors and publishers. KEYWORDS foreign language, lower secondary school, textbook, analysis, recommendation
Graph theory exercises in lower secondary computer science
Kutiš, Martin ; Černochová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Štípek, Jiří (referee)
This master's thesis focuses on the integration of graph theory into computer science education at the lower secondary level. The theoretical part introduces the basic concepts of graph theory and typical problems that are solved within it. Furthermore, it describes the integration of graph problems in the revised Framework Educational Programme for Basic Education and specifies foreign approaches to teaching graph theory in primary and lower secondary schools as described in literature. The current state of implementing graph problems into education is examined through a questionnaire survey among computer science teachers. In the empirical part of the thesis, a methodological procedure for incorporating graph theory into teaching is proposed, consisting of two separate instructional blocks. This procedure is subsequently tested in teaching at three lower secondary schools and two multi-year grammar schools. The evaluation of the testing is based on the analysis of evaluation forms from participating teachers and semi-structured interviews conducted with them. Finally, a set of recommendations is compiled for further utilization of the prepared educational materials. The resulting proposal for integrating graph theory into teaching is ready for application by other practicing teachers and may...
Supporting the wellbeing of pupils with special educational needs at the upper primary school
Kutnarová, Františka ; Kubíčková, Anna (advisor) ; Felcmanová, Lenka (referee)
The bachelor's thesis entitled "Supporting the wellbeing of pupils with special educational needs at the lower secondary school" addresses the issue of wellbeing among students with special educational needs in the lower secondary stage of elementary schools, with a focus on social and emotional aspects. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the concept of wellbeing, its factors, and its impact on overall quality of life. It further examines the classroom climate as an environment that influences students' wellbeing. The role of the class teacher in supporting the wellbeing of students with special educational needs is also described, with emphasis on the specificities of working with these students and supporting their individual needs. The research results will provide a comprehensive understanding of the work of class teachers and their efforts to create a supportive environment for the wellbeing of students with special educational needs, as well as the entire class community. The findings can be used to formulate recommendations for class teachers, educational institutions, and other relevant stakeholders to better support the social and emotional aspects of wellbeing among students with special educational needs in the lower secondary stage of elementary schools. The outputs should be...
Birds in Kralovska obora Stromovka as an Educational Topic
Řezníčková, Adéla ; Svobodová, Silvie (advisor) ; Teodoridis, Vasilis (referee)
Thesis Title: Birds in Kralovska obora Stromovka as an educational topic Author: Bc. Adéla Řezníčková University supervisor: PhDr. Ing. Silvie Svobodová, Ph.D. ABSTRACT The thesis explores the utilization of Královská obora Stromovka, an urban park, as a suitable location for organizing excursions and environmental educational programs focused on birds. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the concept of zoological topics, specifically bird- related subjects, within the curriculum framework and examines their treatment in textbooks. Furthermore, the theoretical section provides a characterization of the chosen location from both historical and current perspectives, along with an overview of bird protection regulations in European and Czech legislation. The concluding portion of the theoretical part outlines excursions as an educational method and environmental education program. The primary objective of the thesis is to develop, implement, and evaluate an environmental education program that integrates students' theoretical knowledge of birds and principles of environmental education with practical learning in a natural setting, allowing students to connect with their local environment. Three excursions were proposed and conducted, each taking place during a different season. To gather feedback,...
Students' Perception of Selected Teaching Methods within the Educational Program on the Topic of Owls
Hašpl, Filip ; Andreska, Jan (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
This study focuses on the perception of differences between frontal and inquiry-based learning (IBL) from the perspective of elementary school students. The theoretical part of the thesis provides information about owls and the theoretical foundation of teaching. It describes the Czech curriculum and its objectives of biology education. Furthermore, the thesis delves into a detailed description of the transmissive and constructivist approaches to teaching, along with their associated didactic tools. Special attention is given to teaching methods which are the subject of research in the practical part of the study, specifically IBL and frontal teaching. This section presents their basic rules, and implementation procedures. The practical part of the study compares IBL with frontal teaching, as perceived by seventh-grade students during biology classes at lower secondary school. A self-evaluative reflective questionnaire was used for the research. This part not only presents the research results but also addresses lessons preparation and implementation. The results demonstrate how students perceive the differences between IBL and frontal teaching. More precisely, which type of teaching they find more interesting useful, and during which type they believe they better develop their communication and...
Use of an Online Escape Game in the Teaching of Biology at Lower Secondary School
Vopatová, Eliška ; Svobodová, Silvie (advisor) ; Teodoridis, Vasilis (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the creation and use of educational online escape games in the teaching of biology at the lower secondary school. As part of this thesis, an original online escape game dedicated to the curriculum about carnivoras called Escape from the carnivoras pavilion was created. Based on the theoretical presentation of the activation methods of teaching, the escape game is defined as a unique teaching method. Creation of this game is based on the principles of escape rooms as well as the specifics of educational escape games. Accompanying materials were also created in order to use the Escape from the carnivoras pavilion escape game as a comprehensive learning tool. These materials were a worksheet and a questionnaire for self-assessment of pupils. Together with the game, these were included in the teaching block in two seventh grades of lower secondary school. Its implementation provided space for an overall evaluation of the escape game based on the observation of the pupils' activity and their feedback. Testing the created online escape game in my own teaching proved its functionality from a technical point of view and didactic potential despite minor flaws in the game structure. Subsequent research among 110 teachers outlined the possibilities of further use of the designed...
Development of Reading Literacy of Students in Biology Teaching at Lower Secondary School
Vávrová, Gabriela ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Pavlasová, Lenka (referee)
Reading literacy is indispensable literacy for every individual on his way through education and his future full-fledged application in everyday life. Each state aims to increase the level of educational attainment in the country. To develop pupils' reading skills can help them to achieve better results in education, including in science education. For the possibility of developing reading skills, it is necessary to map their current situation in elementary schools. The aim of this work was to map the reading skills of pupils in the teaching of biology at the lower secondary school. For this purpose, a set of six worksheets containing three-tier tasks was created and was solved by 110 pupils in the lower secondary school. When creating the three- tier tasks, the author relied on the theoretical starting points of this work, which include the issues of scientific literacy and reading literacy, including the results of Czech pupils in the tests on literacy skills, the Czech curriculum system and the typology of learning tasks. From the evaluation of the worksheets, it was found that the students answered all the questions from the set of worksheets with an average success rate of 57 %. According to gender, the success rate difference was statistically insignificant.
Trees in Prague 9 - Černý Most and their Protection - Environmental Education Program for Pupils of Lower Secondary School
Lacinová, Barbora ; Svobodová, Silvie (advisor) ; Skýbová, Jana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the design of trees around the school and their protection. The aim of the work is to create a teaching program which goal is to actively engage and support students' interest in the process of learning about the given topic. The program was designed for the pupils of the 2nd level of elementary school and it was implemented at the locality of Praha 9 Černý Most. The thesis alone is divided into 2 parts. Theoretical part is dedicated mostly to teaching at the 2nd level of elementary school related to the given topic. First chapter is focused on the subject biology, more specifically on the botany part and on the environmental education. Simultaneously there is defined environmental educational program including its applied form and methods of work. In the second part of the thesis is the topic of trees and the consequences of their decrease described more complexly. Furthermore, there is given space to presentation of some chosen trees in Czech Republic and their ecology, meaning and protection. Practical part is dedicated to introduction of the locality of Černý Most and characteristic of the Generála Janouška elementary school. At the end there is introduction of the educational program, which was verified in practice, evaluated and based on the feedback modified....

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