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Teaching Angiosperms at Selected Primary Schools - Comparison of Ecological and Systematic Approach
Hypšmanová, Pavlína ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Brůnová, Linda (referee)
This diploma thesis entitled Teaching angiosperms at selected primary schools - comparison of ecological and systematic approach contains in the theoretical part a brief description of angiosperms and the most frequently mentioned families in textbooks for primary schools for better orientation. Furthermore, the work deals with two ways of teaching biology at primary schools - ecological and systematic approach, and the characteristics of teaching methods and organizational forms usable in the teaching of angiosperms. The thesis also includes an analysis of the topic in the new RVP for basic education, which reveals the deletion of two expected outcomes in the thematic area of plant biology compared to the older version of the RVP from 2017 and a comparison of two selected school educational programs. Part of the text is also an analysis of selected textbooks for primary schools with the topic of angiosperms, including comparison of the number of families and measuring the didactic equipment with a focus on the presentation of the curriculum. With the help of interviews with selected teachers, information about their approach to teaching and the implementation of teaching in the given concept is subsequently ascertained. Among other things, qualitative research focused on the perception of the...
Utilization of School Garden for Practical Activities with Plants at Lower-secondary School
Grygová, Petra ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with use of a school garden for practical activities during excursion activities. The specific selected locality is the school garden of Business Academy and Secondary School of Agriculture and Ecology in Žatec. The main goal was preparation of practical activities that might be implemented in the school garden and their verification in classes of lower grades students of the lower-secondary school. The proposed research was carried out through didactic tests, in which the input knowledge was considered before the implementation of practical activities (pretest) and the knowledge acquired was afterwards verified in a posttest. The overall didactic concept of botanically oriented activities was elaborated in accordance with biology didactics. Subsequently, another survey took place in a form of attitude questionnaire, which aimed to determine popularity of practical activities in the school garden by the students themselves. The achieved research results demonstrate that practical activities with plants in the school garden are effective and popular form of teaching. KEYWORDS student, teaching forms and methods, school garden, practical activities, excursion activities, didactic test, attitude questionnaire
The Incorporation of Inquiry-based Science Education at Wood Species Botany Discipline for Upper Primary School
Dobisíková, Anežka ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Pavlasová, Lenka (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with inquiry-based education (IBE) for upper primary school in science, especially in the context of botany of woody species. The theoretical part briefly summarizes the history of science education in the context of the development of inquiry-based education, maps the concept of inquiry-based teaching and presents the possibilities of its use. It also characterizes the teaching of science at the second level of upper primary school with a focus on botany of woody plants and describes the representation of the topic IBE elements in selected textbooks and workbooks. The method of analysis of the teaching material revealed that the selected publications do not directly provide IBE tasks. However, they do provide tasks that could be further used research-wise. In the next section, research is presented to determine whether IBE elements are used in the educational programmes of selected members of the Union of Botanic Gardens. Based on the questionnaire survey and interview method, it can be concluded that the selected botanic gardens do not actively include IBE in their teaching programmes. The last practical part of the thesis contains the methodology and description of the implementation of a research activity on the topic of botany of trees in school named "Evergreen trees"...
Our Fungi around the School and Their Importance - Environmental Education Program for Pupils of Lower Secondary School
Bučková, Miroslava ; Svobodová, Silvie (advisor) ; Skýbová, Jana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the design and verification of an environmentally oriented educational program for primary school students on the topic: Our mushrooms around the school, including their ecology, importance and protection. The main goal of this work was to create a teaching program that combines students' theoretical knowledge about mushrooms and the principles of environmental education with practice in the sense of teaching in the natural environment. Knowing the place where students move and realizing the importance of its protection. The theoretical part specifies environmental education at the 2nd level of elementary school, teaching mushrooms in connection with the topic of the work, the relationship of students to the environment in which they live etc. Furthermore, the work deals with mushrooms in the Czech Republic, their ecology, importance, protection, relationships in the environment in which mushrooms occur. Within the practical part of the work, a specific teaching program was compiled, which describes the goals, forms of work, aids etc. The verification of the program took place in practice in the forest ecosystem and the ninth grade of the elementary school was involved. Pupils adapted the program for younger children from kindergarten. The program was presented for...
Plant Alkaloids and Their Effect on the Human Body
Větrovská, Eva ; Teodoridis, Vasilis (advisor) ; Skýbová, Jana (referee)
Plant alkaloids and their effects on the human body Presented bachelor thesis is focused on a problematic of plant alkaloids and gives general overview about a classification of this interesting group based on the chemical structure andgenesis in plants. The thesis distinguishes three basic groups of alkaloids, i.e., true alkaloids, protoalkaloids and pseudoalkaloids. These groups are detailed classified and characterized following specific biosynthesis patterns of the studied alkaloids (including specific biochemical schemes). Occurrences in plants, mechanism of their effect on human organism, ways of intoxication and contamination and use in a traditional medicine are next criteria for further classification of the studied alkaloids. Specific socio-cultural aspects associated with phenomena of drug addiction are described by the selected groups of alkaloids Figures of plants containing the described alkaloids are attached in appendixes. Key words: plant alkaloids, protoalkaloids, pseudoalkaloids, biosynthesis, intoxication, drug addiction, plants, fungi
Cannabis sativa - the Plant Used and Abused
Odcházelová, Tereza ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Pavlasová, Lenka (referee)
Cannabis sativa - the plant which is discussed in all social communities. Some of them hold a brief for it and the others curse it. This is the main reason why I wrote my bachelor work Cannabis sativa - the Plant Used and Abused particulary about this plant. The work informs the readers about the taxonomy and anatomical structure of this plant, we mentioned the history of growing the hemp, and the use and abuse of the plant is summed up according to various authors. Finally, a research at a secondary school of the knowledge of students and their teachers about Cannabis sativa was carried out. The results showed common minor knowledge of the plant itself, and the studens, as well as their teachers, proved wider information of the drug form of this plant. The older studets are better informed than the younger ones, in the case of their teachers this goes conversely and boys have better information than girls. This work should be a useful summary of both positive and negative aspects of Cannabis sativa for all who want to know something more about this plant.
The Greenhouse Fata Morgana in Prague Botanical Garden as an educational Place
Černý, Bohumil ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Vítová, Eva (referee)
The thesis deals with utilization of the greenhouse Fata Morgana, which belongs to the Prague Botanical Garden, for botanical educational excursions. In the first part excursion is introduced as a part of education. The next topic shows the history of Botanical Garden as an educational centre. The last chapter refers to present expositions of the Botanical Garden. The main aim of this thesis is to prove that tropical greenhouse is a suitable place for holding school excursions supported by professional guides. The thesis includes an interview with the chief guide Mgr. Eva Novozamska, on the basis of which thorough information about educational excursions and professional guiding system was achieved. The core of the thesis is about a recommendation to include botanical excursions, supported by general educational programmes issued by the Ministry of education, youth and sport, in the education system. The last part contains a work sheet dedicated to modern motivation techniques and methodology. Keywords: Greenhouse, education, excursion, guide
Didactic utilization of selected woody plants around natural monument Čertova kazatelna
Závorková, Lucie ; Skýbová, Jana (advisor) ; Jančaříková, Kateřina (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the didactic use of woody plants in teaching at the secondary level of elementary schools and in the corresponding years of grammar schools. The purpose is to appropriately use trees and other woody plants that are close to schools and are available for teaching. The theoretical part deals with basic curricular documents, methods of teaching possibly used in science or biology that have been briefly characterized, and the representation of the topic of woody plants and their method of processing in commonly available textbooks. The following chapter provides a description of the woody plants used in the process of making of the practical materials. The research of the thesis includes a questionnaire survey done among teachers of science or biology at chosen elementary and grammar schools in Pilsen and surrounding towns. The research investigated the teaching methods and the actual use of woody plants in lessons and was evaluated afterwards. Based on the survey, a motivational teaching material was created and it was verified in practice with pupils of a specific grammar school. KEYWORDS curriculum documents, biology textbooks, teaching methods, woody plants, questionnaire research, dendrological walk

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