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Beyond the extent of space and body
Kubová, Marianna ; Tichá,, Jana (referee) ; Kristek, Jan (advisor)
After experiencing moments without sight, strong moments of overcoming space and evaluating behaviour on the basis of information received by non-visual options are fixed in the memory. It was the familiar space I went through without seeing it, that showed new values and suddenly I perceived it completely differently. I focused on the materiality of the movement, which described not only its physical boundaries, but also the various sensible stimuli radiating towards my body and senses. This feeling of experiencing space differently, I would compare to feelings of when you re-discover a familiar place from childhood. We already look differently at the long-fixed images of children's eyes and minds, we are even able to compare this perception now. It is not that we did not have good eyesight as children, but we did not realise overall contexts and did not have certain experiences that now help us lead lives in a certain direction. While going through no-sight-experience myself, I found myself in a situation like that. I was like a child who knew a certain space only to a limited extent, in other words a space limited by sight. The initial intuitive assumption that looking at visual impairment not as a disability but as another means of experiencing world became the basis of inspiration for my project. I began to realise the fact that the perception of space in kids, does not only depend on the functioning of the eyesight but also on the functioning of their brain. Depending on where the children grow up, they experience changing states of the surrounding environment, which is related to their emotional, mental and physical development. However, they do not always grow up in an environment that can stimulate cognitive development and help personal, social or education growth. Thus, such a space cannot provide enough different stimuli for a certain purpose, which should help them thinking in and realise the wider context. Between the age of 3-7 years, a child's brain develops very quickly, using play or various spatial experiences. With its plasticity, the brain offers us a large volume of memory space, where almost everything that a child under the age of 7 sees around him, is initially noted down. But what’s really important is what information remains in the memory and won’t disappear. This is precisely that kind of information that has been strongly supported and influenced by various stimuli, which can always be maintained better than the unsubstantiated constant repetition of situations. Here I tried to insert a multisensory experience, which is used by the blind and visually impaired people as a vital need when moving through space and to compensate their eyesight. This experience is strongly connected with emotions, which are the main element of all long-lasting memories and experiences that we remember. That is why it is appropriate to use multisensorialism also in a learning practice, whether this is led by a teacher or through free play. In children that are not visually impaired, multisensory stimuli can support healthy emotional development but also the formation of synapses in the brain. At the same time, I see as a benefit in inter-connecting of these two groups of children, because they can be an inspiration to each other in their differential processing of information from the surrounding environment. The aim of the work is to create an inclusive space for the sighted and sight-impaired. The aim for the space is to support the possibility of obtaining information using multiple stimuli, which are proposed to be designed within the object-functionality and the overall space of the preschool facility.
Efficient Algorithms for Counting Automata
Mikšaník, David ; Holík, Lukáš (referee) ; Lengál, Ondřej (advisor)
Čítací automaty (CA) jsou klasické konečné automaty rozšířené o omezené čítače. CA stále reprezentují třídu regulárních jazyků, ale kompaktněji než konečné automaty. Jelikož jsou CA nedávným modelem, chybějí zde efektivní algoritmy implementující různé operace nad nimi. V této práci se primárně soustředíme na existující podtřídu CA zvanou monadické čítací automaty (MCA). Jsou to CA s čítacími smyčkami na třídě znaků, které se často vyskytují v praxi (např. při detekci paketů v síťovém provozu nebo analýze log souborů). Pro tuto podtřídu efektivně vyřešíme problémy prázdnosti a inkluze. Navíc poskytneme dvě rozšíření třídy MCA, které jsou stále podtřídou CA, a vyřešíme pro ně efektivně problém prázdnosti. MCA přirozeně vznikají z regulárních výrazů, které jsou rozšířené o čítací operátory vyskytující se pouze na třídě znaků. Náš algoritmus řešící problém inkluze MCA tedy může být použit jako základ nové metody pro testování inkluze takových regulárních výrazů. Tento přístup jsme experimentálně vyhodnotili na regulárních výrazech z praxe a porovnali s naivní metodou. Experimenty ukazují, že metoda používající náš algoritmus je více odolná proti stavové explozi. Také překonává naivní metodu, pokud regulární výrazy obsahují čítací operátory s velkými mezemi. Podle očekávání, pro jednoduché případy je naivní metoda stále rychlejší než metoda používající náš algoritmus.
3D printed microstrip patch antenna
Medek, Petr ; Vašina, Petr (referee) ; Láčík, Jaroslav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of inhomogeneous substrates of microwave patch antennas. The aim of this work was to find such a distribution of the permittivity of the substrate of a linearly polarized patch antenna, which would be possible to achieve an extension of the impedance bandwidth to an antenna with the same effective permittivity. The investigated patch antenna has a square shape, is linearly polarized, and is powered by a coaxial power supply. Few types of permittivity distribution are presented and compared with an antenna with a substrate with an adequate effective permittivity. For each antenna, the dimensions of the patch are adjusted so that the antenna is designed at a medium frequency of 2.45 GHz. Furthermore, an antenna with a constant permitivity with patch dimensions is designed and the permittivity of the substrate is adjusted so that the required frequency is achieved. In the two investigated styles, we observe an extension of the impedance bandwidth to the antenna with adequate effective permittivity in the order of hundreths of percent, which was subsequently verified by manufacturing and measuring.
Determination of mechanical properties and structural evaluation of the alloy AZ61
Svozil, Libor ; Pacal, Bohumil (referee) ; Podrábský, Tomáš (advisor)
Microstructure and mechanical properties of AZ61 magnesium alloy in cast condition and after solution annealing were compared. The compare of mechanical properties of alloy, their hardness and microanalysis of occurring phases are included in this work. For compare has been used a light microscopy, tensile test, hardness measurements and scanning electron microscopy.
Ukrainian migration to the Czech Republic: challenges and successes of integration in times of war
Halász, Rosztiszláv ; Nová, Monika (advisor) ; Čedík, Miloslav (referee)
The thesis deals with the migration of Ukrainians to the Czech Republic and analyses the problems and successes in the process of their integration into Czech society during the period of the Russian Federation's war against Ukraine. The aim of the thesis is to provide a detailed overview of the migration of Ukrainians to the Czech Republic and to describe the challenges faced by the migrants. The thesis examines various aspects of integration and inclusion, including social, cultural, legal and economic. The main focus is on issues such as adaptation to the new environment, employment, education, support for migrants and socialization in the Czech Republic. Emphasis is also placed on the positive aspects of migration and integration as well as on issues related to barriers to integration. The work includes successful integration practices, models of support and best practices that can be used to further improve the situation of Ukrainian migrants in the Czech Republic. In the research part, the results of qualitative research obtained with the help of a questionnaire are presented. This thesis will serve as material for further discussion and development of policies and measures that will lead to effective integration of Ukrainian citizens into Czech society. Keywords Cultural diversity,...
Possibilities of inclusive education within the 1st stage of primary school
Machová, Eva ; Poche Kargerová, Jana (advisor) ; Vallin, Petra (referee)
The thesis entitled "Possibilities of Inclusive Education in Primary School" discusses inclusive education with a closer look at its application in primary school. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on defining the concept of inclusion and terms related to it, introduces the background and principles of inclusive education and describes international conventions and national regulations that are central to the application of inclusion in the Czech environment. The thesis shows the principles of implementation of inclusive education in the Czech Republic and offers possibilities of evaluating the pro-inclusiveness of education. The second chapter of the theoretical part is devoted to the education of pupils with special educational needs in primary school, presents the system of education of these pupils and focuses on the actors in inclusive education - pupils, teachers and teaching assistants. The chapter also focuses on the guidance system in the school system and the support measures provided to pupils with special educational needs. The last chapter of the theoretical part characterises the private school system. The practical part focuses on a particular primary school and the possibilities of inclusive education at this school. It describes the support measures for grades 1-3 of...
Realization of inclusive education in elementary schools in the Czech educational system
Smetanová, Margita ; Syřiště, Ivo (advisor) ; Thorovská, Alena (referee)
The master's thesis will analyze the current form and implementation of the principle of inclusive education in Czech elementary schools. The work will focus not only on the form of inclusive education itself, but also take into account its legislative basis in our country and compare it with the legislation of other countries that use it. The work will discuss the everyday reality of inclusion in elementary school, when the case study method will be used. The situation during the Covid-19 pandemic, which concerned inclusive education with many challenges, will also be taken into account. KEYWORDS inclusion, inlcusion in elementary schools, special education needs, assistant teacher, global tradition of inclusion, decree, online schooling
Vzdělávání žáků se SVP z pohledu učitele SŠ
Weiss, Petr
This bachelor’s thesis focuses on the issue of educating students with special edu-cational needs in secondary schools. The aim of the bachelor’s thesis is to un-derstand, describe and interpret how their teachers approach the education of these students. In order to better understand the issue, the basic terminology and legal framework of the subject will be introduced in the first part of the thesis. Afterwards the various disabilities that special educational needs of students stem from will be presented, followed by an examination of the support options avai-lable to teachers from schools and other institutions. In the conclusion of the theoretical part, I will discuss various approaches to stu-dents with special educational needs from different perspectives. In the practical part of this thesis, I will describe the results of the exploratory sur-vey, which will be conducted by a qualitative method through semi-structured in-terview as its tool. The collected data will be analyzed using open coding metho-dology.
Vzdělávání žáků se speciálními vzdělávacími potřebami na středních školách se zaměřením na tělesná postižení
Plaček, Jiří
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of education of pupils with special educa-tional needs in secondary schools. From this broad issue, this process will first be briefly characterized with regard to trends of integration (inclusion). Furthermo-re, I will focus on the education of pupils diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The aim of the theoretical part of the thesis will be to describe the problems in basic features integration (inclusion) of individuals in secondary schools. The aim of the practical part will be to find out, based on data obtained from two case studies (case reports), how the education of pupils with cerebral palsy is implemented and their educational opportunities in secondary schools.
Multikulturní vzdělávání na středních školách
Koshkina, Yuliya
In this work, the topic of multicultural education in secondary schools and its relationship to the process of integration of students from foreign countries is discussed in detail. Emphasis will be placed on how educational processes and activities can be adapted to the needs of students of different cultures and how the level of understanding and tolerance between students can be increased. Another key question described here is the characteristics of personalities that contribute to the successful process of integration between students of different cultures and how these characteristics can be developed. Furthermore, the work reflects what the possibilities and limits are for the development of integration skills and how these skills can be developed through educational activities and programs. The work is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part of the work deals with legislation, language and cultural differences. Discusses the issue of the increase in the number of foreign students in schools, the conditions for their admission to secondary schools and the subsequent teaching process. The aim of the practical part was to find out, with the help of the data obtained from the questionnaire survey, how pupils see the relation-ships between themselves and pupils-foreigners and, conversely, how foreigners perceive other pupils. The effort was to find out how integration and/or inclusion is realized in practice in the current high school.

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