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The Issue of Industrial Wastewater Treatment and its Inclusion in Biology Education
Rychtecká, Karolína ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
The topic of the diploma thesis is "The Issue of Industrial Wastewater Treatment and its Inclusion in Biology Education." The aim of the thesis is to familiarize the reader more deeply with industrial wastewater, to find out how the general population perceives the issue, and specifically to propose and verify in practice how the topic could be included in the teaching of natural history. The work consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part of the work is devoted to the definition of industrial wastewater and its composition. It characterizes selected industrial wastewater and treatment processes that are used to remove pollutants in industrial wastewater. It also marginally touches on the topic of water management in the industry. The chapters of the theoretical part also summarize the impact of wastewater pollution in relation to humans and the environment. The work also includes a section dedicated to legislation related to industrial wastewater treatment. The conclusion of the theoretical part of the work is devoted to teaching methods suitable for the inclusion of the issue of industrial wastewater in teaching at secondary schools. The practical part is devoted to own research to find out the perception of the population about the issue of wastewater treatment and...
Out of School Biology Instruction in Podpořany Region
Kantová, Ludmila ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Svobodová, Silvie (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with biological excursion of teaching in Podbořany region. This region is able to provide variety of places that are attractive in terms of science education. Excursion routes here can be suitable for pupils of primary and secondary schools and focused on different directions of biology. Particularly, it concerns botany, geology, zoology and ecology. The thesis has a theoretical part, the aim of which is to characterize the natural science excursion as a form of teaching and to describe the basic characteristics of natural science excursions. The practical part deals with the list of regional localities in terms of organizing natural science excursions, processing of proposals for excursions to selected locations with outputs in the form of worksheets and verification of these proposals for excursions in practice. Except of the selected locations characteristics the ideas also contain materials for teachers, which is useful when planning excursions for teachers from nearby schools. Part of the thesis is also a double questionnaire survey. The first focuses on the attitude of teachers in the region to excursion teaching. The aim of the second questionnaire, which was distributed to pupils, was to find out whether the excursion motivated them to a greater interest in natural...
Secondary Metabolits of Bryophytes
Štěpán, Michal ; Soldán, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Skýbová, Jana (referee)
The bryophytes are a very old group of plants that are credited with being the first to make the transition to land. To make this land transition possible, plants needed to develop strategies to combat various external environmental factors. And these means, to effectively combat the struggle on land, are various secondary metabolites. It goes without saying that the development of various protective mechanisms did not end there. In the conditions in which mosses live, they need to fight against various fungi and bacteria. In the fight against these organisms, they also use various secondary metabolites, of course. Moss secondary metabolites are a very interesting and understudied field. In this work, information regarding secondary metabolites of bryophytes and their analysis as well as the possible uses of isolated secondary metabolites are included. The beginnings of secondary metabolite research are covered, from one of the first terpenes isolated, which was marchantin in Marchantia polymorpha, to present-day studies focusing on the discovery of new secondary metabolites directly in selected representatives of bryophytes and, of course, their applicability in human activities. It has been confirmed from various international publications that bryophytes produce specific secondary metabolites...
Work with Models in Biology Teaching
Zemanová, Tereza ; Pavlasová, Lenka (advisor) ; Skýbová, Jana (referee)
The main idea and the aim of the Diploma Thesis is to point out the importance of applying models in the teaching natural history, and to prove whether models positively contribute not only to the activation of students, but also to the increase of their cognitive knowledge. The theoretical part of the Diploma Thesis is focused on the student's attitude towards working with models, on the pedagogical and psychological resource for integrate models into teaching and the model themselves. On their classification, properities and didactic function. The second, practical part to the Diploma Thesis presents proposals for specific models that were created and applied during teaching at a secondary school in Týniště nad Orlicí. Diploma Thesis also contains a comparison of the results of students who did not have the opportunity to work with the model and with students who participated in its creation. In addition, the Diploma Thesis includes research of the attitudes of these students towards working with models.
Suggestions of Science Excursions around Jeseníky Mountains Area for Students of Secondary School and its Use in Practical Teaching
Zemanová, Alexandra ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
This diploma thesis is concerned with the topic of natural science field trips in the given region. The Eastern Sudetes are like a lost pearl hidden behind a ring of Mountains - but, despite this fact, the area deserves much greater attention than it currently receives. For each of the natural science areas, the Eastern Sudetes region offers several variants to organize excursions appropriate for primary school (as well as secondary school) students. The goal of the first part of the thesis is to introduce the Eastern Sudetes in a way, which is comprehensible and easy to work with for primary school teachers in the region, as well as teachers in the Czech Republic, and to suggest it as a suitable destination for the organization of natural science excursions and field trips. This part also includes the perspectives of local teachers and their views on the utilization of the area for such trips. On top of a list of recommended locations fit for visits with students, the second part of this thesis provides suggestions for specific natural science excursions together with worksheets and further ideas, suggested teaching aids, and proposed activities that could beundertaken with students at noteworthy locations in the Eastern Sudetes. This part also contains an evaluation of the ŠvP JESENÍKY 2022...
Trees in Prague 9 - Černý Most and their Protection - Environmental Education Program for Pupils of Lower Secondary School
Lacinová, Barbora ; Svobodová, Silvie (advisor) ; Skýbová, Jana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the design of trees around the school and their protection. The aim of the work is to create a teaching program which goal is to actively engage and support students' interest in the process of learning about the given topic. The program was designed for the pupils of the 2nd level of elementary school and it was implemented at the locality of Praha 9 Černý Most. The thesis alone is divided into 2 parts. Theoretical part is dedicated mostly to teaching at the 2nd level of elementary school related to the given topic. First chapter is focused on the subject biology, more specifically on the botany part and on the environmental education. Simultaneously there is defined environmental educational program including its applied form and methods of work. In the second part of the thesis is the topic of trees and the consequences of their decrease described more complexly. Furthermore, there is given space to presentation of some chosen trees in Czech Republic and their ecology, meaning and protection. Practical part is dedicated to introduction of the locality of Černý Most and characteristic of the Generála Janouška elementary school. At the end there is introduction of the educational program, which was verified in practice, evaluated and based on the feedback modified....
Critical Thinking of Secondary-school Students in Biology Education
Škodová, Zuzana ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Skýbová, Jana (referee)
In the 21st century, when we are faced with various fake news, huge media massage and omnipresent pressure, society keeps considering which information is true and which is false. Being able to think critically about various news we hear on television or radio will help us evaluate whether it is true or false. According to Jenkins (2015), critical thinking is not easy, nor is it an intuitive human skill. Therefore, we need to put more emphasis on future teachers to intersperse their lessons with critical thinking methods so that the future generation is prepared and able to distinguish between true and false information. The main aim of this thesis is to find out the level of critical thinking development of students in secondary school. To fulfil this goal, research was conducted at the Secondary Medical School in Turnov. The research sample consisted of twenty pupils in the first year of the medical lyceum during October and November in the school year 2022/2023. Preparations based on the E-U-R method with included professional texts were created for the selected lessons. The multidimensional instrument IMI was used to determine the perception of the lessons from the students' perspective. Based on the conducted research, it was found out that it was very difficult for the students to choose the...
The Jizera Mountains Peatbogs as a Model Biotope for Teaching Ecology
Marelová, Tereza ; Soldán, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Skýbová, Jana (referee)
The main topic of the bachelor's thesis is the Jizera Mountains peatlands and their use in teaching ecology. The aim of the thesis is to summarize information about the bog as a biotope and use it practically in teaching biology. The thesis is divided into two main parts - the theoretical part and the practical part. The theoretical part is divided into two chapters. The first chapter introduces the reader to the peatlands of the Protected Landscape Area of the Jizera Mountains and focuses on the legal demarcation of protected areas. It describes in more detail the local flora and fauna and the definition of the origin, development, importance and use of peat as well as the negative consequences of the extraction of this raw material and the subsequent protection of these areas as a unique natural biotope for many organisms. The second chapter introduces the reader to the general characteristics of ecology and its disciplines, it also focuses on individual relationships between organisms. The last part of the theoretical part of the chapter is focused on the teaching of ecology in elementary school and its concept in the teaching of the second level. The practical part deals with the use of bogs in the teaching of natural history at primary school and presents a proposal for an excursion to one of...
Teaching Angiosperms at Selected Primary Schools - Comparison of Ecological and Systematic Approach
Hypšmanová, Pavlína ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Brůnová, Linda (referee)
This diploma thesis entitled Teaching angiosperms at selected primary schools - comparison of ecological and systematic approach contains in the theoretical part a brief description of angiosperms and the most frequently mentioned families in textbooks for primary schools for better orientation. Furthermore, the work deals with two ways of teaching biology at primary schools - ecological and systematic approach, and the characteristics of teaching methods and organizational forms usable in the teaching of angiosperms. The thesis also includes an analysis of the topic in the new RVP for basic education, which reveals the deletion of two expected outcomes in the thematic area of plant biology compared to the older version of the RVP from 2017 and a comparison of two selected school educational programs. Part of the text is also an analysis of selected textbooks for primary schools with the topic of angiosperms, including comparison of the number of families and measuring the didactic equipment with a focus on the presentation of the curriculum. With the help of interviews with selected teachers, information about their approach to teaching and the implementation of teaching in the given concept is subsequently ascertained. Among other things, qualitative research focused on the perception of the...

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