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Social media and academic self-efficacy among university students
Pleskačová, Linda ; Kollerová, Lenka (advisor) ; Čapek Adamec, Martin (referee)
This theoretical-empirical bachelor thesis focuses on the topic of social media and academic self-efficacy among university students. The theoretical part deals with social media theory, social networks, their role in society, gender differences in social network use, and general and academic self-efficacy. The empirical part describes, examines, and compares responses to a questionnaire distributed to university students through social media. The research sample (N = 742, 64.96% female, 34.50% male, 0.54% non-binary, mean age = 23.3 years) consists of university students. The questionnaire was quantitatively evaluated using descriptive statistics and statistical hypothesis testing. University students spend an average of 2.71 hours per day on social media, and the majority (81%) of users use social media passively, i.e., they mostly do not actively engage in sharing content. Students most frequently use Messenger (18%), Instagram (16%), Facebook (16%), YouTube (15%) and WhatsApp (10%). The research results showed that there is no difference between active and passive users in self-efficacy in terms of academic performance (general academic self- efficacy and academic self-efficacy among university students). The increasing level of integration of social media into life was not related to either...
Adolescent views of ethnic bullying by peer exclusion
Jarolímek, Matouš ; Kollerová, Lenka (advisor) ; Lukavská, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor's thesis examines adolescents' attitudes towards ethnic bullying by peer exclusion. Bullying is still widespread in Czech schools, and the increasing diversity of school classrooms can sometimes bring with it an increasing incidence of bullying among children with different ethnic backgrounds. For these reasons, it is necessary to know the attitudes towards bullying based on the ethnicity of those most affected, i.e. adolescents. In the theoretical part, the main concepts are defined and then placed in the context of the topic of the bachelor thesis. The following practical part aims to use quantitative methods to describe the attitudes of adolescents towards bullying by peer exclusion, which include the willingness to stand up for the bullied, the evaluation of bullying by peer exclusion or its perceived effects, and to verify whether the role of these attitudes is played by the fact that the bullying is directed by a Czech student against a classmate of the same, Czech ethnicity, or against a classmate of a minority, specifically Ukrainian, ethnicity. The assumption that adolescents rate bullying of minority ethnicity by peer exclusion as more acceptable than bullying of majority ethnicity by peer exclusion was tested. As further objectives, it was tested whether the gender of the...
Cyberbullying awareness in adolescence
Rubličová, Jana ; Kollerová, Lenka (advisor) ; Zvírotský, Michal (referee)
This thesis examines awareness of cyberbullying in adolescent children. The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. In part one, the reader is introduced to the basic concepts related to bullying and cyberbullying, including the types, forms and platforms on which cyberbullying can take place. It then describes who is involved in the whole process of cyberbullying and also outlines the legislative provisions. The paper also focuses on prevention and sources of help for victims of cyberbullying. Adolescents' attitudes towards cyberbullying, their awareness of cyberbullying and their level of condemnation of cyberbullying are described. In the second, practical part, the level of awareness of adolescents was investigated by means of a quantitative questionnaire survey in three main areas: the adolescents' knowledge of basic concepts, their knowledge of cyberbullying prevention and their level of cyberbullying condemnation. A total of 116 questionnaires were used for the subsequent evaluation, where the average age of the respondents was 13.1 years. The results showed that the most familiar form of cyberbullying for students is cyberstalking and that they get most of their information about cyberbullying from school. However, there is a need to inform students more about topics...
Manipulation techniques in multi-level marketing
Staňková, Tereza ; Kollerová, Lenka (advisor) ; Machovcová, Kateřina (referee)
The thesis focuses on psychological manipulation used in recruitment in multi-level marketing companies. Despite the fact that multi-level marketing companies often use unethical practices and pose (not only) a financial risk, the number of their members has been growing steadily in the Czech Republic. They are particularly dangerous to vulnerable groups, including mothers on parental leave, the unemployed and students. However, the topic has not yet been sufficiently researched and thus lacks the theoretical foundation for developing a strategy to prevent the harmful effects of multi-level marketing. The aim of the thesis is to describe the recruitment process of multi-level marketing companies that operate in the Czech Republic, as well as the manipulation techniques they use. In order to meet the aim of the thesis, the participant observation method was used to observe the recruitment process of three selected multi-level marketing companies - Amway, Herbalife and Nu Skin. In addition to the observation, documents provided by the companies were collected. The results presented in this thesis can serve as a basis for educational practice to raise awareness of the issue of psychological manipulation in multi-level marketing companies and to design prevention strategies. The thesis is structured...
Classroom Climate and Teacher's Educational Style at Sport Oriented Primary School
Hyklová, Barbora ; Kollerová, Lenka (referee)
The aim of the doctoral thesis is to survey issues connected to classroom climate and a teaching style of a second-grade primary school teacher at a sport oriented primary school. The goal of the theoretical part is to introduce topics like classroom climate and a teacher's educational style. When describing the classroom climate, the thesis focuses on the factors that can influence the classroom climate, participants of the classroom climate, diagnostics of the classroom climate and surveys that deal with the classroom climate, classroom as a social group and developmental stages of the primary school second-grade pupils. The next chapter deals with educational styles of a teacher, focuses on the interaction between teachers and pupils, offers different views on educational styles of a teacher, describes opportunities to find out which teaching style a teacher uses and introduces results of surveys on the given topic. The theoretical part is followed by a survey with the aim to describe the classroom climate and the teaching styles of form teachers on a sport oriented primary school; furthermore, the differences of perception of these phenomenon when the teacher is replaced by another one, the influence of pupils' age on the classroom climate, comparison of evaluation of a teaching style by pupils and...
Mental health prevention program for schools
Karmazínová, Anna ; Machovcová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Kollerová, Lenka (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the contribution of the mental health prevention program for schools to the stigmatizing attitudes of pupils towards patients with mental illness and as enlightenment in the field of mental health and mental disorder. The aim is to create, realize and evaluate the intervention and its effects on the attitudes and knowledge of pupils. The theoretical part presents the issues of adolescence and mental health, stigmatization with emphasis on the school environment. The end of the theoretical part is devoted to the promotion of mental health, especially in the school environment. The empirical part uses a mixed research design and methodological tools: worksheet, questionnaire, observations and field diary. The research sample is represented by fourth-year pupils (18-20 years) of selected seminars at grammar schools. From the obtained data, a qualitative analysis of worksheets and a quantitative analysis of a questionnaire survey dealing with the degree of stigmatization of patients with mental illness by pupils was performed. The research shows that pupils have an idea about a patient with a mental illness, and they can also describe what a patient with a mental illness experiences. Furthermore, the research shows pedagogical relevance in the field of mental health with...

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